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Do You Think That He Overreacted

Do you think this girl overreacted?

This one girl she is 23.

A guy told her in front of about 6 other man that she should show them her vagina.

Anyway she actually started crying afterwards he said that too her.

I understand if she got embarrassed over the situation.
but I think the crying part was overreacting.

Do you think this was an overreaction?

No.The guy who made fun of your religion was being invasive and rude. It’s religious discrimination. From this viewpoint and scenario, you are very serious about your religion.By this, you can see that he does not understand how religion stands in your life. He thought you would get the joke and laugh with him, but he has learned it the hard way not to mess or even joke with a serious Jew about their religion.

Do you think she is overreacting?

I think the answer about her buying you drugs was a little excitable. I doubt you or her are that naive. The thing is, people don't have to do what you ask them to do. And naturally, why should she break the law for someone else? Everywhere is different, but where I live (NM) they card me, and I'm 53, mostly bald, with grey hair (though I rarely buy tobacco). They can lose their license otherwise. I think it's silly, but it's sillier to get in trouble with cops over some dip.But I will say I find dip gross, well, the spitting part. Maybe she doesn't want to participate in doing something that makes you gross to her?You should ask her, always the best advice. Maybe you reacted too strongly to her saying no, or maybe she's worried she offended you by saying no. Any kind of relationship, you have to learn how to work these things out or at least not just speculate, find out. You don't know unless you ask.

Do you think i over reacted?

My son is 10 and just last night my wife visited her parents in Ireland. I had to make stake, I have to converse it tasted like wood the boy wouldn't eat it we both agreed to get burgers from MacDonald we got it and drove back home. He wouldn't eat the Burger either but instead ice cream I told him not to touch the bloody ice cream but he looked into my face opened the freezer took out the ice cream I was still looking at him hoping he wouldn't disrespect me and take out the ice cream. I was pleading with him not to take it out but he did and took a spoonful I got so bloody angry, took off my glasses slammed it on the table pulled the 10 years old boy my the hands and pushed him to his room. Just stay here, shut up and don't come out till I say so(my words exactly ) after that I felt so horrible so unpleasant and barbaric. Later on I told him to come out he didn't even talk or make a sound and just looked into my eyes my face burned when he looked at me I never laid I finger on him until that day. I feel like I over reacted or did I do a good thing by teaching him not to disrespect?

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL...Do you think Steffy overreacted about Liam kissing Sally?

Yes, way overacting! It was just a little kiss compared to what Bill did..But wonder if she will tell Liam, at least he told her what he did..shame shame shame, Steffy could have stop the sex/love making with Bill, now that Bill has her in his clutches he will keep on bugging or pursuing her and then Liam will find out what's going on and all h*ll will break lose!

Why do women overreact like this?

Another persons question made me recall something once when I was driving. I was sort of even with a pretty lady on the highway so I glanced a few times at her hoping to catch her attention so I could smile at her. I made no other movements or any gestures, just glanced from time to time. As I was turning off the highway, I glanced one more time and she shot me the bird. What the heck was that about? I did not stare at her, could not as I was driving. I made no gestures of any sort. All I did was glance briefly several times. Why did that deserve the obscene gesture?

Do you think this controller overreacted ?

Ok today i was climbing out of a small airport and i contacted Buffalo Departure to get flight following no big deal. About 20min later my instructor told me to ask him to do some touch and goes and KBUF i said ok So this is word for word what me and him said.

Me: Buffalo Approach Diamond N71LV is in the north practice area at 3,500 request touch and go we have Charlie

Him: N71LV stand bye

Me : rodger

Him: N71LV Just for your information when i tell you to stand bye i mean it don't say anything just pretty much shut up until i get back to you

Me: ok sorry about that i am still learning

Him: 1LV that's no excuse your instructor should be telling you what to say anyway proceed direct to buffalo ETC...

Anyways i was really upset i think he overreacted I just wanted to hear what you guys thought. I understand he is really busy but i think it was still uncalled for.

I think he is straying and cheating on me: am I overreacting?!

You could easily ask your beloved and trustworthy husband to permit you to join him in visiting your father-in-law and aunt (after all, they’re now your family), but you can probably expect him to respond that he appreciates the offer but doesn’t want to overwhelm you with the personal burden that he must bear.  You can also ask yourself how his father and aunt could be so ill without you being more involved in what is going on; after all, shouldn’t a loving couple be mutually engaged in caring for family members and doesn’t he ever need your support?  My wife and I have been married for over 28 years and have both been completely involved when the other’s family members were sick, and I know of many couples who operate in a similar manner even if they’re not married.Unfortunately, you’re probably in the midst of the same process that his ex-wife experienced, and instead of being the “elderly father or comatose aunt,” you’re now the wife anxiously awaiting his return and wondering what he’s doing when absent from you.  You’re not paranoid, you know his character and you know he’s cheating.  Unfortunately, you’re now enduring the same pain that you caused his ex-wife.

Heat fans overreacting. Do you think Ray Allen's shot is overrated?

@FutureWNBAPlayer - Maybe the Miami Heat are better of in the WNBA. I bet Britney Griner would be able to dunk on LeBron and LeBron would just have to sit back and take the contact. Miami Heat are the definition of overrated as it is you fans who 'overrate' them like they are the Dream Team and that every player who just gets one moment in the sun is an all-star.