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Do You Think Big Show Was Crying Because The Shield

Why did Thanos make that face when Captain America was holding his hand?

Imagine this.You’re an eight-foot tall alien who easily beat up a giant strong enough to be knocked through a collapsing skyscraper and survive, and pin down an enhanced human with the strength to lift thousands of pounds of rubble, both using your own pure physical strength alone.You have a gauntlet containing multiple objects granting you literally infinite power, allowing you to destroy moons, change reality itself to cast impeccably solid realistic illusions, transmute living flesh into ribbons and stone, teleport distances of hundreds of light-years, turn back time, and rip through dimensional barriers.And then some random human comes up to you. He saw you decimate Black Widow, Okoye, Groot, War Machine, Bruce Banner in a Hulkbuster suit, Falcon, Black Panther, and Bucky without as much as a scratch in return before his very eyes. And then he starts punching you and whacking you with mini-shields (which accomplishes exactly nothing) and then tries to hold back your outstretching hand. Yes, the hand of a Titan in possession of five Infinity Stones.That’s why Thanos makes that face. He is utterly befuddled at why someone would try to oppose him in hand-to-hand combat when he could literally destroy the Earth itself with a clench of his fist.Now, there is an alternative explanation. Maybe Thanos really was struggling slightly to resist Cap’s attack. As stated in the movie, Thanos can only activate the Infinity Gauntlet’s power when he closes his fist. It’s a possibility that Steve Rogers was trying to prevent him from closing his fist to use the power of the Gauntlet by grabbing his hand, and that his expression really was that of struggle.We know Captain America is extremely strong. He held down a helicopter trying to take off, which makes him stronger than any human that has ever lived, as far as we know. And Thanos can’t use the Infinity Stones without closing his fist. So maybe Cap’s strength was comparable enough to Thanos’s (without the Gauntlet) to make the Titan struggle slightly, thus the expression.In conclusion, Thanos was making that expression out of either/both confusion or mild strain.

Before my body i throw my warlike shield.Lay on, Macduff,And damn'd be him that first cries,Hold enough?

"I wish I'd said that first"

Why does the WWE make Big Show cry so much?

How are we supposed to take Big Show seriously as a giant, aggressive threat... When WWE makes him cry like a b*%©h all the time

father dies angle... Cries
turns out he was an illegitimate child.. Cries
gets fired by John Laurenitus... Cries
has to fight Daniel Bryan... Cries

Does BlueCross Blue Shield .org cover breast reduction?

They sometimes will. I have a friend whose niece went through the surgery and it was covered by her insurance as she had severe and chronic back problems caused by the size of her breasts. You will need to show that the size of your breasts are causing physical problems, such as chronic back or neck pain etc. By a doctor verifying that they are causing physical problems, the surgery is no longer strictly cosmetic. Most doctors will not do a breast reduction on an obese patient. Breasts, like all parts of your body, get smaller as you lose weight and often the symptoms caused by breast size are eliminated by losing extra weight. The doctor needs to show that the breast size is not affected by extra weight and therefore actually causing the problems.

Rather than directly calling the insurance company, speak to a reputable cosmetic surgeon who does this surgery. Ask your primary care physician for a referral. The surgeon who has done many of these surgeries will have experience in whether the insurance company will pay, given your symptoms. Remember this: It is ALWAYS in an insurance companies' best interest to deny your claim, for the obvious reason that it saves them money.

Good Luck. Working with insurance companies can be a very long process.

For those of you with flat nipples...are nipple shields okay to use during breastfeeding?

hey when my milk came in my nipples all most disappeared,my baby couldn't feed after a 2:00am run to the store for a pump to get milk out for her didn't work the next day i called the lact. conslt. from the hospital(weekend mine was not available)she told me to hold out well after around 16 hrs of not getting any nourishment we went to the birthing center and the lact. const. gave me shields there i tryed and tada she went to town.she told me to try to get her to feed without after a couple of mins every time i used them but no go. she also gave me some shells that push your breast in so nipple can come out,and a nurse told my sister to wear bottle lids or those medicinen cups on the nipples in her bra works the same way. 3 days later when my l.c. came to the house she said it would be best to not use the shields for long but if it was the only way she would feed go for it.@least you can see she is getting milk and not starving with them. i ended up using them for @ least a month and my l.c. was cool with it because my baby was finally gaining weight in stead of losing.
go for them, using an aid is better than not being able to @ all

