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Do You Realize That Sometimes We Hate People Just Because We Need Somebody To Hate So That We Can

There's always a reason why people hate each other whether it's explicit (they know it) or implicit (they don't know it). Here are some reasons why I believe people hate people:1. Fear and It's Manifestations - We are insecure of something the other person has and we want or we feel we deserve, therefore that jealous, or insecurity comes out in the form of anger/hate. We don't hate people, we hate the emotions and fears they arise within us and project these fears/emotions onto them. To avoid the pain of dealing with our own emotions, we hate them.?2. Mutually Conflicting Values - I recently found out a colleague in office dislikes me. Why? I give money to beggars on the street and she is against it. Why is she against it? Because according to her values giving money beggars encourages them to beg more, so in her book - if the giving stops, the begging can too.Why am I not against it? Because most beggars based on those that I have spoken to especially young children - get beaten up, physically amputated, or trafficked if they don't generate a certain quota of money for a stipulated time period, so my values say that if I can prevent the kid from being hurt further by donating to them, I will do it.Whose right here? No one. We just have different perspective or values operating here for the same situation. However, it's our lack of tolerance for each other's values that makes us dislike each other.3. Subconscious Biases - We all group with certain biases, beliefs, distortions as children, and carry these beliefs into adulthood. When beliefs or biases that are hostile towards people with certain behavioral, ethnicity or physiological characteristics, are triggered they make us dislike or hate the person even if we don't completely understand why we hate them.

These are some things I do when I hate somebody:1. I try not to look at them. Merely looking at the people I hate riles me up. Even if I have to look I try to concentrate at some point near his/her eyes so that I do not look too rude.2. I try to behave as if I am in my own world or distracted or really really busy.3. Given an option I will always try to not come in contact with them. I sometimes lock myself up in my own room with noise canceling headphones so that I do not have to see them or listen to their voices in case they decide to visit me.4. If I do not want to admit to them that I dislike them, I unfollow them on Facebook. But I agree, admitting to them that I hate them makes my life hell lot easier. Because, after that confession, chance meeting in public ensures good behavior from my side which I do not feel guilty about, unfriending them on Facebook is not followed by a grilling session to explain why I unfriended that person, etc etc.5. In public if they talk too unbearably, I just distract myself pretending to be a good listener. Do I sound like a little hypocrite? Anything for avoiding contact with the people I hate.More or less, this is my five-point strategy to hate somebody. I hate very few people, and these strategies prove real effective to me!!..

Hate is such a strong word, thrown around way to easy. You can only hate someone you deeply care about, some say you can only hate someone you love. More likely is that they dislike you for some reason, it could be that you without knowing did something to rub them the wrong way, you elicit some kind of jealousy or envy in them, or you are the object of their dislike since the actual person isn't available.whatever it is, it isn't your problem but theirs. If it bothers you just ask them, calmly and politely what it is that you did. Usually you find that it was a big misunderstanding. It still shouldn't bother you that much. If you concern yourself over everything everyone thinks you'd never utter another word and even that would piss someone off eventually. A brave Disney Princess once said: Let it GO! let it GOOO!!! (as quoted by my niece)

Am I crazy for sometimes feeling like I hate myself???

I 'm like this as well to a point .. but in some cases in can lead to OCD .. becoming obssesive I do think in your case that as you have already written atributted to mood swings .. may be you should look more into why you have these .. I suffer from PMS so i slip into self hate mode every month only to wonder what the hell I was thinking the next day . Out side factors can add to the feeling of being perfect . My friend is obssessed with her looks and would never leave the house with out makeup . trains in the gym everyday .. she has a toy boy as well so her self confidence and fear of losing him caused this .. plus he didnt help with comments of her aging ..It is sad it can be hormonel or other .. its best to distinguish this and then see what you can do to make it better.. there are levels of being normal and then slipping into a more sinister mental problem . I wish you all the luck in the world . btw I only have a little mirror in my house , because I can become obssesssed with my behind ..

Why do I hate people so much? Is it normal to think this way?

you are not alone ..

I hate this world & reality, I hate this "real" life, & I hate people / humans, why they sucks so much?

Look, this is the harsh truth in this "reality / real-world / real-life" we're living here:
the majority or MOST of human beings/people in this world I've found to be either a bunch of stupid, shallow, superficial, ignorant, selfish, rigid, stoic, lifeless, and/or boring/mundane ones.

maybe that's why this "reality" (or "real world" / "real life") or our society currently is sooo f*cked up almost beyond help!

with only VERY FEW exceptions of: real-GOOD, honest humans/people, real smart/intelligent people, and/or very creative, imaginative, 'artistic' type of humans/people (that produces some of the best "other-worldly" works like novels, movies, games, anime, work of art, etc etc) ,... then the rest (again, which is the majority, like 90% or even 99% of human beings on this planet!) , I simply absolutely HATE them, and how I deeply always f*cking wish that I NEVER live in ONE planet with them,.. or how I wish I could get immediately transported into another world / universe (like in those 'cool/awesome' movies, novels, games, etc etc) ..

however,.. through some *deeper* searching,.. I think I've found perhaps somewhat sort of a 'way out' of this madness .. google these for starter: Maladaptive Daydreamers , Indigo , Starseeds , Lucid Dream, Astral Projection, Gnostic/gnosis, Esoteric/Mysticism, Virtual Reality.

