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Do You Support The Use Of Public Money To Fund Private Schools

Which is the difference between public schools and private school?

a. public school ar supported by taxes private school are supported by tuition or other non public means b. public school are open to everyone private schools have selective enrollment policies c. public school are controlled by local elected boards of education private school are controlled by non public authorities d. all of the above e. none of the above

If a private school was blatantly liberal, would the liberals support the tax money for it?

My goodness, Tanner Coleman, you do have a thing about trying to find out if liberals are hypocritical.Maybe that's why your question is contradictory.A private school is a business that makes money off tuition fees and sometimes legacy donations.It's not part of a publicly-funded educational system.Private schools cater to parents who don't want their kids in public school. There are tax loopholes which allow parents to deduct or get tax credits for school tuition, which then cancels some of their taxes that would have gone to public education.Private schools prevent kids from developing liberal attitudes because they are kept in a homogeneous group isolated from a normal diverse population. So liberals aren't interested in using government funds to create ideological hothouses because they don't work with our ideals of equality or our belief that children should develop critical thinking skills.Including Basic Logic as a subject in the public education system at the middle school level would be a heck of a lot more beneficial to liberals without imposing any ideology at all.

Do you believe a private school voucher system would work?

Yes I do, but not along your chain of thought. Monopolies are VERRRRY bad things and that is true of everything I can think of. IMO if parents would do their job the voucher system would place some real pressure on public schools, it would entice private schools to reduce costs in an effort to get more students (they would want to shear the sheep not skin it) and finally it would encourage even more private schools to spring up. Anytime you take a monopoly's monopoly away it is like a tide and as they say, an incoming tide raises all boats.

In California a few years back the Voucher was on the ballot. It was voted down but the part I recall is a claim that went unanswered by the anti-voucher movement. Pro-voucher people claimed there were 126 administrators for every 100 classroom teachers while private schools were running with about 7 per 100 classroom teachers. In the public school system you start with the Feds, move down to the States, then the Counties, the local school district comes next and the classroom comes dead last. Honestly; how much out of every dollar poured in at the top do you think reaches the children??? My guess is mere pennies on the dollar.

I went to public schools. I graduated in 1966. I could read, write, do math well enough to estimate materials required and cost for construction, I could balance a checkbook, run a metal lathe, cook an omelet, sew a shirt and a ton of other things. My brother graduated the same school and got the same diploma, I bought him subscriptions to car magazines because I knew he was car crazy and would learn to read from those magazines. Five years ago my nephew graduated the same school, got the same diploma and can't read or write well enough to fill out a job application. He has to have an evaluator read the questions and answers on the written portion of his driver's test.

My kids were fortunate, my wife is a bright woman with some college and I have a positive IQ and some college as well. We both spent time with our kids teaching them what public teachers didn't think was important like reading and writing.

As a final thought I would like to state, I think your argument is well thought out but if you were my age and had seen the changes I have seen I think you might agree that for the most part public schools are only a faint shadow of what they once were.



Why do i pay for taxes for public schools when i have no kids?

I feel the same way for people who pay for private school for their children. Why should we have to pay taxes on something we get no use for? It's not fair. There is no tax incentives or tax breaks for single people with no kids, yet we pay extra taxes for others children. I just don't understand, that's literally taxation without representation. Isn't that one of the reasons we broke away from England in the first place? Please someone explain this to me if possible, also please don't get mad and offended at me, im just a person who wants to know why the money i work hard for goes to something that i will get no use from. I may sound selfish, but like i said before, people who pay for their kids private schools shouldnt either....

Should we prefer private school vouchers for underprivileged parents or increased public school funding?

What makes anyone think private school is better? When grown up do you believe you child will be part of the general private? Public schools exist to make the country a better place to live…for everyone, because a country IS for everyone and will contain, everyone. If you don’t support public schools with all your might woe be to you when you come across a child discarded and poor, angry and dumb. They are going to extract a living from the world, one way or another.Vouchers are a means of robbing public schools and praying on the poor who will have no recourse if they’ve been duped by a private company. How does a poor person fight a corporation? Even if they “win” somehow the corporation can just dissolve and disappear. Vouchers are a way for companies to make money. Be assured that even tax free entities creating schools pay people, some of them quite well, just not the ones you meet, the ones responsible for teaching. Private companies keep their finances private. No, vouchers are evil, it’s all a big misdirection, a change of subject…it’s a lie and it’s draining our strength to believe it.A strong public school system is a core strength of a strong democracy. The concept is that anyone should have a shot at becoming great and that a government is responsible to its people to provide that equal footing. The concept that greed and profit are what makes a better world is false. Fund the public schools! Stop giving private companies money for doing public services - the government who can and should be held responsible for caring for its citizens is the rightful owner of the task. Don’t let them shrug their shoulders and send in the clowns to entertain us with the notion that profit is your savior. It’s foolish, childish and evil and…it doesn’t work.Oh and hey, if they tell you there is no money…track the Gross National Product for the last 40 years. It goes up and up while the actual workers get less and less. Claiming poverty is the first misdirection. America is rich. The bulk of Americans are getting poorer. Follow the money…

Why do you think schools in America are under funded?

The problem is funding. When money is dedicated to the education sector it rarely reaches the places it is needed most. Teachers are under paid and under appreciated. Many schools are forced to spend money on feeding low income children breakfast and lunch rather than using the $ for school supplies. It's easy to blame a lack of money for the problems facing our school systems. But there are many social factors that affect the policies that drive the school system forward. Bureaucracy prevents our tax dollars from reaching the places they need to go.