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Does Anyone Remember This Old Computer Game From The Early 2000


I cannot for the LOVE OF GOD remember this old computer game from when I was in Elementary school in the late 90's to early 2000's. Whenever we were given free time in the classroom, EVERYONE would rush to the old Desktop PC's in order to get first serve at playing. It was a 3D designed game where you were this insect (I cant remember if you were a beetle, an ant, (maybe it was a turtle?) idk. I think it was an insect though, and you had to make your way (I believed you rolled, like the insect could roll around REALLY fast) through the grass (or outside area, where ever you started at) and try to find the different colored keys to unlock the next gate to go to the next level. Thats all I can remember really, maybe it had some sort of educational value since it was in school? But I dont remember any (thats why we all wanted to play it instead of the other games lol). Well, please if you have ANY idea of what it was let me know! Thanks!

I can't remember this old girl's cooking computer game (late 1990's- early 2000's?)?

I can't find any reference to a box set with those games, could it be "Easy-Bake Kitchen CD-ROM Playset" - ?

If not, there's a big list of Hasbro pc games here which includes both of the ones you listed, so hopefully the game you're looking for might be there too -

Anyone remember this old computer game from the 90's?


I made a similar question a few days ago and I got little help. I had to find the game myself as I wanted to find an old game as well.

I found myself the game after reviewing game after game of the same genere (in my case it was a space strategy game from the early 90's).

I include below a link to the Houme of the Underdogs, which imo is a very cool site devoted to all those forgotten games that gave us so much joy in the past.

Does anyone remember an old late 90s/early 2000s PC hunting game?

I'm trying to find this game I played as a kid. You would start off in a hunting lodge, and before you could hunt you had to go through hunter safety courses and learn how to hunt responsibly. In the lodge there was a kitchen with an old woman. Whenever you would bag game you could go to her as she would give you a recipe on how to cook whatever you had shot in the game. You also had to follow regulations and if you didn't you would be fined and arrested by the game wardens. Has anyone else played this game?

Old computer game, probably from late 90's to early 2000's?

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Old children's computer games?

If you are trying to get rid of them:
You could pawn them at a Pawn Shop for money.
Donate them to a Charity or Orphanage.
Sell them on Ebay/Craig's List.
Give them to a friend or family member.
Put an Ad in the Pennysaver.

They might work on newer computers, as long as the computer meets the game requirements.

Lord yes!  I found it.  It's called "Bug Brain."'s less about "binary logic" and more about simulating neural activity, but IIRC from playing the game, most of the levels reduce to discrete cutoffs, e.g., "If the shadow at this point is > 0.6, do X, else do Y."The sensors send in continuously varying signals, though.

Not sure what game you’re talking about, but you might find answers on this page:Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

Does anyone know this old game? Promise 10 points for the right answer?

I believe I played it on a Mac but I'm pretty sure it was available for PC too. Probably played it in late 90's early 2000's. I think it was a game by Interplay

The graphics are very simple. It begins with you in a raised cage with another creature. If you make the cage swing back and forth the rope holding the cage will snap and you can escape. After that the creature that was a prisoner too is your ally. The rest of the game involved shooting, jumping puzzles, swimming.... with you trying to escape

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