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Does A 2005 Jeep Liberty Just Have 1 Low Tone Horn Or Does It Also Have A High Tone

2005 Jeep Liberty from manual to automatic?

You will need the auto transmission, remove the manual, change the flywheel and possibly the driveshaft, change the radiator type or install an oil cooler, modify the center console to fit the different shifter, and change the computer. You will most likely need to change the wiring to some extent. I think it is do-able and it sounds like you love your vehicle enough just to swap it out. If you are doing this yourself it will be a long time before you hit the street again. Unfortunately I can't help you with estimates as it would take quite a bit of research so I hope you get a response from someone who knows more about this operation. But, I do know an auto transmission runs pretty high at 1500+. That will be the most of your expenses. I know you requested not to hear this, but it will be a heck of a mod. You will also lose a couple MPG because of the auto tranny. Do you really not like the manual transmission? I've always thought they were more fun and give me more control over the vehicle!

I hope this helps a bit. Good luck with whatever decision you make!

2005 Jeep Liberty using oil?

If its not leaking it its burning it its that simple.

Don't let it get 3 quarts low or it will not last long.

Chrysler had serious issues with that 3.7 also it likes to lunch camshafts and valve trains due to lack of maintenance. EG...Not changing the oil on time every time! By that I mean every 3-4 thousand miles is a must for that engine for it to last a long time and no more!!!

The reason is small oil passages and a sub par oiling/passage system, if the oil begins to gum up it immediately begins to plug passages and the ones that go first are the camshaft and valve train passages. This even slight starvation causes excess wear and it can lead to total engine failure, but usually it wears valve guides and oil consumption goes up to the point it may be or will be starting to smoke especially on acceleration.

Yours isn't to that point yet but if you put another 10-20k on it I bet it will be!

I suspect your engine needs rebuilt at least the top end. If it does and you get it done remember change the oil every 3-4 k on it from then on, its VERY important on that engine!!!

2002 Jeep Liberty Speed Sensor 4x4 3.7L?

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The vehicle not being able to get up to speed is likely the result of being in 4-low. You transfer case should have four positions. All the way forward is 2wd pull back to the first detent gets you 4-hi (this change can be done at any speed below about 50) after 4-hi, you will find neutral and last you will find 4-low. Getting into 4-low requires you to be stopped or nearly so to engage without grinding and will only allow a speed of about 35-40 due to gearing in the t-case. For snow and ice, you are going to want to be in 4-hi. The boom you are hearing is because you are waiting too long to put the transfer case back into 2-hi. When driven on pavement in 4wd, the front and rear driveshafts are forced to turn at the same speed, causing the transfer case to bind. That bind is why you can't get out of 4wd and when it finally disengages, you get the boom. The boom is not a good noise. It is literally the driveline violently releasing the pressure that you built up in it by driving in 4wd on a hard surface.

Is a 2005 jeep liberty a good car?

the jeep liberty kind of had a lot of fit and finnish and electrical problems mostly in 2000 to like 2007 with the4 06 being the worst by far And as far as american cars go they do not do high mileage well at all my suggestion is look into the toyota or a nissan and frankly if you dont need a 4x4 please do yourself a favor dont get one you have some expensive extra parts that go along with that which not only cost a ton of money to repair but you lose gas mileage because of them for something your not going to use anyway so dont get a 4x4 if you do not need one.
chrysler which makes jeep now had its own problems I remember the jeep company because I was alive and pounding the crap out of a jeep wagoneer for a while and while the running gear is good and strong they all had electrical gremlins that never went away for here is a link to the website with information about the jeep loberty and here is another website that is larger and may have more information about jeep liberty I was surprised that the jeep liberty had over 500 complaints which goes to show it did have a fair amount of problems at some point.

Jeep Liberty different Drive Modes?

1 - Most of your normal on-road driving.
2 - Only when off-roading where your wheels can be allowed to slip. DO NOT USE on dry pavement, you will get "binding". All in all, it won't necessarily hurt your ride, but you don't want to push it either. Also, do not drive over, I think it is, 45 mph.
3 - Use this in snow/mud/slick rainy conditions.

NOTE: Just because your ride says it's in 4 wheel drive, you are technically in 2 wheel drive - one front, one rear - unless you have limited slip or locking differential(s).
Always remember: Just because you can go quicker doesn't mean you can stop quicker. Also, the faster you go, the faster things break - watch your RPM's if you have a tach.

Have fun, play safe.

2005 Jeep Cherokee loredo 4x4 4 wheel drive question?

Your Jeep has the Quadra-Trac I system which is a full time 4 wheel drive system. It has no levers or buttons. It is what comes standard on the base model Laredo. has the following info:

Quadra-Trac I is designed for Jeep Grand Cherokee owners who want the assurance of full-time all-wheel drive and no switches or levers to pull, the Quadra-Trac I is the right system. The system provides for smooth operation of the vehicle over a variety of road surface conditions. No driver interaction is required.

The NV140 transfer case splits torque 48/52 percent (front/rear) for nearly even distribution of engine power. The single-speed transfer case has been designed to rigorous Jeep durability standards while offering smooth and quiet operation. The use of Brake Traction Control System (BTCS) with the NV140 transfer case makes the 4 x 4 system extremely competent in a variety of situations. The BTC system provides resistance to any wheel that is slipping to allow additional torque transfer to wheels with traction.

Offering a single-speed transfer case attracts a new group of buyers to the Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup and builds on the capable, entry-level, two-wheel drive versions, which currently account for approximately 25 percent of Jeep vehicle sales.

How do you replace a heater core in a 05 jeep liberty?

Hi this task usually ends in the car going to the scrap yard as it is buried deep within the dashboard of the car. hence the issue labour charges are just so high. as the whole for the dash has to come out to get to it. the heater box has to come out in it's entirety.

Jeep Cherokee Won't Unlock or Lock Doors?

About a month ago when I pressed the key fob none of the doors would lock or unlock one night. The lights turned on when I unlocked and the horn beeped when I locked. It was fine by the next morning. Now, it has started again and the problem hasn't corrected itself (didn't expect it to). If you press the unlock/lock buttons inside the jeep it won't work either. I've read that it could be the "general module", a fuse or a faulty actuator. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks for your help!