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Do You Think This Law Should Be Put Through Since People Are Old Enough To Choose By The Time They

Would it be a good idea to let children choose their own name?

In my opinion, no. What would you call the baby until it was old enough to choose a name?On the other hand when my daughter was about 4 she would change her name to a different Disney princess every two weeks. She went to a hippy dippy Montessori school (Lane Montessori in Wayne, PA) so they went along and called her by her new name and so did her mother and I…One day we were at the supermarket and she went off to do her thing as I shopped. She’d usually go to the toys or the magazines and entertain herself. When I finished shopping I went down the top of the aisles looking for her but didn’t see her. I went to the other end and walked back, still no daughter. I went back to the top and was getting concerned as I walked down one more time. As I was passing customer service I heard, “This little girl’s name is Pocohontas and she is lost.” I whipped my head around and said, “There you are!!! I was getting worried.”The woman said, “Is her name really Pocahontas? I kept asking what her real name was and she insisted it was Pocohontas.”I said, “It is this week. In a couple of weeks it’ll be something different.”The woman said, “I found her in aisle 10 pretending to read a magazine.”I looked at my daughter a little confused and said, “Why were you pretending to read?”“I wasn’t.” She replied.I looked back at the lady who was explaining that she was standing in the aisle holding a people magazine and said, “Oh, yeah, she can read.”The woman was now flabbergasted at this little girl who read people magazine and changed her own name at 4 years old…As we walked away, I asked why were you reading people magazine and she said there was an interview with Jewel. Do you want me to buy it so you can finish it? Nah, I already knew most of the stuff they talked about anyway…So, I’m ok with kids changing/picking their nicknames but think their official/legal names should be picked for them.

How true is the law of attraction? Is thinking about a person too much, a way of attracting them to you?

The Law of Attraction is a very difficult concept to actually apply unless you have someone whose successfully performed it instruct you on how to do so step by step.If you don’t know what the Law of Attraction is, it just really states that you attract that on which you most focus. The obvious corollary to the Law of Attraction is the advice to focus on the things you want more of in your life – that you should spend more time thinking about what you wish to attract into your life than what you don't like.One of my favorite guides on learning the Law of Attraction is Manifestation Miracle (click to visit the website)Me personally, I used Manifestation Miracle to learn how to master the Law of Attraction and in short it’s simply been amazing. For example, I had a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta. I was always wanting a new car because I was tired of my beat up interior and rusted exterior. I kept on focusing on a Hyundai sonata limited trim and eventually one day my jetta died. I was mad at the time, but in the long run it really paid off. While I was searching for a car, the Elantra model was selling for $18,000 for a 2013 limited model. I was about to buy it . but I kept on seeing Sonata’s so I kept searching. I ended up finding a 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited trim with only 23,000 miles for $13,500. The car was way better, it was what I wanted, and it was cheaper!Not only did that happen, but my relationship problems also got fixed. I was able to leave my boyfriend and find my dream man that really takes care of me and has every single trait and attribute I ever dreamed of in a man.At the office, I wasn’t feeling like I was paid enough so I started focusing on a new executive position at another company. I wasn’t qualified enough, but I kept on reading about the job and picturing myself working at that company. I printed out their logo and taped it to my wall. Guess who got the job even though I wasn’t as qualified as the interviewees? That’s correct, I did.I hope you experience these great things like I did with the Law of Attraction. Really checkout Manifestation Miracle.

To baptize or not in a multi-faith household?

My husband was raised Catholic and I Lutheran. He left the Catholic Church, but remains a non-denominational Christian. I left the Lutheran Church and became Wiccan. Neither one of us practices our religions or goes to any form of worship services. We have our beliefs, but are not religious people.

Our complication is our 4 year old son. My mother in law takes him to Bible class on Sunday mornings so I can work. I do not like this set up, but cannot afford to pay a sitter. My son LOVES church. Because of this, my husband wants him baptized in the Christian faith. He feels our son's love of Church is a sign of a deeper connection to the Christian faith. I think it's just a 4 year old who has fun coloring pictures and singing songs, and has nothing do do with deeper religion.

