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Dream On Me 2 In 1 Lightweight Portable Folding Crib White Reviews

All babies cry sometimes. It's perfectly normal. My baby did that too. Most small babies cry for between one hour and three hours in a day, that's my observation. Your baby can't do anything for himself and relies on you to provide him  with the food, warmth and comfort that he needs. Crying is your baby's  way of communicating any or all of those needs and ensuring a response  from you. It's sometimes hard to work out what your baby is telling you. But in  time you will learn to recognise what your baby needs. And as your baby  grows he'll learn other ways of communicating with you. He'll get better at eye contact, making noises and smiling, all of which reduce his need to cry for attention. Few points that the baby want to communicate are:HungerNappy ChangeBaby is feeling too hot or too coldTiredRemedy according to me are: (Opinions defer)A common phenomena that I have observed is that babies love the coziness  of the arms. You may be worried about spoiling your baby if you hold him too much.  But during the first few months of his life that's not possible. Small  babies need lots of physical comfort. If you hold your baby close he  may be soothed by hearing your heartbeat. That what he has heard in your womb. Using massage oils or cream and gently rubbing his back or tummy can help to soothe your baby. It  may also make you feel better, as it's a practical way of reducing your  baby's distress.Warm Bath also helps many timesBabies usually love to be gently rocked. You could, Walk around while rocking him, Walk around while rocking him, Sit with him in a rocking chair, If he's old enough, sit him securely in a baby swing, Take him out for a ride in your car, Take him out for a walk in his pram or stroller are some of the tips.Remind yourself that nothing is wrong with your baby and that crying  won't hurt him. Sometimes simply accepting that you have a baby who  cries a lot can help. You then won't wear yourself out looking for  reasons for the crying, blaming yourself for it, or trying out endless  potential remedies. This crying is a phase and it will pass. Newborn babies are hard work.  Being the parent of a newborn who cries a lot is even harder work. But  try to get help and support when you need it, rather than letting things  build up. Be reassured that as your baby grows, he will learn new ways of  communicating his needs to you. And when this happens, the crying will  stop.All the best.Love your baby. Love your own creation.

What is a good brand sewing machine?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Brother CS6000i. It is a computerized, lightweight machine with 60 specialty stitches including a one touch buttonholer, but I have sewn through multiple thicknesses without a problem, even hemmed jeans. Of course this requires a heavy duty needle, heavy duty thread and a jeans-ama-jig attachment (under $10). I bought my machine at for under $200 with free shipping and it arrived at my door within 2 days. Amazon also sells specialty feet and accessories. Back in the day, I owned a Kenmore and then a Singer. Both machines were clunky and ran like trucks. The Brother runs like a dream and fulfills all my needs of a pleasure sewer, and comes with a huge assortment of attachments including a quilter's table. See Linda's Album to see photos of my work: Maya Wrap, fleece & flannel blankets, quilt, heavy duty beanbags and most recently a Halloween Ornament finish. I also have a Brother 1034D Serger that I wonder how I went so long without. Both are quality machines that take standard needles and thread. Of course, they won't measure up to a $2 or $3,000 heavy duty machine. But it's my understanding, you don't want to pay that much.

Why do I keep getting puckering and tiny stitches when trying to quilt?

ADDITIONAL EDIT: Regular paper, freezer paper, shelf paper... whatever's handy. You can iron freezer paper to the muslin backing, which gives you one less point of shifting.

A friend who does a lot of free motion quilting suggests a glass of white wine before and another during the quilting (because white wine doesn't stain). I think I'd be thinking of something a little heavier duty.

EDITED TO ADD: Same thread on both pieces? If so, you've pretty much got me stumped, and at this point, I'd probably be considering hand quilting a 20" pillow, or using a quilt spray and dumping the pins, or simply swearing at the whole thing and demonstrating for that pillow what a paper shredder can do. (hey, don't laugh, sometimes threatening your sewing works!).

OK, one more trick up my sleeve, maybe: Have you got a scrap of the pillow fabric and batting around? Try putting a sheet of paper under the quilt sandwich and quilting right through it. If the backing fabric for the pillowtop is lightweight, it might be getting shoved down the needlehole a bit.

My first thought is it sounds like the presser foot pressure needs to be fixed -- are you using the same batting in both? Same number of plies?

And tell us more about your quilting thread? Does it say "hand quilting thread" on it? If so, don't run in your machine -- the glazing on it screws up the tensions to the point that they typically need a professional cleaning (but your machine may have tension disks you can get to easily, which means you can clean them yourself with alcohol on a fold of much-washed cotton "flossed" in between the disks.

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What are the necessities to have before baby comes home?

the # 1 thing is STABILITY - people who are not in stable relationships and ideally own their own home (with a yard for playing in.. and money in the bank to start savings plans) shouldnt be having kids in my opinion.

2. Place to sleep - at first this can even be a drawer - it doesnt need to be fancy.. just safe, you can buy a crib later.

3. Car seat

4. Stroller - get a simple one - there are so many big fancy/show off types but all are awkward and heavy and not really practicle in the long run.

5 blankets... lots of them - babies like to be wrapped up - the hospital will show you how..

6 diapers - I suggest using disposable at night (or on trips) and cloth durring day - if the folding is hard you can buy shapped ones with velcro closures - this is the BEST for any parent as if you have kids you really need to think about the environment more!!!!

7 support - make sure you have people who can help when you need a break and will back off when you want alone time.. dont allow yourself to feel smothered by people wanting to see the baby - make sure you can say "yes" and "no" really well.

Pack 'n play won't lock? Fixable or trash?

I have a graco pack 'n play and the fisher price rainforest playpen. Neither of the bottoms will lock any longer. When the Graco did it I just assumed it had worn out, but now my other one is pretty new is doing the same thing. I know how to get them to lock but they just won't do it. I think it may be due to my little boy pushing them around. Is there an easy fix or are they trash now? I really am hoping they aren't trash because they were pretty expensive, but its not worth endangering any of the children. Thanks.