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Eyebrow Ball Stuck In Phone Jack

A silica gel ball is stuck "deep" in headphone jack of my phone, how can I remove that?

Try using Refill pipe of the Ballpoint pen or Gel pen. Force the pipe into the jack so that the gel might get stuck into the refill hole. Once you feel it got stuck pull the pipe slowly. It worked for me against a broken headphone jack inside a 3.5mm input.

How can I remove a silica gel packet ball from my headphone jack?

This is going to test your patience!I had a silica gel ball stuck in the charger hole. I tried almost all the methods i found on the internet, later realizing the easiest method.Take a sewing needle and try scraping the ball, it would definitely take 5–8 mins , if it still doesn't work . Take a heavy object(I used my powerbank) and strike the needle and it would definitely break the ball. later on you can tilt your laptop to remove the broken pieces and maybe scrape of the few lying near the hole. Most importantly don’t lose your patience and don’t drive the needle with brute force.HOPE THIS HELPS~Cheers~

If you were stuck in any video game for a single day but could bring one item back if you survive, which game and item would you choose?

MinecraftJust one day? Like a Minecraft day? That’s easy! I’ll find a village and light it up with jack o’ lanterns and torches. I’ll sleep through the night and then I’ll be transported back.The hard part is what should I bring back. I have 3 ideas.Ender chests: Free storage for everybody, completely secure, also means teleportation and it has almost no weight.Command Blocks: Almost everything of Minecraft in there. I’m scared since it is omnipotent in Minecraft, and it may make a scenario where Everyone Dies™.Potions and enchantments: Adding magic into the real world? Not bad.I think I’ll go with an ender chest. FTL travel ( for the items inside), Free storage, pocket dimensions, and it’s private, so nobody can steal anything from you. Imagine reverse engineering that.Trading that for staying in a cozy village for one night? Yes please.

What celebrities are known for being jerks?

Justin Bieber is the guy:(1) This boy had fans screaming for him… basically showing him unconditional love. He stands up and spits on them from the balcony! That is what they are paid for buying all those albums, dancing to his music, attending his shows and loving him.(2) Justin was performing in Manchester when he got dramatic because his fans wouldn't stop screaming! They just wouldn't stop showing him love!Guess what he did?He stormed off stage and annoyingly threw down the mic! Of course he returned a few minutes later. He didn't realize this love would be gone one day and he might be screaming to get it back.(3) This jerk announced on Instagram that he wouldn't be taking pictures with fans anymore because they were starting to make him feel like a zoo animal… only zoo animals do not have a net worth of US $200 million because of their fans.Image source: Justin Bieber announces he will no longer take photos with fans(4) Bieber went to Anne Frank’s house, guess what he wrote in the guest book: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber”What a narcissist!(5) So this guy went on tour in Australia. He found a random fan this is what he said to her:Bieber: “What are you, Hawaiian or something?”Fan: No.Bieber: You look like a beached whale.What a douchebag this guy is!(6) He was carried by his bodyguards on the Great Wall of China!Image source: Justin Bieber gets CARRIED up Great Wall of China - fans slam bratty behaviour(7) He was caught on film pissing in a mop bucket. At the end of the video he sprayed a photo of Bill Clinton with cleaning liquid and says, “fuck Bill”.(8) He drives like the real jerk he is: speeds, drives under the influence of alcohol and he doesn't give one sh*t!

Can you use Vicks VapoRub on your face?

Sure, you can use it on your face.Generally, people use the Vicks VapoRub to get rid of the facial acne, but there are a couple of things which you have to keep in mind.First of all, the product itself is not advertised as the topical cream, since it's used for treating coughs and nasal congestion. If you want to apply Vicks VapoRub on your face just make sure that you don’t put cream closer to your nose, lips or eyes, otherwise, the menthol can overwhelm your face and your eyes may water.Plus it’s worth noting that while applying the Vicks on your skin you should not pop a pimple since the camphor (one of the Active Ingredients) can cause some serious side effects including seizures and pain. So, after all, you might ask yourself: is Vicks Vapor Rub Safe? Personally, I was using this product for a couple of weeks and I never had any problems at all.In case if you follow all the instruction and apply a tiny amount of Vicks on your face then you should be fine.

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