Why do people hate me because i'm shy?

try to be more open speak out in class that doesnt mean talk during class to other students necessarilly but try raising your hand to answer questions so ppl will c that you DO have a voice i had the same problem i moved to a new high school my freshmen year and ate lunch alone for the first few weeks of school i started to interact with other students gradually as i started to use my voice more often speak loudly too so ppl know u arent afraid to do so if you are in high school, sports always link ppl up my best and truest friends are my team mates

Why do people call me racist when I say I hate ghetto people?

No, it doesn't make you racist at all, but it does make you look like a narrow-minded jerk. Ghetto people are a minority group that have economic issues. That's all. You shouldn't be so quick to judge something unless you've met the real deal. I think that the media, makes the ghetto look like something it's not. It's always people robbing banks, and in gangs, and prostitutes, etc. That is not the whole deal, behind that stereotype there are people that work their but off everyday just to get the little that they get. There're people in the ghetto that have very good personalities, intentions, and intellect.

I dislike people IN the ghetto that are arrogant, have a shot at education but waste it, treat people with disrespect, show lack of respect to themselves, don't parent their kids, etc. But that's not all what the ghetto is, it's simply people that are having financial problems so they have a different lifestyle to work around their financial problems. I have no doubt that there are people in the ghetto that act as I stated above. But just because there are people in the ghetto that act like that (like any minority group) doesn't mean that's what the ghetto is. It's just your typical stereotype that doesn't aqquire to everyone.

Well I'm done ranting. Saying you dislike ghetto people isn't racist, but it's ignorant, dumb, and it's stereotyping.
Ghetto people are people that live IN the ghetto, ghetto is a place, not a type of person. My point is that just because there are some people that have nonsense, doesn't mean that all people that live in the ghetto are like that. Look at Michelle Obama, she's from the ghetto (southside of chicago is the ghetto) She lived in a ghetto area (making her a ghetto person, technically) BUT, she doesn't fit into any of the stereotypes of what you call "ghetto people". I think you should get the definitions right before you judge people.

Why do Gays Hate Straight People?

nicely why carry out a little without delay human beings hate gay human beings? there is often going to be some style of resentment in the direction of human beings in existence, not something can exchange this, yet commonly if a reasonable majority of one style of individuals dislike an opposing style, human beings assume that the sensation is the two mutual, or shared between something of those of an identical style. however, this is not uncommon for individuals that are gay to have certainly one of those hatred in the direction of without delay those that are homophobic, because of the fact homophobes make you sense such as you should be embarrassed approximately your self, and which you're so unnatural which you frighten others. in my opinion, I hate homophobes, because of the fact definitely they arrive off as gay themselves. So I say, enable them to stay interior the closet perpetually and stay on my own. without delay people who're hypermasculine, macho-fool, jerks that take part in gay bashing and the likes of that, are additionally hated by ability of a few human beings interior the gay community because of the fact, nicely, does not you hate somebody that became into an entire asshole to you? and particular human beings have some form of background with a without delay individual specifically that did not end too nicely, and that they could purely be traumatized by ability of the region. commonly, not each gay individual hates without delay, yet i'm particular that each and each gay individual hates a minimum of one without delay individual they know, and that doesn't propose it has something to do with the very undeniable fact that the guy is without delay, it in order that happens that their resentment is in the direction of somebody who isn't gay, and is in uncomplicated terms coincidental.

How can you hate someone when you love them SO much?

Yes, I've been through like yours. He's my fiancee now and I believe we have weathered the storms in an earlier part of our relationship. I've hated him before because our personalities crashed and he's also done a not-so-good things. Sometimes, the stuffs we hate can be caused by this picture/idea we have in our mind of a happy-ever after relationship. that we forgot to compromise, understand each other. remember that love is not a feeling. It is a commitment. Because if it is a feeling, you'll only love a person during good times and how about the bad times, are you just going to abandon him. It takes a lot of hard work to make a relationship work and this means that you'll just have to forgive him. not just "yeah i forgive him now but if he does it again then i'll...". Forgiving means that you've accepted that he made a fault and he'll start in a clean state. no records of the wrong things in the past, ok. Don't think of the bad stuffs anymore.
I can remember the time when my fiancee and I had a really bad fight, I can remember the tears and his face pleading, no more words for him left to say. as if he's giving up. He said that who will still be left to love him when he's unlovable. HE's given and done everything. I was awakened and I remember all the beautiful memories we have which have greater weight than my pride or selfishnes.
From that day on, I love him always when things are beautiful and more love I'll give when things are not so good