Does Anyone Know The Release Date Of The Disney Infinity Girl Power Pack

Is Thor the strongest Avenger after the Infinity War?

Spoilers (duh!) (copyright Cinema Sins)Let’s see.Mother was killed by a dark elf transformed into a Kursed.Saw his brother die in front of him twice. First time was falling into the abyss of space, second after he’d just saved Thor’s life and avenged their mother. Thor believed he’d died both times. Said brother goes on to betray him countless times.Jane Foster dumps him.Saw his brother (indirectly) kill his father, by stealing his throne and draining him of his energy.Saw his sister destroy his most treasured possession.His sister attempted to kill both his brother and himself.Found out that his sister killed his 3 greatest friends (the Warriors Three).Found out his sister had massacred a massive proportion of his race.Lost his luscious lochs.Had his eye cut out by his sister.Forced to awaken Surtur to destroy his home. Surtur does this and kills his sister. I reckon Thor would have felt a small amount of empathy for Hela, he can relate to her being over-ambitious, provocatively killing those for a higher purpose; Jotunheim vs Asgardian Throne Room. He already has one evil sibling who he forgives countless times.Was attacked by Thanos and the Black Order who massacres half of the last fragment of his people.Best friend Heimdall stabbed in front of him whilst he was powerless to do anything.Brother choked to death in same conditions as 13.Despite the above Thor never gives up. He is willing to sacrifice himself to obtain a weapon to kill Thanos. He arrives in one of the best scenes in Infinity War, saving most of his friends. He proceeds to trump the Outriders and the Black Order.He comes so extremely painfully close to killing Thanos, attacking him despite having all 6 Infinity Stones on his gauntlet.Thanos had previously trumped with one punch on every Avenger he has come up against with 5 infinity stones (except Scarlett Witch). Thor nearly kills him whilst he has 6. He is certainly the most powerful and one of the best Avengers as he doesn’t give up. He is also (intentionally or not) hilarious throughout the film. Chris Hemsworth’ acting is certainly to be commended.“What more could I lose?”

Why did Pepper Potts get rid of the powers she got from the Extremis Virus in Iron Man 3?

Well, lets start with the minor detail that Extremis in Iron Man 3 was quite different from Extremis in the Comics.Pepper Potts didn't want power, she liked her job.  Aldrich Killian subjected her to the Extremis virus, she didn't seek it.She allowed Tony Stark to find a way to remove Extremis from her because it was dangerous to her, and to everyone around her that she cared about.

What are some differences between Marvel and DC?

Marvel films:Most of the characters are not so supernatural and have only a little elements of fantasy in them.And the films are interesting and have the touch of comedy along with the necessary action and seriousness.DC films :Many famous characters have alot of elements of fantasy and only a few are normal human beings.Lately the films have been really dark and not so inviting to watch hence there has been a disliking for DCEU by many people but I hope it changes by the looks of these awesome trailers :Conclusion:The MCU has been killing it with amazing movies like Avengers: Infinity war, Iron Man, Captain America: Civil War etc.I believe that DCEU will also be awesome in the upcoming movies, the new trailers are promising.

What will happen now Captain Marvel's feminism has not been well received?

Do you mean Captain Marvel’s, or Brie Larson’s feminism? Because while Larson’s views on intersectional feminism sometimes rub me the wrong way, even though I like her as an actress, Carol Danvers herself wasn’t the rhetoric spewing man-hate monger that people seem to think.I saw the movie this weekend. Sure, there were the at this point obligatory scenes of people telling young Carol that she wasn’t good enough because she was a girl. But frankly, considering that the character was probably born in the mid 60s, a tomboy, and joined the USAF, it wasn’t out of place, nor did the movie harp on it. Furthermore, there were plenty of other guys who took her at face value. Fury, Coulson, Yon-Rogg, Talos, Korath, etc, didn’t care about her sex. And of those that took issue with her, it was because of who she was, not her plumbing.[Minor Spoiler] Besides, man or woman, the “only human” scene near the end really resonated with me. For her, it was standing up again after people told her she wasn’t good enough because she was a girl. For me, I’ve been there too, face in the mud, because I was a nerd, or weird, or whatever, and I got back up too.That scene wasn’t about patriarchy-fighting girl-power rawr! It was about overcoming that which stands against you. It was about getting the fuck back up. That scene should hold great power for everyone. It should resonate with anybody who stood up and overcame whatever was knocking them down. Or even anybody who wanted to, but didn’t. It should appeal to anybody who likes “I get knocked down” by Chumbawamba.I get knocked downBut I get up againYou're never gonna keep me downSure, Brie said some things that were either insensitive to half her audience, or just poorly phrased, depending on your perspective and if you heard the later interview, but that doesn’t detract from the awesomeness of the movie. Carol Danvers is a great character. She’s a kickass USAF test-pilot who pulled off some Chuck Yeager shit before going a little bit John Crichton, and all that as a prelude to saving Earth and some nominally friendly aliens.Besides, numbers don’t lie. Captain Marvel was well received, whatever you may think of Carol Danvers or Brie Larson.I’m really looking forward to seeing what she and the others get up to in Endgame.Original question-What will happen now Captain Marvel's feminism has not been well received?