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Do You Think This Would Be A Good Book

Do you think the book of revelations would make a good movie?

No.While the technology and special effects could portray the scenes vividly, the part that would fail would be the understanding of WHAT the scenes meant and how they apply to humanity.Even down to this day, you can’t get two clergymen together to agree what the meaning of Revelation, let alone the whole clerical systems to agree.

What book do you think would be a good basis for a new movie?

Donna Tartt's brilliant and suspenseful "The Secret History"

What makes a good book a good book to you?

“Books let you fight dragons, meet the love of your life, travel to faraway lands and laugh alongside friends, all within their pages. They're an escape that brings you home” read this quote few days backCaptivate imagination: a good book should take you to those places which you have never been to. Sitting in India reading a book should make you feel as if you are roaming the streets of Milan.Strong Characters: the characters in the book should be able to build a emotional bonding with the reader. The readers mind should resonate with the character even after the book is completed.Well Crafted: the book should not loose steam in the middle. The narrative should be captivating throughout.Beautiful language: Sentences should sound authentic.Grounded in data : the information provided should have credibility and should be backed with years of research.Should be simple: the book should be simple, but not dumb.

What are some books that you think that would make good movies but haven't?

“Backbiters” by Debra Leea GlasheenBackbiters: Debra Leea Glasheen: 9781940233444: Books"Epocalypse" by Gary AdlerEpocalypse: Inception.: G. Adler: 9781940233383: Books"Dysmorphic Kingdom" by Colleen ChenDysmorphic Kingdom: a fairy tale: Colleen Chen: 9781940233239: Books"The Gonaymne Weapon" by Nigel Anthony Sellars"Confessions of a Gentleman Arachnid" by Michael Coolwood

Is mein kampf a good book to read?

I learned a lot from Mein Kampf. First, it has a lot about politics and really gave me an appreciation for politics that I did not have before. Hitler's descriptions of political incompetence also mirrors what I see in the world today. I learned a lot about history too. Hitler regularly references historical events and past history of Germany and Europe.

Hitler has some challenging ideas in it which do make you think. I do not agree with everything he says and some of it he, himself, later abandoned, but he surely makes you think about world events.

Some here have criticized the writing as hard to understand or rambling, but they were clearly trying to read Manheim's translation which is well known to be a terrible translation. Get the Ford translation if you want a good translation. It also has many historical notes that make Mein Kampf easier to understand. Reading Manheim or Murphy is a waste of time, Manheim's is poorly written and Murphy's is full of errors.

Regarding the peson who said to read Mein Kampf "If you are an anti-Semite" I would say this person has not read the book so is not qualified to comment. Only a small part of it deals with Jews and reading the book has nothing to do with Anti-Semitism, it has to do with education and understanding of politics, people, and history. Remember, the people of Germany did not follow Hitler because he was anti-semitic, they followed him because of what he promised in Mein Kampf for their lives and the country.

Mein Kampf has influenced me to be more politically active. I think it is an excellent book that anyone interested in history or politics or people should read.

Do you think it would be petty if I wrote a book about how high school has impacted my anxiety and depression?

No, that wouldn’t be “petty” at all. Your story is worth telling. Your story, in this case, touches on a topic that isn’t talked about enough. The public knows that high school is hard on kids’ mental health—they just ignore it. Nobody wants to talk about how the school system doesn’t work, because if you talk about it, people will want to change it, and that would just be far too much effort.I mean, nobody is too stupid to see that it’s happening. One of the biggest categories in the humour of Generation Z and younger millennials is jokes about wanting to die. We’ve all seen them. Most of us have probably told them or repeated them. Apparently, wanting to die is just a thing everyone in younger generations experiences, and it’s so omnipresent that we’re all just joking about it like it’s the weather or the latest sports game.Is it normal? Yes. Should it be normal? No. It’s allowed to happen anyway. With all these teenagers and college students joking about wanting to die, surely we don’t have a disproportionate amount of mental health problems, right?The school system is responsible for a lot of these mental health problems, and it needs to be said. Who better to say it than you?Like I said before, your story is worth telling. Somebody needs to say it. A lot of somebodies need to say it before anybody takes it seriously. Speak, and be heard.There’s nothing petty about that.

What are some good books to read, through which we can improve our logical thinking?

There are a number of very interesting and engaging books to help you. Here are some I would recommend:How to Think About Weird Things by Theodore SchickThink:: Why You Should Question Everything by Guy HarrisonThe Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf DobelliSway: The Irrsesistable Pull of Irrational Behavior by Ori BrafmanDon’t Believe Everything You Think by Thomas KidaWhy People Believe Weird Things by Michael ShermerAnd, I’ll thrown in my own: Improve Your Thinking.

Good Book for a first time reader?

Hi, I am 22 years old and was never really interested in reading until now. What do you think that would be a good first book for me to read? What was the best book you ever read? I'm very open minded to any genres. Thanks!

Can a teenager write a good book?

If you're asking whether or not it would be possible for a teenager to write a good book, then the plain and simple answer would be "yes"; however, the chances of a teenager who sets out to write a book actually producing something good are essentially slim to none. Why? Well, because there's just so much that goes into writing. There's skill obviously, then there's style, having one's own voice, there's knowledge and experience and meaning and imagery and about a thousand other elements that need to be combined in just the right way to craft something good. And even authors who have been at it for years, sometimes decades can't get it right. So the likelihood of a teenager who most probably hasn't read as widely as an adult and who hasn't accrued the same amount of knowledge and experience and who hasn't had but a fraction of the time to devote to honing his or her writing prowess writing a good book is far lower. Again, that's not to say it's impossible, but just highly unlikely.