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Does Anybody Know The Name Of The Petition Or Paperwork I Need To Fill Out In Order To Seek

My wife has an immigrant petition filed for her by her sister. I want to visit US with my family on B2 visa. Should i explain this on form?

I am the one who is filling out the form and providing all the financial documents on my name to prove that i will return after my time in the US. On the DS-160 Application form they ask "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?" what should i answer for that question because my sister in law applied for my wife name and when the time comes technically i will be going with her. But the question has the word "On Your Behalf" in it... I think they could have added on your or your spouse behalf but they didn t so its really confusing what to do here.

I’m getting a divorce. I don’t want my married name or my maiden name. Can I choose a new last name that fits me?

Yes, you can change your name at any time. You usually need to get a court order for a name change other than for marriage. Name changes are usually taken care of in the divorce agreement. If there is a different procedure, your divorce lawyer will let you know whether or not you need a separate court order. It’s not particularly difficult if you do. You fill out the paperwork, (which can often be found online), petition the court, and publish your intent to change your name. You may have to actually show up at an hearing, or the court may just mail you the decree. Once you have the legal papers, remember to change it on your driver’s license, Social Security card, bank accounts, passport, etc, just as you did when you got married.

How does one legally change one's name in the US?

The easiest name change is to use a variation of your given name. Go to the license bureau and tell them you want to change your name on your drivers license Lets say your name is John Quincy Public. Tell the license bureau to put J. Quincy Public on your Drivers license. Then put the name on your utility bills. Then go to social security office and have your social security card changed to J. Quincy Public. Now your name is changed. Simple and effective.Or in the alternative, you can Petition the Court of your residence to change your name to anything. A hearing will be held and you must prove that you have no fraudulent reason to change your name. Under the majority of cases the name change petition will be granted. with A copy of the order you can change all your identification papers as needed!This answer is given for entertainment purposes.

Do I need to request a hearing for a petiton filed in Kitsap District Court in Washington?

When you file the motion in court, you ask for a hearing date. The judge won't decide anything in chambers, they never do. There has to be a hearing, open for all to be heard who are affected by the change. So you bring in all the motion papers, tell them you want want a hearing and they will set one. You also have to make sure all involved parties are notified of the hearing before the hearing is held. Usually the same day as when you file the papers in court. You also have to give a certified copy of your petition to the other party. The court certifies it when you file it. Just ask for conformed copies, one for yourself and one for each of any other involved party.

How do you petition the court without an attorney?

You petition a court as an individual the same way an attorney petitions the court. Unless you are part of a corporation, partnership or other business entity there is no requirement that an individual person have an attorney.My answer holds true for the US  and its various states. We call it  proceeding pro se, Latin for  for yourself.The court may give you some leeway on details but you will be held to the same standards as an attorney.If this is the initial pleading, you must have it in proper form, have the correct number of copies to file with the court along with the fee. There is almost always a fee to start a case.You are responsible for properly serving opposing party. Suits , claims and petitions are often dismissed for failure to properly or timely serve the opponent. The Civil Practice Code and local court rules will tell you how to do that.If the case has already been filed, to file a petition or motion you must have the proper case caption and court number.You title the petition saying what the document is, e.g., Petition to Intervene, Petition to Enforce Foreign Judgement, etc.You draft the basis or facts  and then specifically say what you want the court to do.You must give separate notice to all parties  that you are filing the petition and state when you will present it to the court.You must show up in court at the time and date stated. The opponents may ask for time to respond or you may be required to file a brief in support of your petition with case law and other supporting documentation.You may or may not be allowed to orally argue. That varies by judge.Once the judge has ruled, you must be able to draft the order for the court to sign and know if there is specific  language which is required for teh circumstance.All of these points vary by jurisdiction and occasionally from judge to judge within the same jurisdiction. If you make a mistake on any point you can lose the whole thing either on procedural or substantive grounds.

How do I go about getting a restraining/trespass notice filed against an individual?

Many local courts (county district courts, or Superior Courts) in the USA have Family Court facilitators that can assist you with the paperwork. Also, your county may have a “law library” where the librarian can refer you to what is called a lawyer's practice manual, which will help you file the proper paperwork. At the very least they will have forms for you to construct a petition for a restraining order.At the very least, if similar files for other people are not automatically “sealed”, you may be able to review public court files that would serve as an example for your paperwork.Be prepared to write down compelling reasons why you are afraid for your life or safety so the court might be convinced to restrict the free movement of your opponent/respondent. And be prepared for the angry or offended respondent's potential actions.What I mean by being prepared is that you have purchased an affordable Self Defense article and are prepared and trained or rehearsed to use it. This could be as simple as a can of Mace, a taser gun or preferably small caliber firearm. It is pointless to buy something like that and not to go to a shooting range and have somebody help you train to use it, or at least to do a little practice.And by God, don't be afraid to use it if you are truly threatened with bodily harm. Every person is afforded the right to use lethal force to protect themselves from immediate bodily harm

Name Change? (was I misinformed?)?

I live in North Myrtle Beach (horry county) South carolina. and today i called up the local court and asked if they do name changes. They told me they did not, and gave me the number to the county government office. and i asked them if they did name changes/ carried name change forms. and the lady told me , No, that i have to do it thorugh an attorney.

that doesnt seen correct to me, because tons of people have it as easy as just going down to the court and filing out some papers, name change forms, there self. i was hoping on saving some money and just doing this myself, instead of having to find an attorney and pay alot more.

i was wandering, if this was true. do i really have to do this through an attorney?

and how much would it cost to do this through an attorney??