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Do You Think Technology Is A Luxury Or A Necessity

Is technology a luxury or necessity?

Good question. I'd say technology used to be a luxury, but has become a necessity. For example, I live in an area that had few full time inhabitants until air-conditioning was invented. So while some may consider air conditioning a luxury, here it is a necessity. Also, refrigerators were not a necessity when people lived on farms or had markets in walking distance. Since most no longer do, the refrigerator is a necessity. For many people automobiles are also a necessity as they live in town designed for motorist. One might consider a computer a luxury, but to a student or employee it might be a necessity.

What is technology: necessity or luxury?

Technology used to be a luxury, but now, it is necessity. For example, a few years ago, say about 15-20 years ago, if someone had a telephone in their house, it was considered a luxury. But right now, we have become so advanced that without this gadget, it is almost impossible to interact with people. It used to be a luxury, now, it is a necessity without which life seems impossible...

Is it a necessity to use technology?

Depends. What is technology?If technology is essentially computers and associated hardware and tools, then yes. There are many millions of people who do not have any contact with that type of technology.If technology means new techniques and tools, then no. Or not very well. If you can only uses your hands and feet, it is very difficult to survive. Even tools such as knives and plows are technology.

Where is the line between luxury and necessity?

Multiple ways to think about this:Basic requirements without which one would reasonably not be able to get sufficient rest (6-8 hrs sleep) and spend sufficient time on any fulfilling activity (work/education) can be called 'necessities'. This would include clothing, shelter and food but not include fancy clothing, mansions etc. Note that I've said 'reasonably' which means that even if teenagers complain they can't get any work done unless they get the latest iphone, it does not imply having an iphone is a necessity. I'd say an entity isn't 'reasonably' a 'necessity' if over 50% of human population can do without that entity.Alternatively, one could also draw a graph between happiness (y-axis) and money (x-axis). Money is essentially a proxy for food, shelter, iphone etc. Items that can be bought before the happiness vs income curve plateaus can be considered 'necessities'. This perspective would be particularly useful to politicians/socialists trying to maximize happiness by redistributing money.3. Followers of some religions like Jainism believe in not having any worldly possessions. They believe this to be the path to moksha. While at first sight a lot of people would just dismiss this, it does make some sense when you think about it. Once we get attached to worldly possessions, we keep wanting more stuff and also feel pain when we lose these possessions. They believe a way to avoid this cycle of additional wants/pain is to have no attachments at all.

Is computer a more of a luxury than a necessity?

its a necessity nowadays.From morning news paper till ordering the dinner. A computer is needed. (Your 5 inch smartphone is a computer :P) There are many thing which you can’t to without a computer & of course internet. Filling Taxes, various forms, bank accounts, etc.though the tradition methods still works but no one has that much time. Slowly it will become part of your basic needs. :D yeah it will. Today's world is connected. You need a computer to connect.Disconnected people don’t go far.

Are mobile phones a luxury or a necessity?

In this modern era your work defines you.. if you are doing well in your job whatever the field are you in, then you must not think about the phone you have but yes if you have a professional life style you should have atleast a decent smart phone.. obviously you don't go with your Nokia 3310 in Audi car.. so if someone have decent smartphone then it's okay to have it.. Your works matter not phone..Thankyou

Is education a necessity or a luxury and why?

In this time and age, education is a necessity!But education should never be viewed as an ends, but as a means to employment.A few questions to ponder upon:Is education equipping our younger generation for the challenges that lie ahead? With this education, can they get a meaningful job, create value and be a functioning member of society? As such, are we still clinging on to old forms of education, writing meaningless essays, doing straight mathematical questions without any forms of application or rote memorization of facts for a mere exam regurgitation? Education must reflect the current state of the job market; perhaps it’s prudent to start young.Are we empowering children to be independent in thought, or is education just going through the motions? (i.e education for the sake of education). As far as history or moral education is concerned, are we teaching children the WHY as opposed to the WHAT. Are we honest in presenting the facts and providing them an environment to gradually think for themselves?Education is of utmost importance because Leaders has to be honed in every single generation. A First World country will not stay this way if it’s future Leaders are not educated.

Why are luxurious things becoming a necessity in the future?

Luxury was a way to realise ur dream and give you sense of achievement.In 2000 mobile phones and cars were luxury only few could afford,but know it's become a necessary for ur daily …but in today world luxury means having something that can be bought be rich only….In 2018 people are more interested in creating a image than fullfill their need. I have a friend who uses iPhone but don't know how to use iTune….I know someone who can't afford to have 3meals in his last days of the month but still buys Armani's and Gucci …just to show off.Bcz in today's social media world everyone need attention…. everyone wants to keep their status and what's better ways than buying stuff which only few can afford?Luxury is not an option anymore…it became a need for their status and style.

Once a luxury item becomes cheap enough, does it become more viewed as a necessity?

In a lot of ways there is a thin line between luxury and necessity i think of soap that we use to wash our bodies in this instance.Luxury has nothing to do with cost or necessity. Luxury is something that you might use practically every day that maybe has a few bells and whistles added to make the item “special”. Those additions can be handcrafted made of the finest materials or made from bits of leftover clunk attached by a robot. I suppose a silk scarf from Hermes might make you feel more glamorous than one from Target. After paying $700 for a piece of cloth pooped out by worms I suppose I should feel something because at the end of the day silk is silk unless its been blended with a cheaper material.. That feeling you get from high end high priced luxury item more than likely stems from the work and sacrifice you went through to buy that bauble. Mixed with the impression of wealth youll display to the public . we wont mention that you ride the train to work everyday with the rest of us. LOLWhen a luxury item lowers in price it just means more people can participate. Once upon a time the dishwasher was a luxury item. For some it still is. But you dont need a dishwasher or a silk scarf to survive.