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Does Anywhere Sell Kids Fresh Tops

What are the best sites for online clothes shopping in India?

Hi! I’ve always been a fan of shopping for clothes online. i find it to be extremely convenient and hassle free! I’ve shopped from many online stores, recently i found out from a friend about a website called SeenIt! It’s basically a popular fashion Q&A app that helps fashion enthusiasts track down the things they love. This positive community consists of stylists, bloggers and anyone who loves individual style.You can post pictures of outfits that you want to buy, and they will lead you right to it! You can also find out where to buy all the latest trendy clothes that all the celebrities are wearing! Adding images of some of my recent purchases from Seenit! :)SeenItSeenItSeenItSeenItHope this helps :)

What are the kids like in LA and especially in Beverly Hills?

We're going on vacation there this summer and I'm wondering.

How do they dress? Are they nice?

Does everything in Beverly Hills cost a fortune? Are all the restaurants and stores there super expensive? Do you have to look nice to go shopping there?

I really want to eat there and buy something. Please tell me places that aren't too pricey.

By kids I mean teenagers, not little kids. ok, thanks.

What's the difference between fresh milk and full cream milk?

Contenwise, both got no difference. The homogenization makes them different.
The fresh milk is non-homogenised and has a tendency to separate into a high-fat cream layer on top of a larger, low-fat milk layer.The fat globules rise to the top of a container of milk because fat is lighter than water. The separation of the cream from the milk can be prevented by the process of homogenization.
Full cream milk is homogenized-techniques involve first removing all of the butterfat, and then adding back the appropriate amount. It has the full milk fat content which is generally seen as less healthy and tastes blander but feels creamier in the mouth than unhomogenized; it is whiter and more resistant to developing off flavors.

#TT What are your top tips for saving money?

Since yesterday our Word of the Day (#WOTD) was Money, it only makes sense that we ask this question for Top Tips Friday. So share your advice!