Which starter Pokémon will you pick in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

Short Answer: GROOKEY!Now, it largely depends on the stat distributions, and the final evolved forms of the Pokemon, so I’ll judge mainly on the design for now.Let’s go one by one, shall we?Grookey:It’s so cute! It’s a groovy sports musician monkey! That funky monkey. I know many people dislike the beak, and think it looks too similar to Rowlet in that sense, but Rowlet was one of my favourite starters and I love this! I like how they gave the colour scheme a twist from the usual green/brown. That funky monkeyTM. I can’t very well see how this might evolve, but that’s just part of the suspense, no? I could see this as a Grass/Dark ‘mon.Sobble:Sobble’s a cutie. Why’s it crying? Why the teardrop face? Is it because it’s a bad Pokemon? (Just kidding). I feel it has the most potential out of all the starters - it has a very unique twist and I feel like it’s already developing an identity. I could potentially see this as a Water/Ghost, pure Water or even a Water/Bug type for some reason.Scorbunny:A lot of people are hating on Scorbunny for the white in its colour scheme. But I think it’s nice and eye pleasing - and why not? I adore its tiny nose bandage and uhh, warm feet, and feel like the creators did a decent job of expressing its personality through the trailer. The only two things I have with this is that it looks like it might be another fire-fighting type - which I would hate. And I can’t really think of any unique way this could evolve, but I’ll just wait and see.So… I love all the starters. But that funky monkey :)ღ

What one thing or scene do you want to see in Avengers: Infinity War?

All I want is one single passing reference to The Defenders :)Tony Stark is flying over New York to check for signs of any alien activity.Tony : Veronica, please scan if any portal has opened somewhere in New York city.Veronica : Scanning sir… One portal has opened in Hell’s Kitchen but the situation seems to be under control.Tony : What ??? How ???Veronica : Streaming live footage now…In the screenJessica (Throwing an alien corpse onto another) : Where are all these aliens coming from ???Danny (Punching an alien in its stomach with his Chi) : I don’t know. I’ve never seen such ugly things in my life (Blocks an attack). I really want to be at K’un L’un right now.Jessica (Grunting) : Not talking to you, glowing hands !!!One alien is about to jump upon Jessica, but is hit and thrown away by a flying manhole cover. Jessica turns back in surprise.Luke : Oh heyya Jessica, want some help ??? (Removes a car window and uses it as defense).Jessica (fake smiling) : No, you big boy. Where have you been ???Luke : I saw you guys on TV, so I came as fast as I could. Where are the other guys ???Jessica : Who, the big green guy, shield guy, they don’t care about us. Me, (Pointing towards Danny) glow stick here, and,… Colleen (She turns towards Luke, says hi, Luke waves back at her with the car window), and now you… We need to do all the dirty work before the “Avenging dudes” come back.Luke : I wish Matt was with us now.Suddenly, the nearby loudspeakers come to life, and Tony Stark’s voice is heard, “Hello guys, you people are doing a great job in here, I’m Tony Stark, and the Avengers had to be away on a mission to space. But you guys, especially the one with the glowing hands, are helping us in a big way. Contact us at the Avengers Mansion if you need any job”Danny smiles, and begins to punch more forcefully.Jessica : Easy there, glow stick, that Iron guy is only fooling us with his words. They’re not going to take you into their team of misfits.Cut to the next scene !!!This one scene is all I want in Avengers : Infinity War. It’ll be so cool if even a small name “Defenders” gets dropped when Tony is searching for new Avengers recruits.அसुవీN

I am a big fan of Marvel and DC and I have seen all the movies but I haven't watched any TV series. Which ones should I watch and in what order?

MARVELDaredevil- It is one of the best TV series based on a comic book character. Its Dark, the action is just amazing. two seasons have come out till nowJessica Jones- Its not as great as Daredevil but is worth watching and also u need to watch it in order to watch Future marvel projects like The DefendersLuke Cage- Again same case as Jessica JonesAgent CarterAgents of shieldDCThe flash- its pretty good, you will develop a liking towards the characters like vibe and othersThe Arrow- Season one is pretty good and intense , you will get a look at characters Death stroke, black canary etcLegends of tomorrow- it has characters like firestorm, atomGotham- I really liked the first season but then i lost interest, but its pretty good because it introduces you to various Batman characters whose name you may have just heard and show their background story. it is set when bruce wayne is pretty young and has just lost his parentsSupergirl