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Do you like writing?

A big YES! ❤️I love to write.Actually this is the only thing I prefer doing to express my feelings to anyone Or sometimes just to clear my mind by writing down everything that comes into my mind.As I'm an introvert, I don't talk to people much. Exceptions are everywhere,for me it is my people. I even talk nonsense when I'm with them. But for other people I'm just a girl who don't talk much with people or sometimes they consider it as attitude problem. This is funny but true, people do think so.Writing gives me immense pleasure. It helps me to get peace.Even if I feel sad about anything I just write it down. You won't believe it takes away my sadness. Like people share things with other people who are close to them, I prefer writing them down whenever I feel like talking to someone about something good happened in my life or sharing some sorrows, I pick up a pen and my diary and I write. Whatever comes in my mind I write. It gives me relief.It's a brilliant thing you can do if you enjoy your company the most just like me.Hope you enjoyed reading it.Thank You. :)

Do you feel welcome on Quora?

Very much so. I feel as comfortable here as I think I ever will anywhere.Sometimes I doubt myself and wonder whether I should really be part of this community. I am surrounded by excellent writers, inspiring, accomplished and knowledgeable people, and I wonder what I actually have to offer. But the important thing is that I have never been made to feel that way by anyone else. All I have ever received has been support, encouragement and kindness. I have probably seen more kindness in the past 6 months on Quora than I have in several decades of life. (And I have lived a very fortunate life so I am not saying that to attract sympathy, but rather as a testament to the nature of this place and the positive attitudes of so many of its members).However, I do believe I am advantaged by the fact my political and (non)religious views match the majority of other Quora users. I have seen others treated far less favourably, and I find that unfortunate. (“Unfortunate” is to put it rather politely. Unfair collapsing and personal attacks are certainly the things that anger me most on here, even though they have never been directed towards me personally.) I am also cautious. Although I write about personal topics, I dislike antagonism and tend to avoid the highly controversial ones.So, my personal experience on Quora has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. I thank you all and truly hope it remains that way.I just hope we can reach a point where everyone is treated with the same level of consideration, regardless of their beliefs or opinion stated.

I'm writing an essay on a personal experience for school, where do I begin?

This essay needs to be at least 750 words, or 2500 max. Writing is my worst subject, and I have no idea where to begin. The experience I've chosen is my pregnancy, but I'm welcome to other ideas as well. All I'm asking is some ideas on where to begin or something. I'm having major writers block.. any help is appreciated!

Writing a letter to the President Barack Obama?

i have to write a letter to Barack Obama for service hours in my government class; however, i can not find a topic to discuss, i am not allowed to ask any questions because my teacher does not want to recieve any letters from him because it is a waste of paper. please help me if you can, any topic is welcome. :)

How do I write a blog post without copying others post?

Copy Paste is only for Non-professionals, If you want to become good in blogging and want to get popular on the Internet then use your inner talent. Blogging is really effective, and you can be expert within a short span of time, if you use your inner talent. Follow these steps which will make you a Professional Blogger one day:-First come first, Find your Niche, in which field you want to blog, For Example: Choose WordPress tips and Tricks, Beauty Tips, Marketings, SEO, and more. Specially choose what you are good at.After that when you finalized your niche, then Research on that topic very carefully because in Blogging you must have to develop your Researching skills. Now, Search for the exclusive topics(Article Heading), and make it attractive so reader must pay attention to it.After finding Topics, Just start writing about your choosy topics and try to write catchy and impressive lines, Write in Points and Short Para. Don't go with long Paragraphs because people don't want to read long ones. Manage your content with inbuilt tools, Use Bold, Italic, Underline for important keywords.Then, review once check all the silly errors and mistakes, then publish it quietly. After publishing make sure to publish on Social Media Sites, Reddit, Stumble upon, Article Directories and more. So, you would enjoy the traffic on your new post. "Always Remember, True Blogger Never Copies"

Is "I hope you enjoy" or "I hope you'll enjoy" grammatically correct? Why?

You say “I hope you enjoy [this thing]” when you are doing something NOW. i.e. “I hope you enjoy this movie!”“I hope you’ll enjoy [this thing]” is when you haven’t given it to them yet, but you will in the future. “I hope you’ll enjoy the movie I put on in five minutes”. Technically, you can say “I hope you enjoy the movie I put on in five minutes”, but it’s not correct grammar.They are both grammatically correct in that people will understand you when you say it and won’t look at you funny. In addition, you can say both interchangably because people automatically add/remove the “ ‘ll” at the end (citation: me talking).In addition, you should never write “I hope you’ll enjoy” in an essay or a formal document. Write “I hope you will enjoy”. And in the case you are writing a formal document, don’t use personal pronouns (“I”) [just a little thing FYI].Hope this helped.

How difficult is it to write a dissertation?

As usual, Taranto's answer is very good. My story is a little different. I had a MS and several years work experience when I started my PhD at a respected state university. I took about 8 regular graduate courses and then spent two years doing my research -- that is, 24 months every day in the lab all day working on experiments and trying to figure a new way to deal with a tough problem. I eventually did figure out a way to do things that no one had figured out before.

While I was working on the problem, I had to read basically every article that had ever (and I mean, ever) been written about my subject in the history of the world. That was maybe 2000 technical articles. In my dissertation, I explained what these other guys had done, and why their ideas didnt work, and why my solution did work.

I had to do a presentation before a committee of the faculty and repeat it before the public, lots of profs and other grad students came to the presentation and asked technical questions -- those questions would have been impossible to answer if I hadnt just spent two years learning every single detail of this topic so that I knew as much or more about it than anyone else alive.

My dissertation was about 200 pages long (not counting the bibliography), which was a bit longer than most of the dissertations in my area.

I suggest you go to the library of the university you are considering attending. They have all the PhD dissertations that have been written in that school You can sit down and read through a few of them and see whether you think you would enjoy doing that sort of thing the rest of your life.