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Do You Think Scorpios Are Shy People

What do people think about Scorpios?

From what I have experienced with, I know there’s two-three types of scorpios.I met her in 5th grade, she was cute, sweet, protective, tough, all at once. But she did smoke and drink very young, and she tried to persuade me into trying it. But now, I am not a smoker or a drinker like her, and I’m still her best friend. She loves unconditionally and to me is very wise.He’s in my class now and something about him is very special. He’s a very special snowflake. He’s very funny, aggressive (VERY), skilled, very perverted and sexual, might come off as being very quiet and modest..but he is to me more like a yangire! (Anime…you should probably look it up) The thing about him is that he can be cute( does cute things, actions, expressions, attractive) yet act very tough at the same time.Overall, Scorpios are attractive no matter what. They have a way to flirt with you without even trying (and they won’t recognize they will…or do they?), a lot of them like to keep secrets but it’s only for the better, Cute yet tough, and a yangire (My theory). They are more likely to me into art than anything else because from the ones I ’ve encountered or something really creative, they really find it relaxing, they’re just cool in general!

Do you think that most Scorpios are shy?

They're not generally shy, just quiet and introverted. They'll watch and analyze, but when they form their opinion they aren't shy about expressing it and will stand up and defend their beliefs to the end.

Are Scorpio's shy people?

HEY! "cherry" idk what makes me laugh more the fact that you talk like you think you know every one of us "scorpios" on here or the fact that you just made a total fool of yourself by being a hypocrit. haha you say scorpios are annoying and loud mouthed and cant keep their mouths shut...oh please!

Are Scorpio people shy?

Shy is really to simplistic a term, they are more introverted. Shy suggests a fear of talking to people, hesitant to start conversations ect. I think a lot of Scorpios are more introverted than extroverted. They spend a lot of time 'in their heads' and observing their environments. They are not the type to shoot first ask questions later. They want to gather all the information on a situation, figure out how they feel about it, and then make their move. They also HATE rejection so may hold off on initiating something until they are sure you are receptive. You should definitely talk to him if you are interested, but don't be put off when he doesn't open right up. They are the type to hold their inner workings in private until they really trust you, and it takes some time to gain their trust. Just talk to him casually and become friends, throw those little hints his way, he will make a move when he feels sure he can.

Should I chase a shy scorpio male or should I wait for him to make the first move?

I recommend that people maintain a safe distance from scorpio males and females of all ages if at all possible.If he’s shy, it’s usually because they’re more afraid of us than we are of them.Let them know that you’re nearby, but give them plenty of space to retreat on their own without prodding or physically engaging them.If you find a scorpio in your shoe (it’s not uncommon for them to hide there at night for warmth), try throwing the shoe against a wall or other hard surface to dislodge the creature and then give it space to move away.Barring instances of allergy, scorpio stings are usually not fatal to most adults.But why risk a sting if you don’t have to?

Do male scorpios get shy towards a girl they like?

I don't think that "shy" is a good term. Scorpio's investigate the love interest, find out what they can, test the love interest to see if that person is bright enough to "get it". Since they love their secrets so much they might keep their intentions to themselves until the person they are interested in has passed all the tests. Then they are romantic, passionate and need love just like everyone else.

Odd thing about Scorpios and their secrets. I've read that a woman too curious about who her Scorpio beau was calling checked his cell phone, he caught her, broke up with her. But I'll bet money that he's checked her cell phone records.

So shy isn't a good term for Scorpio men, wary, sly, round about, before committing, sure. Those who are shy are coming from a space of fear. That isn't a Scorpio trait. When they see something they want they go about getting it. You'll know if you're in their line of sight when they are ready to reveal their intentions.

As always, going by Sun sign alone isn't enough to see what the other influences are. The charts of both people and an interchart compatibility are needed to see if there is not only attraction but also long term durability.

Do scorpio men like shy girls ?

i dont know, i am shy and my boyfriend is a scorpio so uhm.....i guess so.

Do scorpio guys like a little shy girls?

Scorpio guys tend to go for Pisces or Aquarius girls. Although Aquarius tends not to be shy, there are many Pisces who are.

Are Scorpio men usually shy?

Hi. I know a Scorpio guy and I noticed he seemed nervous around me. We live far so we're friends on social media and he talks to me a lot. I think he likes me. But when I saw him in person he seemed really shy. Every time we made eye contact he smiled but he had a hard time making eye contact. I was sitting next to him and he was on my left side. He would constantly turn his head and look somewhere else as if he was embarassed in my presence. He would also touch his neck or his face while talking. Are Scorpio men shy or outgoing with the girl they like?