Does Anyone Know A Good Metal Band Album For Me To Start I

Anyone know any good bands like...?

Nightwish and Within Temptation? I'm into instrumental rock now, and I'd like to find more bands like these. I'd like to know of bands that aren't religious or preachy, but Pagan and the like is okay, but no Satanic stuff or hate speech, I'm not into that crap. It's getting so hard to find good Alternative/metal bands anymore, so I need help. Oh, and please pardon me if anything's mispelled.

Does anyone know a death metal band that has a girl singer, i forget the name of them?

Wow. Those other answers are horrible. Paramore is a pop punk band and Lacuna Coil is gothic metal. They are in NO way even close to being death metal.


Lacuna Coil:

Hear those? Now, do they sound anything remotely like this?

Lacuna Coil is a great band. But not death metal.

Now, you are probably thinking of Arch Enemy.

Does anyone know any good screamocrunk bands?

really awesome british stuff, give it a listen I think you'll really like both, I'm proper into them at the moment.

You tried the Devil Wears Prada?

Do anyone know good bands like Sabaton?

Oh, Sabaton.  These guys are a ball live.  If you get a chance to see them live, DO IT!  I'll second Cristian Montes de Oca in referring Powerwolf and Hammerfall.  Sabaton are a blend of contemporary power metal with some thrash influences, just not as harsh-sounding.  Others you may like to check out: Firewind:  They're traditional, blast-and-solo-driven power metal, so Sabaton but with a more standard power metal approach guitar-wise.  Manowar: If you're interested in an older sound/band.  Check out their early material.  These guys are probably the closest thing to Sabaton's daddy.  They're definitely cheesy and have that simple song structure Sabaton more or less do in every song.  Amon Amarth: This is if you don't mind harsh vocals.  Amon Amarth are essentially a blend of power and melodic death metal, but they're known for being one of (if not THE) most consistent bands in modern metal.  All of their releases are identical, but they're just different enough to be distinguishable, and it helps make looking forward to and ultimately enjoying a new album by them that much easier.  They've got a new album coming out March 25 (Jomsviking).Overkill: Leaning more towards the thrash metal realm here.  Overkill are another band that I recently saw live, and they've got that rousing, concert feel.  Recent albums like Ironbound are perfect examples of modern thrash metal done right.  That'd be a great album to start with if you prefer the way modern metal sounds.  But if you're open, start with their debut, Feel the Fire.  They've got a pretty hefty discography, so if you enjoy them, it'll be a great journey.  Iced Earth: More structurally adventurous (and serious) than Sabaton, but it's hard to  mention power metal and iconic anthems without mentioning Iced Earth.  Their recent albums have mostly been duds, but the pre-Tim "Ripper" Owens albums are safe bets (The Glorious Burden is still good though).  If you want to start with something more similar to Sabaton, I'd actually go backwards in their catalogue; start with Horror Show, then Something Wicked This Way Comes and then Burnt Offerings.

Does anybody know The name of this band?

Protest the Hero did a song called "Heretics & Killers" where it starts with a newspaper clipping I think...saying something about the witch being dead. And then the rest of the video the band members are dressed up like the flying monkeys. They are looking for jobs and keep failing and getting kicked out and stuff. Hope that's it! : )

Does anyone know what type of font does the death metal rock band "AMON AMARTH" use in their album name?

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I like Cinderella and I love the entire Long Cold Winter album. I also like Quiet Riot and thier song *** On Feel The Noize. Plenty of good hair bands, nothing wrong with liking some of the music either. I just wouldn't go around dressed like them.

What is the best heavy metal album?

My personal all-time best heavy album would be Blizzard of Ozz by Ozzy Osbourne.  To me, this first ever solo Ozzy record was also his best. Ozzy's songwriting was at his peak, where he addressed diverse themes in his lyrics such as Cold War and fear of destruction in Crazy Train, apocalypse in Revelation (Mother Earth), and the occult and mystical in Mr. Crowley. What particularly stood out, however, was Randy Rhoads' guitar playing; his solos and riffs in this album were absolutely memorable, cementing him as one of the greatest and most influential heavy metal guitar players of not just his era but also throughout the genre's history.  Honorable mentions would include: ... And Justice For All (Metallica)Cowboys From Hell (Pantera)Diary Of A Madman (Ozzy Osbourne)Master Of Puppets (Metallica) Reign In Blood (Slayer) - I am not a fan of the band's extremely chaotic style, but admittedly this album is really goodRust In Peace (Megadeth) Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

What are some good metal or rock concept albums?

