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Elder Scrolls Questions Mainly Lore-related

Are all the Elder Scroll connected?

no, each game is its own story (in the same world obviously) the only connection is that they are all part of the series and each game before Skyrim was part of a prophecy. Even with that last part, they barely have anything to do with eachother

How does The Elder Scrolls series compare to the ���Lord of the Rings?

There are many similarities but also quite a few differences:The Dwarves of the elder scrolls universe are a subtypes of elves and there are proofs that actually weren’t smaller then other races. Their actual name was the Dwemer .Most people who call them them dwarves in the elder scrolls universe do so in reference to a fable were Giants saw them as small.The dragons of the elder scrolls universe are immortal beings that are said that have always exisisted .They can be killed , but only a mortal with the soul of a dragon , a Dragonborn can kill them indefinitly by absorbing their soul.They dont have genders and dont reproduce, so they dont lay eggs either. The dragons of Middle Earth communicate telepathically, while the elder scrolls dragon talk.They have their own language called the Dovahzul where combining three words results in a shout. Shouts are a powerfull form of magic that can slow down time, control the weather, etc. Originally, only dragons had the ability to use shouts, but eventually, mortals were given that possibility too, however, shouts takes years to master . That is, unless someone is dragonborn. Such people can learn shouts in just a few seconds .The orcs or Orsimer , are also a sub-type of elves born from the curse of the Daedric prince of deceit and treachery, Boethiah . Unlike the Tolkien orcs, they are not inherently evil and can be part of the rest of societies, though they do have of history of being the pariahs of the continent.

Is the Elder scrolls Skyrim epic or just boring?

I have tried on several ocassions to get into this game and find it slow and boring? As a nord the story line make sense but I wanted to try to play as a female wood elf for stealth,but the main story line as an rpg doesn't make much sense for it.

Will there be another Elder Scrolls game?

Definitely!The Elder Scrolls games were all made by Bethesda Studios while The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) was made by ZeniMax Online Studios. Hence they were developed separately. Development on Skyrim began immediately after Oblivion and took 5 years for release.However, there was a sudden technology change. Xbox one was released followed by the PS 4. Nintendo released the Switch and jumped into triple A games. The use of VR technology is becoming rampant day by day. The price of TVs got cheaper in a two years span with 4 K TVs experiencing a 70% price drop as technology expanded. Remember how the price of an HD TV remained the same for almost half a decade? With the release of Halo 5, Microsoft forced everyone to update to the Xbox one. Otherwise I would have been more than happy to keep chilling with my trusty 360.Think from a business perspective. The studio has to make money, pay bills and salaries. The rate at which technology is evolving is difficult for studios to keep up with. Xbox one X just released with 4K Ultra HD capabilities. Releasing a new game in the midst of this tech revolution spells disaster for the studio. Skyrim was the highest revenue making game of all time and the pressure is rising for Bethesda to make an even better TES game.Also ESO has added a ton of lore to the TES universe that needs to been taken account of in the next single player game. I have no doubt that work has already begun on the the next TES title, but the developers have to keep updating with the console technology to avoid releasing a title that falls behind the tech of that era.If I owned a game studio. I would wait till the console and game tech slowed down for a bit and consumers actually have the machines to run the game and the money to pay for the game. This is why Skyrim is being re-released with optimized graphics and through new media. It makes money and keeps the game relevant till the next title comes out.

Could an Elder Scrolls game set in Akavir work?

Yes, but I think they should not do it too soon. They could finish making games set in Tamriel’s provinces/countries, and they could wait that ESO finishes recreating every corner of Tamriel. Then they could make something set in Akavir.Of course they could use the invasion of Uriel V Septim, so you could be a soldier left behind, or you could be a captive from one of the two Akaviri invasions of Tamriel. ESO happens no so long after one (due to the existence of the Ebonheart Pact), so the aftermath of their failure to invade Tamriel could still be felt in Akavir. Maybe the character would need to prevent them exploiting the long IInd era war in Tamriel to invade again.One thing that would be difficult to handle would be this : if someone from a Tamrielic species roams around in Akavir, there won’t be a lot of them and so everybody will notice you everywhere you go. That could be a problem. You won’t be able to blend in…

What are the most important events or people in the Elder Scrolls lore?

Pretty much every time you play a character and beat the final part of a questline, you’re beating a huge event.When the Hero of Kvatch saved the Imperial City during the Oblivion Crisis and closed the gates when Mehrunes Dagon tried to conquer the world, and when people witnessed a Septim become a God.When the Dragonborn influenced the outcome of the Civil War and defeated Alduin in Skyrim.The Hero of Kvatch also becomes the new Daedric Prince of Madness - Sheogorath became Jigalag (doubt I spelled his name right), and after the hero beat him. he released him from a curse. His reward was becoming a Daedric Prince (canonically a “he” cause we see the Daedric Prince in TES5 Skyrim).During TES3 Morrowind, your character would defeat some powerful being, however The Red Mountain would still blow causing planet wide consequences.And even way back, when Potema Septim dubbed “The Wolf Queen”started taking over the Empire and won many campaigns til she was defeated. She was considered the most evil Septim of all them, and later she gave a ring to a young boy who was her Nephew and would later be known as Pelagius The Mad. Much later, in TES5, her followers would try to resurrect her, but fail because the Dragonborn stopped them.People question “Why is only Septims able to wear the Amulet that holds back Oblivion?” in TES4 and, later in TES5, that question is answered; the entire Septim line are descended from Dragonborn. That is why they were the only ones able to wear the Amulet.Possibly the most puzzling of them all is the Dwemer - they were the most advanced civilization of the planet, their technology is old but still much better than current technology of the other species, but they vanished off the planet. Even the technological landscapes you can find deep underground in TES5 where all the Falmer live are Dwemer tech.Most of the really important characters from the games are known in the history books, including the group that was loyal to Dagon during the Oblivion Crisis, they may have been destroyed, but they survived til Alduin’s return. Even that wandering Khajiit is an important character, however no one really knows who he is, how old he is, and whether or not he is mortal, a god, or a daedric prince.If you wanna know, read books. Seriously, in the games you can read books about important events that happened, even those that didn’t happen during the games’ individual major events (some happened before & after).