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Does Anyone Know What It

Does anyone know what is wrong with my gums?

Looks pretty good to me.

A tooth socket might take up to three months to fill with bone after an extraction. I would imagine that you'll have less of a problem with getting food stuck after that.

Does anyone know what life is?

Life is a sea of thoughts.Did you know that you have 60K -80K thoughts in a day?We spend most of the time in thinking, traveling into our own thought.Once paul o.neil said :when we wake up ,we had a thoughtthen that thought became an emotionthen that action turned into words ,the words fuelled actionsThat actions became a habit ,and our habit are our characterour character is defines our destinyToday,thereforeI will think about my thought a little more.This is what we do in our life.we only think..More and more !! And then we travel into our thought.Sidhe sabdo me kahe toजीवन एक विचार है और उस विचार में खोना जिंदगी !!

Does anyone know what this is? Photo!?

Snap gun - electric lock pick tool.

Does anyone REALLY know what they are doing?

A2A: I read a book once that contained interviews with several Nobel laureates. I'm sorry that I don't remember the author or title. I would like to find it again. A recurring theme was a feeling of inadequacy and fraudulence. They felt as if they had cheated, guilty that their understanding of their field was less than that of their colleagues or peers. They tended to underrate themselves and overrate their peers.When I was little I thought the adults and older kids knew the answers to my questions. I was waiting for my vocabulary to grow sufficiently to allow me to ask the questions. What is this place? How did it get here? What am I?Nobody knows anything.Everybody knows a little bit. The more they know, the more they realize how much they don't know, even about their own field. Together, slowly, we seem to make progress, though every now and then we discover that we've all gone off on a tangent of misunderstanding and negative progress. Even Einstein had shortcomings of understanding. If he didn't "get it", then who does?

Does anyone really know what to do with their lives?

All my life ,people have been telling me I do things wrong .sometime i feels that i'm the most fuckedup person on this planet.But when i look around and I see  everybody else is infinitely more fucked up than i'm. then i say to myself 'you are doing god man'Before taking any decision or action  in my life i always ask to myself 'is that what you want or is that what people expect of you ?Why everybody is not on beach ?  because They are so wrapped up in their own insecurities .

Does anyone know what this seaweed is called?

My mom loves this weird seaweed, she found it in a chinese restaurant, it smells and tastes horrible, has a vineger smell, if anyone knows what its called I would be very thankful and so would my mom.

Does anyone know what this product is used for?

Chemists Age 10 and Older Will Enjoy Exploration III. It's a Chemistry Kit for the New Millennium from Skilcraft
The kit and experiments included within the manual were developed by educators.
This chemistry kit includes experiments, such as
-Making Bouncing Polymer Balls, Making Polymer Putty, Making Glow-
in-the-Dark Slime, Making Invisible Ink, Growing Crystals and
Stalactites, Growing an Expandosaur, Turn Bones to Rubber.
The following chemicals are included
-Borax, Cobalt Chloride Mixture, Ferric Ammonium Sulfate, Citric
Acid, Sodium Carbonate, Polyvinyl Alcohol Adhesives, Sodium
Sulfate, Sodium Ferrocyanide, Blue Pigment, Copper Sulfate, Lime
Water Solution, Ammonium Chloride, Universal Indicator Solution.
2% Luminol and 98% Sodium Carbonate, 50% Luminescent Zinc Sulfide
and 50% Corn Starch, Sodium Thiosulfate, Potassium Iodide, Iron
Fillings, Phenolphthalein Solution.
Your highly detailed instruction manual also includes the Periodic Table of Elements.
There are 3 sections within the manual
-Physical Change, Chemical Change, Polymer.
Each section contains several activities, for a total of 48.
Chemical rack will stand vertical or lay flat while holding bottles.