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Does Everyone Have A Deep Horrifying Secret In Their Childhood

A creepy recurring house dream, meaning?

I have recurring dreams about being in large, creepy, foreign houses. Usually i'm actually living in these, like i just moved in or i've only recently discovered that something is just 'wrong' about the house.
Generally they're mansion size, but looking old and not with many large rooms. Every dream has small rooms, tons of'em, with lots of winding hallways. The house (different in dreams from the outside or location) always is so big with so many rooms that many rooms are within other rooms and don't have windows and i can get lost running around.
Sometimes the houses seem normal till i go into the basement and find a door i've never gone through or a wall that has a secret room behind it. If i go in (always do) i find more stairs leading to several more basement levels where each floor becomes less refined. One of the creepier 'styles' has the basements going down several floors to where the furnishings aren't complete, like under construction, the ground is dirt, ect....
Lastly, regardless of what floor or where, the houses always have an ''old'' feeling and look to them. There's always poor lighting, or no lighting, and often i feel like i'm being watched or followed, though i'm never panicking in the dream.
Lastly, i often feel like i have to figure out if something is actually wrong with the house, and/or i'm stuck inside and can't get out. Most often i feel like i just have to keep exploring the new creepy rooms or floors or basements i'm finding.

Yup.... not really nightmarish, but very unsettling, some bordering on nightmares (if i enter a long hallway and i see something skitter away into another hallway or room at the edge of the light/or if im in the 'basement' versions where generally i run into windows that i can't see what's on the other side but i feel like someone is watching me).
If anyone has any interpretations to these dreams that would be helpful. Preferably on the more 'professional' side but personal views are fine too. thanx.

Whats your deepest darkest secret?

u dont know me so might as well. mine is that ive..masterbated b4. eyagh...but lol when i was small i thought it was going 2 kill me so i was all freaked out. lol.