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Extreme Pain When Tired Is It Normal

Is it normal to feel weak and tired after donating blood?

Yes, it is normal. You should drink lots of liquids and and eat properly. The first time i donated blood, I felt really paranoid that something might go wrong. Avoid those thoughts and congratulate yourself for your awesome act of humanity!

Is it normal to not mind or feel accustomed to extreme types of situations, but not milder ones?

I manage shocks that keep me awake for days easier than shocks/troubles that are seemingly mild, for example. I feel like I am not intense enough when it's only difficult or painful, and I am prone to feel very depressed instead of threatened (or any equivalent, since the causes vary). I mostly won't mind as much absolute afflictions since they are more final and clear. It's way more comfortable for me.

Is that a normal pattern or how does it vary for people? I know my example is pretty straightforward, but I'd like to ask in a general sense (if we could qualify a threshold for it). How do people feel or manage difficult or sensitive problems compared to problems that pass a certain intensity?
~Like losing a close friend you rely on to cope vs losing a generally great friend (if you bond in this relevant way).

Ever since I scared myself and got terrified of taking care of me, I feel like I can't handle mild/difficult problems AT ALL, but I still find my old character easily when it gets intense enough. Of course in my case I can explain my connotations of it (why I find it difficult), but I wondered about the degree to which this was a relatable/normal pattern.

I might just be too tired for a better question, but still I got curious about thoughts or personal experiences of people here.

Is it normal to feel a lump in the throat and extreme fatigue after five hours after endoscopy?

From a patient perspective: I think it’s normal to feel exhausted after being in what your mammal-brain perceives as a life-threatening situation for five hours, yes.Your intellect knows it is a good thing. The doctors think it is a routine thing. But your mammal-brain thinks someone tried to strangle you. That’s hard work.Girlfriend called once, saying she was wiped out after a skin cancer biopsy. I said, “well, someone came at you with a knife. The fact that you paid him to do it, and he spent 12 years in post-graduate education learning how to do it, and that having that skin cancer removed now instead of letting it kill you later is a good thing, is not relevant to your mammal brain. All it knows is that someone came at you with a knife, and cut you, and being attacked by a knife-wielding assailant is exhausting.”So take a nap. Eat ice cream until your throat feels better. And trust that in the grand scheme of things, your brain will recover and whatever you had the endoscopy for was probably better than not having the endoscopy.

After using a weed eater I experience extreme weakness in arm and hand?

Not to worry, it actually happens to a lot of people. I usualy get stuck with a lot of weedwhacking, and it still happens to me. Especially with the electric ones. They usually run on full so the weedwhacker vibrates a ton, and it can be caused by the vibrations of the engine and the string whipping around, plus you have to hold the thing in your arms. The string is usually thin on the electric models too so if you're going after weeds, they have to be whipped for quite awhile before the string starts cutting through their stems, and since it's hitting them full force it jerks around quite a bit in your hands as it slaps them around, making things even worse for you. It will go away slowly over time, but also go out and get a pair of vibration-dampening gloves, they really can go a long way in reducing your shakes!

Is it normal to be tired 2 days after 4 wisdom teeth removal?

so, i got my wisdom teeth out on friday (1/23/09) and im still feeling pretty energy-less and cant do much. i stopped taking the pain meds yesterday because i thought it was that that was making me tired, because when i took it i was out from 1pm - 8pm. now i got 10 hours of sleep last night, whats wrong with me?????? is it a combination of the persedure, not enough fluids, and not enough food? im afraid something is wrong with me. i need to be well by tomorrow its the first day of 2nd semester at school. please any help, is this normal, im scared somethings wrong.

Feel tired after tooth extraction?

You are such a worry.
The tiredness you feel is normal and is your body's reaction to its massive adrenaline production, caused by the stress of the dental procedure; its a variant on the fight/flight response. After the event, when the reason for the reaction has gone, it is normal to feel the way you do. A good night's sleep and you'll be fine.

Four shots for two teeth is not unusual, and what you are feeling are the only likely side-effects; it is temporary and will soon pass. By permanent, I take it you mean 'will the extraction sites heal'? - with normal dental hygiene, yes. There will naturally be a gap in your teeth, but the actual site should heal ok.
And to get rid of that awful taste, try rinsing your mouth occasionally with warm salt water - the warm water avoids painful shock to the extraction site and the salt helps to maintain oral hygiene.
Oh, and relax; tension doesn't help the healing.

Really tired after wisdom teeth extraction...?

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday, and I feel okay today except that I am SO TIRED. The only pain medication that I have needed is iboprofen, which normally does not have that effect on me. Is this a normal part of the healing process?

I have a bad burning chest pain and I get tired easily after I run for a short time. What’s going on? I’m a 10-year-old student.

blood circulation to heart is not at full course. check with a heart specialist. maybe it might need some minor treatment and follow strictly doctor’s Advise Consult Doctor immediately, do not delay