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Do You Know How Many Members Are Left

Why are there black KKK members?

Yeah, Dave Chappelle.Serious answer? No. There may be black sympathizers but the KKK do not allow blacks to join their ranks.

As a parent, do you know how many family members can accompany the child to the hospital? Is there any restriction about your other children's coming?

American hospitals are very lenient these days, and I spend a good amount of time on visits. You should not swamp the place with a family legion however, and hospital policies vary. I don’t see a problem with 4 at a time. Rotate your crew. If children have colds or other issues they would be excluded for the sake of spreading a virus. Be sure to consider other patients in the room vis-a-vis noise.Wash hands or use hospital supplied alcohol disinfectant upon entering and wash them after the visit at home. Check in at the nurses station and explain whom you will be visiting. They appreciate that.

Are there still members of the Ottoman dynasty left today? How they are regarded by other ruling families?

There are many surviving members of the Ottoman royal family, as the other answers and the relevant Wikipedia articles make clear. They mostly took on the surname Osmanoğlu, "son of Osman"; Ottoman society did not make use of surnames, so this was adopted to identify members of the family in foreign lands that do use surnames. (Nowadays, Turkey, which adopted surnames as part of Atatürk's reforms, is one of those foreign lands!) The current head of the family (i.e. the person who would be heir to the dynasty were it still in effect) is Osman Bayezid Osmanoğlu. He is an American citizen, living in New York City at the ripe old age of 91. I met him, once, for dinner at a Chinese restaurant in New York--a charming old man, hard of hearing, who preferred to speak in French with his niece, who was visiting from his birth city of Paris. In recent years, a revival of interest in the Ottoman dynasty (accompanied by media such as the insanely popular Muhteşem Yüzyıl, or Magnificent Century, a TV soap opera about the life of Suleyman the Magnificent) has resulted in a few visits by members of the Ottoman dynasty to the former capital of Istanbul; Osman Bayezid's older brother and predecessor, Ertuğrul, spent his last days in Istanbul.Line of succession to the former Ottoman throne

How many members does EXO have now?

Exo currently has 9 active membersKim Minseok ( Xiumin)Age: 27 yrs. oldHe is the eldest and the lead vocalist and lead dancer.He loves to tell lame jokes that leads to an awkward silence.Kim Jongin ( Kai)Age:23 yrs. oldHe is the lead dancer, rapper and the sub-vocalist.Addicted to chicken and laughing at awkward situations.Park ChanyeolAge: 24 yrs.oldHe is the main rapper and a sub vocalist.Child inside a 6′1 body.Also,the other half of the infamous Chanbaek couple.Kim Jun Myun (Suho)Age: 26 yrs. oldHe is the leader and Lead Vocalist.Will spend the rest of his life trying to make Chen laugh for at least one, of his lame dad jokes.Byun BaekhyunAge: 25 yrs. oldHe is the main vocalist.Closest thing to a comedian in the group. Also, he might be my future hubby,even if he doesn’t know it yet.Oh SehunAge: 23 yrs. oldHe is the lead dancer, rapper and the maknae.Secretly married to his dog Vivi.Kim Jongdae (Chen)Age: 25 yrs. oldHe is the main vocalist.Whines so much that he makes Suho imitate his whining. He then proceeds to whine about being imitated.Do Kyungsoo(D.O)Age: 24 yrs. oldHe is the main vocalist.Bloody good actor and has personality quirks that are found in many serial killers. ( When Chanyeol or Baekhyun disappears, question him first).Zhang Yixing (Lay)Age: 26 yrs. oldHe is the main dancer and vocalist.Seemingly good at literally everything. Loyal.High most of the time. Reads all his fanmail, *STILL IN THE GROUP GUYS*.

Which queen members are alive?

All are alive except Freddie.
John Deacon left the band after Freddie died.
Many People say this is because of freddies death but there are rumours that John would have left anyway
Brian and Roger are still in the band with new front man, Paul Rodgers, with the band known as Queen and Paul Rodgers.
They are expected to announce 2008 tour dates soon.

My favourites Rodger. I love drums and he plays with such energy and enthusiasm =)
I would put my other music.. but its so varied its just wrong =D
Hope this helps.

Why do K-pop groups have so many members?

Large groups in Korea actually date back to the group Super Junior in 2005. Before then, the k-pop groups of the late 90s and early 00s were 3–6 members in size, just like in the west, and a large group would have been considered absurd.However, when leading agency SM formed 5-member TVXQ in the mid-2000s, they had a dozen leftover trainees. This was because by that point they had emerged as a clear market leader, and everybody wanted to debut there. As a consolation prize, SM put the leftover trainees in a graduation group designed to place them in entertainment industry roles after a few years, inspired by the large Japanese group Morning Musume. All of the group members developed fandoms, the group itself did extremely well, and nobody was graduated. (At least not nearly as quickly as planned… there has been a lot of water under that bridge in the last dozen years, but that’s for another answer).Learning from this experience, SM then deliberately debuted 9-member Girls’ Generation a few years later. There was initially a lot of pushback against the large group size, but they became so wildly popular they were regularly called the national girl group of Korea. After that all bets were off.Edit: as for why these groups work, large groups mean more individual members that can each attract fans and that (from the agency’s point of view) are basically lottery tickets in terms of catching on with the general public and perhaps lifting the whole group with them. They also allow groups to get away with members who have great looks or charisma but lack the talent to carry 1/4 or 1/5 of a smaller group musically.

Did Fall Out Boy ever have a fifth member?

Number 1. It's not Dirty.
Number 2. It's not Chris. He was just a friend, and actually, about 6 months to a year ago they had a falling out and are no longer friends.

After many many hours of research on Fall Out Boy back in the day...(apparently I have an obsession) I found out that one of band members names was Dan...on the record Evening Out With Your Girlfriend. Not sure about the other guy. Andy was NOT in the band. It was just this guy Dan, Pete, Patrick, Joe, and the dude I don't know.
Andy was later recruited after the album was released and obviously the other two members left.
Not sure why.

Hope that helped.
God Bless...

Are some band members irreplaceable?

i certainly think so, and the infusion of questions on here about queen's new album leads me to you think there were any band members so important to their band that they should not be replaced, and if so, who are they? here's my top 3:

freddy mercury- queen...i think you should have been able to tell this from the question, i can't see any way that queen would ever be the same without him

kurt cobain- nirvana...he meant every bit as much to nirvana as freddy did to queen, and they've been smart enough to take on other projects and not try to revive the band with a new singer

john bonham- led simply can't replace the best at what you do, unless of course you wait a couple decades to get his son