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Does It Look Alright For A Guy To Wear Sandals With Jeans Or Other Types Of Pants

Guys, does wearing sandals with jeans tend to turn you on?

I think it could look nice as a style.
I could imagine people wearing jeans with sandals under them and that looks good. (partly because I associate this style with beautiful women with a sence of fashion)

I would not get aroused by my own clothes, even rarely by another's. sorry.

But if this makes you feel good, by all means, wear those sandals man, turn yourself on :-P .

Does wearing sandals with my jeans make me gay?

There's nothing wrong with guys wearing sandals at night at clubs. Me personally, I don't see it as gay, I see it as sort of dorky on some guys like wearing sunglasses at night. If a girl can wear sandals at night without being called a lesbo how come guys can't wear sandals at night. The same goes for girls and boys clothing! Of coarse the only guy I know that wears BOTH sunglasses and sandals at night is my P.E instructor...and he's into guys...but that's not the point. He wears them cause he's really dorky...not saying you're dorky, but it just doesn't work out for all guys, especially not on my instructor...

Does it look alright to wear sandals without painting your toenails?

I think you would look fine without putting em on, especially since it's summer.
Getting your nails/toes done will damage your skin because of the paint & the smell can give you cancer. Not so sure about cancer thing, but it will damage your body if you or your friend keep doing that.

Besides, if you hate putting it on. You don't need to put em on. You also don't need friends who always care about their looks. As long as you have fun & confident without your toenails painted. That's even better.

Does it look alright for a guy to wear Sandals like these going out?

It will look okay, I see people wear sandals like that now and then.

Is it alright for a guy to wear skintight jeans?

Well, I personally don't like the tight jeans on guys 99% of the time... unless they have a really great bod (lol, jk)... I don't like the tight pants on guys (it looks gay)!!! But you wear whatever you wanna wear, but only skaters wear tight jeans (and girls that have nice bodies) If u r a GROWN MAN, then I would say "ewww look at that guy!!! that looks like it hurts his man parts!!!" Skater= fine, Grown Man= :-/

Is it okay for a guy to wear skinny jeans? (I'm straight)?

Skinny jeans are fine especially if you're going for the "smart look". I personally love the look and one of my favorite things to well in moderately cool weather are desert boots, skinny jeans (fairly tight), oxford shirt wear the collar buttons down and a cotton or maybe a wool or cashmere sweater that's soft right over. I sometimes wear the look replacing the sweater with a cardigan. If you want to look good wearing skinny jeans, everything else needs to be slim, well fitting, and with a sophisticated edge. Preferably with a European approach to it. Hope you wear them!

P.S: I'm not Gay, ive been with my girlfriend for almost two years! And anyone who thinks clothes are tied to someone's sexual orientation is seriously ignorant. Please excuse grammatical errors, I types this pretty fast and without revision! :)

Is it alright for a boy to wear these boots?

QUESTION: Is it right for a boy to wear this boots? Question was accompanied by a from-the-waist-down picture of skinny legs in tights, standing in a pair of knee-high medium-light-brown suede boots with decorative strap near the top, and with what appeared to be low platform soles in a beige or cream colour (possibly crepe-rubber). ANSWER: There is no "right" or "wrong" per se, if the clothing suits the purpose for which it was intended. Depending upon his age, the "boy" wearing the indicated boots would most likely elicit one of two/three reactions from observers: a) If he's in his teens or later, then the assumption would be that he is gay, or at least flamboyant with a slippery gender-identity. Not inherently a problem, but he would need to be prepared to deal with reaction from haters. b) If he's younger, then the assumption would be that "his mommy dresses him funny" (which would also go along with tights instead of pants, as shown in the picture) or he "borrowed" his sister's boots. . . And tights/leggings. c) Similar to "b)", but the boy is from a refugee or recent-immigrant family, and they are not yet accustomed to fashion norms in North America or Europe, or they needed to protect his feet from unaccustomed winter, and these were the right size among donated clothing items.

Is it allright to wear grey sneakers with black jeans and black blazers?

Have a look !..End NoteSo, the blazer and jeans combination is achievable, and you can go for a few different looks as well, whether it’s touching on formality, or going a little further than that. Keeping the colors complimentary is always important, as is the fit of both the jeans and the blazer, but you have more freedom to experiment with combinations than you might have originally thought.Go for raw denim if you can as this gives a more textured sturdy design that works better with the formal look of the blazer, and make sure your shoes compliment your leg wear as much as your jacket. Other than go experimental with your look and see what styles you can come up with.

Can you wear dress shoes with Jeans?

you can but they will look funny with any jeans that aren't dark wash. you also should stay away from t-shirts or any shirts that are to casual or really really dressy

Jeans or Khaki's on guys? Which looks best?

This Site Might Help You.

Jeans or Khaki's on guys? Which looks best?
I used to wear khaki's all the time, but I wore jeans not to long ago and a lot of people said I looked really, really good in them. But I like khaki's so much more becuase I find them more comfortable! Does anyone have any advice what I should go with?