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Does This Best Answer Show That Left Wingers Intend To Harm Anyone Who Makes More Than Minimum Wage

As a left winger, can you explain me the "human greed" argument that I hear when talking about economics?

Most of people naturally want to become richer, either to solve their own problems or just for the heck of it. Strength of the urge varies but it is there. One of the standard ways to get richer is to sell something other people want to buy. This means that you need to offer something useful, so that other people agree to pay you. The more useful is this something to others, the more money goes to you. See where this is going?Out of personal greed seller devises useful things for buyers, making life better for both seller and buyers. This urge is best harnessed by the capitalism - it is no coincidence that capitalist countries are at the lead in tech and economic development for the last centuries. This sums up “greed is good” argument.Yeah, there are lots of cases where greed can do harm too, but those are less important than the primary result, and can be corrected with properly designed economic system (with capitalism still as main idea)

What is your opinion on minimum wage? Should it be higher? Lower? Why?

Should be eliminated.Listen the biggest problem with Economy are CREATED by government. Name any monopoly in the world. You will discover that it was finance and enforce by some government institution.“To big to fail?” Because we will point out the lazy Politician that did not help us save your job/saving of the life.Lack of competition? Regulation and government programs that favours already existing firms.Lack or Expensive Housing? Zoning regulation that make affordable house impossible to build.Shity Education? Is run by government and Teachers union is one of the biggest political donor in USA. More over the teachers use children they supposed want to help as shield and club.If their is 10$/h minimum wage, than jobs that will pay 9 are not created. And workers who are underprivileged do not have any work and go on Governmental Hand Down.Shity Health Care service? Maybe check how big are regulation on it, and realize that in many cases people cannot negotiate prices for drugs.High Drug Prices? Maybe if Patent were not extend to 70 years AFTER INVENTOR DIES, we will see little more competition and drugs going down. Especially for older ones, that maybe are not top notch, but were helping people. And having older generation drug that is couple % less effective is far better than not being able to buy newest one.Student debts? Maybe we should start telling does kids, that science show that biggest value of University is SELECTION. Harvard, Yale, and other prestigious institution chose 1% of 1% in terms of educational prowess. People that go not one but two steps extra, than give does extraordinary kids education that is available for free on the internet, and pretend like they create success. Also Government incentive does loans.Take Left winger and ask him does we should trust Corporation. And apply his answer to Government that in many regards is worse than prostitute of corporations. Do not trust, and carry big gun.

Why don't minimum wage workers understand that it does severe harm to increase their pay?

For the same reason that CEOs and boards of directors don’t understand that it does severe harm when they increase their pay: because everyone is seeking their own benefit without thinking about what’s best for others. In fact, that’s really the key idea underlying capitalism: everyone seeking their own benefit makes everyone better off. So if the premise of your question is true, then the key idea of capitalism is wrong.So is it true that workers’ pay is rising? Here’s a graph of the growth of worker and CEO pay from 1990 to 2005.In real terms, workers gained 4.3% over those 15 years, while the minimum wage lost 9.3%. CEO’s quadrupled their pay in real terms. Corporate profits more than doubled, but obviously workers didn’t benefit. Workers haven’t fared any better since 2005, either.But actually, far from causing harm, a rise in worker pay would be a very good thing for the economy. The thing is that people who measure their annual compensation in the millions don’t tend to spend that much of it, whereas workers who measure their incomes in (small numbers of) tens of thousands tend to spend it all. At a time when the economy is lagging and demand is depressed, putting more money in CEO pockets and corporate coffers tends to lead saving and stock buybacks, which don’t help the economy much. But money put into workers’ pockets tends to flow straight into the economy, driving growth. Don’t take my word for it, see Top CEOs Make More in Two Days Than An Average Employee Does in One Year; the short video on that page explains why wage growth is a good thing.

Right wingers, who's a bigger murderer, Che Guevara or Henry Kissinger and George W Bush?

Che Guevara- Responsible for the deaths of 200- 300 of the American backed dictator Batista's war criminals who were guilty of murder, rape, and torture. No proof that a single innocent person was ever killed by Che.

Henry Kissinger and GWB- Responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians worldwide.

The facts show that raising the min. wage to $15 would hurt more than help, so why do Democrats still push for it?

There are no “facts” that show that raising the minimum wage to $15.00 would hurt more than help. That is preposterous, utter, nonsense, that actually defies even the most basic common sense.What we do have is a lot of political propaganda mills called “think tanks”, like Cato, Heritage, and many others, hiring credentialed hacks who will write articles promoting that asinine notion, which will be believed by people who are economically ignorant, but just because one of these academic whores like Thomas Sowell, Charles Krauthammer, or a number of others write such nonsense, doesn’t make it a “fact”. Just because this nonsense gets repeated by media owned by the Right Wing for the purpose of promoting idiotic notions like paying people a decent wage will hurt…someone…doesn’t make it a “fact”.These pseudo academics who promote this nonsense, because some billionaire pays them to, are pushing an agenda. They are not being “factual” because they are paid to lie to the public.It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if a working class citizen gets a decent paycheck, he doesn’t have to seek public assistance and SNAP benefits to feed himself and his family. If a decent working class citizen gets a decent paycheck, he will spend it on things that you, and your neighbor, produce at your places of employment. If the worker has no money to spend, then the economy stagnates, and your job is on the line. Because the largest group of consumers in the US (consumers means people who buy things), is the working class citizen. It only makes good economic sense to make sure he makes an adequate living.Giving a billionaire a tax break, and allowing him to profit by exploiting your neighbor, and probably yourself as well at slave wages, only makes Swiss bank accounts fatter. It does nothing for the US economy.If you want to actually understand important topics like the debate over working class wages, then you must broaden your base of information beyond the fodder fed to you by the conservative think tank. There is no reputable, qualified, and educated economist, who supports the conservative economic stances.

Left wing, right wing, liberal, conservative, wtf?

This is pretty rough and general but...

what do democrats stand for? Tend to believe more a strong middle class and protected lower class are good for the economy and the Nation. As such More regulations and more Government over sight to protect the working class.

what do republicans stand for? Tend to believe if the Wealthy are allowed to become rich they in turn will hire more people and the country will benefit. Tend to want less regulations as they fear it will have a negative impact on business.

whats a left wing? Often known as Liberal. You can look up the real definition but that is not how it is being used in culture today. Today people have changed the true meaning of Liberal. Liberals tend to be pro environment, pro consumer protection, anti war, pro-choice, anti gun, for more government services.

whats a right wing? Often mixed in with Conservative Again the true meaning has been lost in modern usage. Tend to be pro big business, pro-life, for weapons, anti immigration,

whats a conservative supposed to be? See right wing though again this is not what you will find in a dictionary as people bastardized the definition.

whats a liberal supposed to be? See Left wing though again this is not what you will find in a dictionary as people bastardized the definition.

why do we keep callin each other these terms
is it possible to ignore all these weird terms and just follow the path that I believe is the most honorable and righteous?

Of course it is possible to ignore the terms. They are just words. Do what you think is correct as long as it does not harm anyone.

Their are other options. You can be a moderate someone who is in the middle for example not that you really need a label.

600 economists signed a letter in Jan. supporting raising the minimum wage. So why does the GOP believe they know more than the economists?

They lie and say that 'it would be bad for the economy', 'it would be a job killer', and 'that it would raise the prices of EVERYTHING'. What say you?

Over 600 Economists Sign Letter In Support of $10.10 Minimum Wage
Economist Statement on the Federal Minimum Wage