I am opposed to baptizing our son into any faith. I believe he should choose his path for himself when he is old enough. In general my husband agrees, but not this time. I'm sick of fighting over this. Any ideas on what to do?

Do u think 21 is the right age for legal drinking?

UK is a european country where they dont have as much alcohol drunk driving fatalities as in the US so they are lighter on the age restriction there.But here since so many dumb****s do stupid stuff with driving and alcohol they ruined it for all people under 21.
Now do I think 21 is a good age for setting the restriction absolutely not it does not solve anything it just covers up the problem with a band-aid not a solution at all.
The drinking age should be 18 because when your 18 you are considered an adult in almost all states so why hold them back any more?

Some of them are going to drink anyways so why set a higher restriction when it only elevates the problem and causes young people to hate adults who are past the minimum drinking age more.
And in private house anyone who is under 21 can drink alcohol if the parents allow it.
The law only says people under 21 cant drink in public places or buy beer at a store.

And this is too the guy who suggested we should raise the age to 30 or 28.What makes you think that everyone under 30 or 28 will follow that law they will drink anyways.And the one who said guns should be 21 to buy what makes you think they will follow that law too you just get someone who is well past old enough to buy it for you its so easy and that restriction does not solve anything either its just a stupid band-aid feel good symptom reliever not a solution for anything.Oh and not to mention an infringement on peoples rights and age discrimination too.

I got drunk and had sex with a much older guy, was I raped?

You just said it: "I was all for it at the time". You are responsible for your choices, even when you are drunk. If you had been drunk and passed out, then you wouldn't have been choosing and it would have been rape.
As for the underage argument, that depends on where you live. In many parts of the world the legal age for consent is 16. In some it is 14.
When I was 16 I was old enough to know what I was doing, and they tell me girls are more mature (although I'm not so sure that is your case.) The fact that the guy is a jerk doesn't take away your power of choice. You knew he sleeps around a lot. You knew he was older than he says he is (although I'm not so sure what difference that makes). You were "all for it at the time". You chose to go with him and to get drunk while with him. Take responsibility for your actions.

16 and 17 year olds being put in Foster care?

I understand what you are saying, I don't think it is very fair if they already have a home because teens are usually out with friends anyways. Unless there parents have broken the law or made there teen uncomfortable and they would rather live somewhere else, they should be allowed to stay where they are. Even if their parents were cruel, they shouldn't necessarily have to live in foster care but instead with someone they trust or a friend, at least for some of the time.

I don't know if the foster parents would care quite as much for the 16 or 17 year-old as they would with a young child. I don't think this is because they don't think the teen needs any care, though. I think it's really because there hands are full with smaller children as it is rare to have a lot of high schoolers in a foster home.

I will give this careful thought because it is a deep question and I marked it in my favorites!

Should I do personal injury or criminal law?

I know that I want to go to law school after I get my bachelor's degree. However, I am unsure what specialization I'm going to choose. I really want to help people who've been injured receive the compensation they deserve but at the same time, I also want to help people out who are facing criminal charges to ensure they receive a fair trial. The only part about criminal law is I don't know if I'd be wanting to defend someone whose up for a violent crime such as murder, rape, or child molestation. I would mainly want to defend people who have been arrested for nonviolent offenses. Which specialization should I go with? Which one would be more rewarding, both mentally and monetarily? Thanks!

What would you do if your religious parents wont stop teaching your children about christianity?

Imagine you are not religious but your parents are and so everytime they look after your children or just spend time with them they try to teach them their religious values even though you told them specifically not to. In every other area they are amazing grandparents and also parents but this one thing they wont stop doing. I mean I feel like its just confusing for the children if the parents say and do this but the grandparents say and do that. In the end those are just their grandchildren and they can not over rule the actual parents. What would you do?