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Does Anyone Know What Type Of Phone Bill Marks The Protagonist Has On The Movie Non Stop

Does anyone know 1500 words relating to anything about homestar runner?

Hi peoples, I need at least 1500 words relating to anything about homestar. I need it to create a new wordlist for ISketch on If you can't think of 1500 think of as many as you can think of. Please have one per line.

king of town
etc etc.....

It can be about anything. like characters or things relating to the characters. Please, i am very greatful.

Why did Star Wars not make Mark Hamill a giant star? Why did he do so little film work in the ’80s and ’90s?

A combination of things I think. He’s a FANTASTIC actor and has a huge fan base, to the point where plenty of people watch terrible movies (see “Slipstream”) for the mere minutes of awesome where is in them and has spoken dialog.He’s not type-cast and does not have limited acting range (that would be Harrison Ford, would always plays himself and literally everyone ONLY thinks of as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, nothing wrong with that).Harrison Ford has stated repeatedly that he hated Star Wars and was far more excited to begin his acting career. That’s all he ever cared about and you can see it on his face when he introduced the new Star Wars attractions at Disney (his plain hatred for Star Wars is obvious).Mark Hamill IS huge comic nerd and it’s obvious because he literally made “Comic Book:The Movie”. If he had been offered some great comic book roles (if 2008 had happened in the 1980’s and he’s been offered some Marvel roles) he’d be the person you remember instead of plenty of the Marvel stars you do now.And lastly, he has a HUGE career as a voice actor (which in the opinion of everyone on the other side of the world requires far more skill than being a “real” actor). He is the Fire Lord from Avatar:The Last Airbender, The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, Christopher Blair in Wing Commander (the animated series, the live action video games III, IV, and Prophecy), the Hobgoblin in the Animated Spider-Man (which is far better than ANY of the movies), and yeah, on top of all that he’s frickin’ Luke Skywalker.I’ve never liked Harrison Ford and don’t think much of his acting (the one movie I liked that he’s in is Regarding Henry), but from what I understand he’s a generous person who treats people fair so more power to him.But Mark Hamill plays Luke Skywalker, who is my all-time hero, so there’s no one who could ever fill his shoes. :)

Homework Help..Stereotypes!?

typically nerdy,smart, plays violin/piano, has no social life, stays on computer whole day

Why does my husband use incognito mode in his browser?

The most obvious answer is that he's looking at porn, but there are other reasons to use it. I do it if I'm searching for something I don't really in my browsing history, like how long does it take a person to drown or symptoms of x poison or how strong do you have to be to dismember a body. (I'm a writer. What can I say?) I've also heard that if you're searching for travel prices, you should ALWAYS use private browsing. What I heard (and I'm not sure if it's true) is that if you don't buy the tickets right away, with some travel companies, they use a cookie to track that you've done a search before and when you return, the prices on those tickets go UP. They will continue to go up until you, in a panic over rising prices, buy. Also, sometimes, if I'm shopping, I find it really disconcerting if the items I was just browsing suddenly show up in adverts at every site I go to. I really find that invasive, especially if it's something personal like underwear or the like. I can be a bit of a hypochondriac too, so sometimes I'll search for embarrassing things like the symptoms of some rare form of cancer just to see if I have it. (Yes, I know it's irrational, which is why I do private browsing when I do these things.) There are lots of things that he might not want you to know about that are quite innocent. Or, he could be watching porn.

Why do we have so many movies where the main character dies, and wakes up the next day to relive the day all over again?

Ever played a video game? People enjoy the possibility of chance and skill coming together. We like the experience of being able to face a challenge until we accomplish it. It’s why we practice an instrument before a performance, or a dance, or a sport. In “time loop” movies, we empathize with the main character, putting ourselves in their position, and challenging ourselves to survive along with them. What would we do differently? Would we succeed where they failed? How many “days” would it have taken for us to figure out the puzzle?The concept puts an experience before us that gives us a thrill, the illusion of risk without risk. Notice that those movies always have some form of conclusion. The main character gets enough tries until they give up, they fail to advance their story, they succeed. They don’t just run out of “days,” sometimes they even go on for eternity trapped in their time loop.The brilliant versions of these movies have many twists, new additions, connected clues that keep the audience engaged with the puzzle. They also have fully developed main characters. You would think that this would alienated the audience by removing the blank “every man” protagonist, but in fact I would suggest the opposite. A flawed, skilled, layered protagonist is just like us, the audience. We are not cardboard people. We each approach a challenge in a different way coming with our different experiences. We recognize this in a developed protagonist. We enjoy watching their struggles and successes. Just like we watch our avatar in a video game.