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Do You Think Conservatives Will Ever Give Up The Lie That

Why do Democraps think Conservatives lost the Civil War when neither of us were alive for it?

Democrats are promoting the LIE that there was a party switch. OF course, this is a false narrative and an absurd lie if anyone bothers to look at the data, but the Democrats are lucky because their flock are extremely gullible.

Let's examine further.

They say that the party switched in 1970s but when did the voting patterns change?

The black community started voting for primarily Democrats in the 1930s with FDRs new deal. This is all public record and easy to find if anyone bothers to look. Also very well-known in the the Dixiecrats were petitioning for segregation and Jim Corw laws WELL past the 1930s. The black ocmmunity shifted for economic reasons, not because the Democrats were no longer racists.

The white Southern community primarily voted strongly Democrats until Reagan won. Reagan energized the Republicans with a message for the common people. That happened WELL after the 1970 period of time the leftists say the switch occurred and Reagan certainly did not run on campaigns of overt racism.

The FACT that the left can only point to ONE politician that switched parties and was overtly racist during the time period they say the switch occurred, should have given everyone a clue that the leftists are LYING.

Unfortunately, despite having INCONTROVERTIBLE evidence here that they can EASILY look up for themselves, the leftists will ignore and continue to believe the lie.

Why do some conservatives lie and say the budget surplus of the late 90's didn't happen?

Cons don't want to admit Clinton was more financially conservative then Bush!

Why do Conservatives say Obama lied about his health care promise that 'If you like your plan, keep it. If you like your doctor, keep it.'?

They say it because it was provided as an anti-”Obamacare” talking point.But in one sense it WAS true: junk insurance plans that cost a pittance, featured high deductibles and copays, and paid virtually nothing were no longer permitted. As a result, many Americans who’d opposed Obama from the beginning suddenly decided that those plans were highly desirable, and that Obama had no right to keep them from having such plans if that’s what they wanted.This conviction was helped along by several misconceptions that have been circulating for a while. First, the notion that health insurance isn’t strictly necessary, since getting sick is a “choice,” and they were “choosing” to get exercise and “eat right.” So why should they be “forced” to have insurance if they didn’t intend to have medical problems?Second, the notion that if, despite their efforts, they got sick, they could just pay for it out of pocket. (Never mind the fact that many doctors can’t and won’t take cash for an office visit——the vast majority of Americans could NOT afford even an uncomplicated laparascopic surgery, let alone a more complicated illness or procedure.)And, third—-and this is the most ridiculous one of all—-that the emergency room makes a dandy substitute for every form of health care, and it’s free of charge to boot!I always tell these people, “Obama told the truth. If you like your doctor, you can keep him/her….but it might cost you extra. That’s because the ACA was designed primarily to ensure affordable health care for more Americans, not to provide bargains for people who already have insurance.”

Why do some conservatives believe a potential Supreme Court Justice lying in sworn congressional testimony is "ok"?

They don’t think it’s ok - or at least they wouldn’t think it was ok if the potential SCJ was an avowed liberal with clearly stated ideas of upholding liberal values to the detriment of conservative ideas.But the guy in question (I’m assuming you mean Kavanaugh) gets excused for lying for the same reasons that the conservatives excuse any and all lies, errors and downright fabrications of ‘alternate realities’ by their current commander in chief - it advances their agenda.They want to see Roe v Wade overturned and they’d practically give up their mother’s life to see it happen. And they feel that Kavanaugh is the one to do it for them. They’d also like to see the president get more power (at least while he’s one of theirs) and Kavanaugh has opined that he’d like that too.It doesn’t matter to them that a liar sits on the bench of the highest court of the land as long as he’s their liar and even better that he’s young enough that he’ll probably still be on the bench decades from now when they’re too old to care any more.It’s an expediency of the moment. Situational ethics.