COMING HOME  is rock song, which my favorite song.Convert youtube to mp3 Soundcloud convert this if you want it.I wake up in the morning so far away from home, trying to make it through the day. Many miles are between us, I'm sending my love from this payphone. Through the storms we've wandered, many mountains we have climbed but all the bad times are behind.The road is free - I'm coming Home.Without you I am like a ship without it's sails, calling the wind to save me. I'd climb the highest mountain, I'd cross the seven seas just to see your smile again. All the trust that was built along the years is coming back to stay I know.Just look ahead the road is free - I'm coming Home.With every step I'm closer to home, when I'm back you won't be alone. Soon I'll see the familiar door before my eyes and youthe other songs:1.Quadrophenia2.The Wall3.The Lamb Dies Down On Broadway4. Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)

How do you start a band?

Take it from someone who's been playing in bands for 20 years, forming a band from the ground up is A LOT more difficult than you may think.
-First you need to get the musicians together that you want for the particular type of music you want to play.
-Then you get to deal with the inevitable personality conflicts that will soon follow.
-Band mates are going to quit or get fired for various reasons and you'll have to replace them.
-Eventually you might get a solid, committed line-up.
-During the formation phase, be writing or if it's going to be a cover band (you play other people's music) be working on song selection.
-Find a place to practice.
-Practice, practice, practice...
-Assess whether or not you're any good and whether anyone actually wants to hear what you're playing.
-If you think you're good, get someone else's unbiased opinion too.
-Try to book gigs.
-Maybe you'll reap the rewards of musical success, but the odds are stacked against you.

Somewhere in all that you can worry about a band name.

Don't get me wrong, if you're willing to put in the effort needed to get a band together, it's a blast. Getting up on a stage and performing for an audience is a wonderful experience and worth all the headaches.

Best of luck to you!

I want to try thrash metal, where should I start?

A lot of people will say to start with Metallica. I’d personally recommend against this. Metallica is generally garbage. It is very generic, easily digestible Metal that appeals to people who shop at Hot Topic, Hipsters, and people who don’t listen to Metal. That is not universally true, but I have met more than a few people who state “I don’t like Heavy Metal, but I like Metallica”. However, they do have a few catchy tunes. Nothing amazing, but catchy.Hit the Lights is alright. Nothing great, but ok.In my opinion, For Whom the Bell Tolls is the best Metallica song. It is probably their only song that I can say I enjoy on more than a passing level.I personally feel Venom is the best place to start with Thrash Metal. Sure, they are known for originating the term Black Metal, which is personally my favorite style of Heavy Metal, but Venom was playing Thrash Metal in 1981, two years before Metallica put out Kill Em All. Without Venom, there would be no Thrash Metal, and, arguably, Black and Death Metal. I’d personally recommend these nefarious gems.Start at the 1:50 mark.After having a taste of Venom, I’d recommend moving on to Slayer. I’d argue against Slayer being thrown in the Thrash camp. To me, like Venom, they were very different from Metallica, Megadeth, Death Angel, Anthrax, and all those groups. They were much more intense and dark. Nevertheless, people throw them into the Thrash camp. So I’ll recommend what I consider a few of their best songs.I’d next recommend Bathory. One could argue that Bathory is not Thrash. I’d wholeheartedly agree. Bathory is first and foremost Black Metal. Although Venom coined the term, Bathory were the first to play what we recognize today as Black Metal. However, they didn’t really play full on Black Metal until their third album. Their first two albums were Thrash in the style of Slayer, although much darker, and the vocals were definitely Black Metal vocals, not Thrash vocals. So, I guess you could consider early Bathory Blackened Thrash.Sodom is really good too. They are considered part of the big four of Teutonic (German) Thrash, although, like Slayer and Bathory, I personally feel their sound, aesthetic, and lyrics influenced and paved the way for Black Metal far more than influencing Thrash Metal in any way.Cruel Force is relatively new. I can’t recommend them enough. They are fucking great. Having said that, they are still Blackened Thrash.Those are my recommendations. Take them or leave them.