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Examples Of Identity Politics

Examples of identity politics?

Can someone give me examples of groups someone may I identify with that may affect their political identity. I already know of race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. Can you give me more examples? Thanks.

What are some examples of the left using identity politics?

First, I think its important to get out of the way what identity politics is. Identity politics or using/playing identity politics is when politicians use tactics that attempt to get a particular group of voters to vote for your party based on identity, be it race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.. Now, it is important to note that this is not exclusive to the left, but the left certainly seems to use this tactic more than the right.Because it’s 2015This is Justin Trudeau making a gender balanced cabinet “because it’s 2015”. This means that the cabinet is made of an equal number of men and women Members of Parliament. Now, was this done on merit? Obviously not. The Liberals had 184 MPs elected, 50 of which were women, or about 27%. Naturally, one would expect about 27% of ministers to be women, but Trudeau needed to virtue signal to women that he cared that the identity of the ministers was more important than qualification. In fact, many of the female ministers are first time MPs. This was further proven by the fact that Five female Liberal cabinet ministers occupy junior seats. This was later corrected when the news got out but it goes to show that it was well known that not all the women were qualified; he simply needed to fulfill an important identity politics campaign promise.Now, if you want to move to the United States, look no further than 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.Now, pay particular attention to the 10th clip.Anderson Cooper asks:Hillary Clinton, how would you not be a third term of President Obama?Now, this was a great opportunity for her to talk about her policy differences with Obama. Perhaps a different view on foreign policy? Perhaps a more robust environmental plan? Maybe a different plan for immigration reform? Healthcare differences?Nope.Here was her answer:Well I think that’s pretty obvious. Um, I think being the first woman President would be quite a change.See that? The important difference was identity, namely gender. The fact that she was a woman was the most important difference between her and Obama. This is identity politics. Making it an issue of identity, not policy.

What are some of the most dangerous examples of identity politics being played out today?

I`d say prime examples of identity politics would be Third Wave Feminism(I am a feminist but identify more with the Second Wave),MRAs,MGTOWs(Whom I once identified with and I`m still not a fan of the institution of marriage which I feel ties people down and puts love in a box of contractual obligation but I`m not as anti-feminist as I once was although I do still oppose Third Wave Feminism and Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism as well as mainstream Liberal Feminism),New Atheism,Christian Identity(Which basically consists of Christian Neo-Nazis in suits and no that is not me being hyperbolic) New Black Panther Party,the Ku Klux Klan,the Knights of Malta,the Freemasons,the Jesuit Order,Zionism and Radical Islam .As you can see identity politics reach across the spectrum from open to secretive, inclusive to exclusionary,liberal to far-right and benign to destructive.

What are your best examples of good and bad identity politics and why?

Best example of identity politics I can think of is the Ku Klux Klan. This is both good and bad — bad because the Klan’s agenda is execrable, but good for two reasons: First, their strong group identity lends them a genuine sense of community and, by extension, grants its members the comforting sense that they are not alone, that are part of group m, United against against the world.The second good thing about the Klan’s identity politics is that it keeps them together, almost like a political psychosexual perversion — a love that dare not speak its name. This factor help keeps the Klan socially and politically isolated: Its recruitment process is necessarily constrained by their extremity and sordid reputation. This isolation has the added benefit of creating an organizational paranoia that makes the Klan appear politically ludicrous, much as their costumes make them sartorially ludicrous as well.

Why do conservatives seem to only have a problem with “identity politics” when it’s not coming from them? Examples are “War on Christmas”, “Gay Agenda”, “White nationalism”, etc.

Original question: Why do conservatives seem to only have a problem with “identity politics” when it’s not coming from them? Examples are “War on Christmas”, “Gay Agenda”, “White nationalism”, etc.Because, as with so many other conservative policy positions, they are either (a) ignorant, (b) hypocritical, or (c) both.The examples you’ve cited are most frequently heard from social/religious conservatives, most notably fundamentalist Evangelical Protestants. I have not yet encountered a secular conservative who complains about the “War on Christmas” or the “Gay Agenda.” Secular conservatives have other things to worry about — like trying to destroy the social safety net and reduce regulations upon poor, persecuted oil and gas companies, so they can pollute as much as they want to.That being said, there is still a form of “identity politics” within movement conservatism. It is increasingly occurring in the form of the White and Christian identities, which the Republican Party has exploited successfully. The White identity, in particular, is entrenched within movement conservatism, as it includes both secular and religious conservatives.A substantial amount of research has been done on this subject. A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Advances in Political Psychology concluded that Republicans and conservatives are actually more susceptible to identity politics than Democrats and liberals.[1]Yes, conservatives — you read that correctly. Those of us who are liberal have known this for quite some time.The authors write:The correct’ alignment of social identities — including White and Christian identities that are not typically mentioned in ‘identity politics’ punditry — is more strongly related to Republican partisanship than to Democratic partisanship…….In essence, we find that all politics is identity politics, including the partisan preferences of Whites and Christians [emphasis mine].Did you read the bold text? All politics is identity politics.Conservatives have yet to understand this. They seem to view “identity politics” as some foreign, unusual concept, when in reality, it’s just politics as usual.So next time you hear an angry conservative or right-libertarian raging about “identity politics,”inform them of how their own community engages in this behavior.Or just roll your eyes and move on.Footnotes[1] One Tribe to Bind Them All: How Our Social Group Attachments Strengthen Partisanship

Are there examples of "conservative identity politics"?

Absolutely.Here is an excerpt from my answer to another Quora question on the subject.Slave-owning Southern aristocrats structured their identity and their politics on their belief in their innate superiority to people with dark skin. A superiority so great that they created a political system in which they were granted the power to “own” dark skinned people.People who work to take away women’s freedom to make their own medical decisions, identify themselves as “pro-life.” Their politics are often based solely on and in that identity.Those who identify as being “alt-right,” “defenders of gun rights,” “evangelical Christians,” and every other “identity” you can imagine all approach politics in ways that align with those “identities.”All politics is “identity politics.” Some people just refuse to admit or even see that fact.

What are some examples of identity politics being played in India?

Identity is a term that defines a person on the basis to which gender caste profession he or she belongs. Generally if u see the case of u p sammajvadi party plays Identity politics. Their slogans proves it. Another one is BSP biggest game player of identity politics, if u go to south there are linguistic identity based parties like Telguu Desam party, AIDMK, another one in telgaana which seprated telgaana from AP for identity politics.Main issue which raises the account of playing identity politics is caste and religion in India.In Mumbai shiv Sena donot let to live northern people there.

What is identity politics? What is good and what is bad about identity politics?

It's good when there's clear's bad when people lie to create awareness.

What is your opinion of "Identity Politics"?

Its part of Marxism and in the same vein as community organizing. It is started by making one group or the other feel threatened by the opposing party. Progressives have perfected it at this point but soon these groups will also be at odds. For example, married women are less interested in what is now considered "women's rights". Religious blacks, a large segment of that population, does not support gay marriage, abortion, etc. Churches often support redistribution of wealth but can't abide being forced to be at odds with their religious tenets. People in the public often support environmentalism until it effects their quality of life. Not all white men are Republicans but the Republicans are demonized as being a threat to all those groups the left has massed together.

I can see the whole movement caving in on itself. The idea of believing all people of a specific demographic are the same is very clear because, in the end, people really aren't sheep and the thought of them all being considered the same is actually insulting. It just takes some longer than others to realize what is happening. An improved private sector economy would cause most of it to dissipate in short order.