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Does Sheetz Accept Personal Checks For Gas

Does Walmart accept personal checks?

Walmart accepts personal checks as payment for products, with a valid ID (photo ID, issued by state or federal government. May be a driver’s license, state ID, tribal ID, military ID, US passport, immigration ID) You can write the check for up to $20 over the purchase amount. The first time you use a personal check, the cashier will need your ID and phone number. This gets entered into the system. Future purchases will may not trigger a request for your ID, as the system will already have captured your checking account information. It will require your signature on the pin pad. Periodically the system will prompt for a renewal of your check cashing, which will require the information form your ID being entered into the system again.Walmart will cash 2 party personal checks, for amounts up to $200, for a $6 fee. The check cannot be made out to “Cash”. The check cannot be made out to the account holder. The check cannot be a pre-check. It still has the same ID and other requirements for cashing any other check.

What stores cash personal checks?

Supermarkets in USA still seem to grandfather the procedure from days long past.   If you are ever caught standing behind someone that wants to do this you wonder why they don't just tell people to get a debit card already.  They have to take photo ID and it seems the clerk is required to write an essay on the back of the check.   They rely on vendor like Chex Systems to merely keep records on who writes bad checks on NSF or closed accounts.  I expect that most Supermarkets have POS whereby they no longer need to take checks to bank anyway.Personal Checks on the rise in Car Dealers again using the same immediate scanning technology.   No need to risk loss of sale asking customer to return at some later date with Bank Official Check after signing sales agreement.  Easier to cross-sell you on their finance deal and overpriced warranty if you have no time to think about it.  I recall aggressive dealers in the past trying to convince me to use credit card  to fund $5000-10,000 down payment because they would not take personal check just so I can leave with keys in hand.

Do gas stations accept personal checks?

Not usually. Unless it's a small neighborhood place where the owner knows everyone and trust certain individuals.Where I live, there's a guy who knows what you want without either of us uttering a word.(he sells a few other things too). He knows us and trusts 'some' of us, and he will let us write checks if we have to. Big chains won't. They couldn't care less if you can't purchase gas. If they did, there wouldn't anything known as gouging.

Where can I pay with a personal check and get cash back.?

It used to be standard practice at supermarkets that you could pay for your groceries with a check for an extra $20 or so over the amount of the purchase. It’s understandable that this service would have declined with debit cards largely being substituted for checks.If for some reason you don’t want to use a debit card, there are at least some supermarkets still providing this service. Most of the supermarket’s web sites aren’t clear about this online, they’ll often offer a separate fee-based check cashing service, but I don’t interpret this to mean that they don’t accept checks as payment, and if they do accept payment my check, my guess is that they also allow some nominal amount of cash back. (Shop-Rite is an example of a store that has its policy online. Note that they require you to apply for a check cashing card.)

Can i use a personal check to buy a pack of cigarettes at Wawa?

the question speaks for itself. I'm broke until tomorrow. I want cigarettes now. Can I write them a check or will they not take it?

(For non-east-coasters, Wawa is similar to a 7-11 or Sheetz or something. it's like a convenience store/gas station with really awesome sandwiches)