Does Tribal Behavior In Africa Approximate That Of The Inner-city Usa

Are black people more successful in countries other than America where they weren't enslaved in the past?

Well, you can look and judge for yourself. Look at Africa. There are 54 countries in Africa. Is any one of them a place YOU would want to live based only on its social well being? Not including security, healthcare or stability of government. Remember, Africa was once the height of global civilization. The richest person EVER was an African King, Mansa Musa the First of MaliBlacks make up about 13% of the global population, yet account for only 3% of its wealth and growth. Whites are also a whopping 13% of the global population, yet the countries with a white majority make up 47% of the global wealth and development, including in countries other than their own. Do European countries and the U.S. with white majorities give or receive more aid? Do countries in Africa with majority black populations give or receive more aid?It is pretty clear. When whites are the majority, the country is generally prosperous and provides aid and support for the rest of the world with liberal social and immigration policies. When blacks are the majority (or become the majority) population, the country can barely remain cohesive, it can barely maintain a government, it struggles with basic services, it becomes a beggar on the international stage, corruption and bribery are rampant and there is no transparency. Countries in Africa are rich in natural resources and people. They are also stalled by massive corruption and theft. If this was not bad enough as it was, they created the African Union to appoint MORE people with their hand in the pot.Footnote; African slaves were also sold to the slave traders by other African tribes who were their enemies and used the money to buy weapons to then go and capture more of their fellow Africans. There is little to NO solidarity in Africa except among tribes. Look at the tribal infighting which has led to the vast wealth and power gaps in Nigeria.

Why can't America just publicly apologize for the enslavement of African Americans, so we can finally put racism to rest once and for all?

Because a Monopoly player can't continually roll the dice for 400 years and simply say, "I'm sorry," after all the properties, utilities, and political parties are owned.Face it, Africans have been exploited since arrival in America.  Despite sincere efforts to accommodate, rather than assimilate, in this country, America via slavery, Jim Crowe, and government policies have said that "African Americans" aren't welcome here...unless we sing, dance, or entertain.E.g. Black academics expected to ‘entertain’ when presenting, new study says. won't increase the average net wealth of Black women in this country ($100).Sincere apologies won't address lacking incentives for marriage (welfare), incarceration rates of Black men (see New Jim Crowe), or pronounuced un-, and underemployment for the entire community (colony).Unlike any other group in the world, only "African-Americans" were assigned a name that doesn't quite apply.We have no country of origin, as I'm no better off in Africa than any Caucasian. We have no established language to ecourage recycling if our dollar.  We have no religion or media conglomerate to effectively indoctrinate out youth with positive, balanced images of Black history.  Only white men are depicted as being saviors of the free world despite evidence elsewhere (Hosea 11/Rev 1 | See U.S. Patent office).Instead, America funds shit like "Niggas With Attitude: Straight Out of Compton," when stories of Black inventors are just as, if not more, colorful, empowering, and needed in our community (colony | e.g. see Charles Drew, Frederick Jones, Elijah Mccoy, Garrett Morgan).Regardless, the many of us that don't consider ourselves "niggas" (implying ownership: working in an owner's field or house), simply do what we can behind closed doors:  giving back to the next generation via mentorship, STEM education, and spiritual enlightenment.Until sports stars and entertainers wake up and realize their social and economic power, America, and "Black America," will remain stuck with racism and reparations talk until some war with aliens breaks out.Then again, one of the conscious/STEM/entrepreneurial types may strike it rich too, but he or she would likely get killed (socially or physically) after doing so (Take your pick: Martin, Malcolm, Marcus, etc).