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Do You Think America Should Get Rid Of Welfare

Should welfare be banned in America?

My first impulse is to say yes, however having been on it out of need makes me realize that some really need it like I did. I got off it ASAP because I was not raised that way and prefer to support myself as long as able.I was injured and rendered unable to work and needed food just to stay alive. Having said that I am aware of how many abuse the system from a friend that used to work at social security. He saw this with his own eyes.There needs to be some way of making an absolute determination of who is needy and for how long. I also believe that money for this should be voluntary from the taxpayer instead of mandatory.

How can America fix its welfare system?

maybe set a time limit on their benefits, don't reward them for having more babies, if you can't support them don't have anymore, right? make them come in or make routine visits to see if the circumstances of their need have changed. Stuff like that maybe. I agree something needs to be done but the problem is how and still be fair.

Should we get rid of welfare?

Yes it should be gone completely. It encourages people to sit around and be lazy. It also enslave the working class by forcing the producers to support the deadbeats. It is wrong and it is destructive to people and to our society and to our economy.

What would happen if the welfare state in America was eliminated?

Desperate people do desperate things. If your children are hungry you will steal for them. If your only choice to get money for shelter is to take it you will do just that so you don't freeze to death. The ranks of the working poor would become enraged. These are the people that are working enough to maybe pay for some things but get assistance to pay for food, child care, utilities, or are getting training so they can get off assistance. Eliminating this type of help would result is a mass of people far greater than the middle and upper classes becoming disenfranchised. The last time this happened it gave birth to the Progressive Movement, take that and add the 1960's along with much more rioting and that will give you a idea of what it would look like.I don't see social safety net programs as a hand-out, I see them as insurance for my own safety. Desperate people do desperate things and I would rather balance the budget in ways that don't result in canceling my safety insurance policy. " The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." ~Thomas Jefferson. Id rather be on the side of the people, all of the people instead of being a tyrant that didn't know when to stop taking.Oh and just to really hit home why this country was founded in the first place please indulge me one more time as I turn to Jefferson yet again:"Experience declares that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the governments of Europe, and to the general prey of the rich on the poor."

Welfare reform idea? what do you think?

welfare has destroyed the american family. the family is the basic unit of cohesive civilization. destroy it and civilization will not last.
when you give monetary rewards to families when the father leaves, guess what happens? when you give monetary rewards to mothers who have multiple children out of wedlock that they cannot afford, guess what they will do? who suffers? the children. We have grown men who father babies, leave, and have no idea or inkling of what their responsibilities are or how they are supposed to behave because they grew up fatherless themselves.
I propose real welfare reform. I have written my congressmen with this idea. We have been successful at kicking single people off the welfare roles, but the mothers of children still are getting a free ride. Do I propose kicking them off? no. I propse that they be made to do what i had to do when I was single and poor, get a roomate. I say instead of giving a mother a modern comfortable, private apartment at our expense, they be paired up. not only will that decrease costs, it will give the children two parents instead of one. the mothers can take turns babysitting which will save on child care costs. the mothers will then have more time to work on getting out of their situation. If this sounds cuel to some, so what. Welfare shouldn't be a pleasant experience. people should be induced to remove themselves from that situation as soon as they can. I think it would be a posotive step!

How should we get rid of ghettos and welfare?

Ok, well first of all I suppose someone should probably mention to you the fact that most of the welfare in this country is paid out to poor rural white people.

Beyond that? You're never going to get rid of poverty. Never been done, in any society, in any period known human history, going back thousands of years. Never.

Beyond that? All the welfare paid out to these people is spent back into local economies, almost immediately. Some of those economies are pretty frail. Welfare is helping to prop them up.

You want capitalism to prosper? People have to have money to spend. If the division of wealth is skewed critically in favor of the rich, there will be no consumer economy, no capitalism, only a plutocracy, fated for collapse.

I'm in favor of all the welfare the country can support for that reason all by itself. If the government needs to save money, they can start by not getting into trillion dollar, eight or ten year wars by "MISTAKE."

What would happen if we got rid of welfare?

That's a huge can of worms !

It would hurt a lot of people who actually need the help.
It would put those that don't really need the help to look for jobs.
It would have ramifications on other aids like social security & medicare.
It would cause great havoc among people have think they deserve, but really don't.
It would cause great despare on many people who barely survive
It would cause political pressures when funds are allowed to go to other countries, but not our own
It would cause non-beneficial ractions from other countries thank look onto this nation as supports of their people.
It would cause great moral strain by not doing what is written of Feeding the widow, orphan and despared, and seeing them in their time of need.
It would probably put a few pennies back into people's pockets,
It would cause higher demand for food supplies and prices would rise.
It would cause inflation rates to sky rocket with no government subsidized freeze and food prices.
It would allow death rates to increase in this nation
It would allow crime rates to increase
It would hurt morally, they don't help me why should I help.
It was cause distrust in our way of government
no end. :(