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Filling Prescriptions

How long does it take fill a prescription?

My doctor called me in prescriptions at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy at 3:30pm and its 6pm now. The pharmacy closes at 9pm and my doctor wants me to start one of the prescriptions tonight. It's a steroid for my asthma and the other is an asthma inhaler so they are both needed ASAP. I called the pharmacy once and they said it hadn't been called in yet and I called back 30 minutes later (at 4:15) and they said they got the call-in and that I was on the call list so they would call me when it was filled. I don't want to call and bug them again but was just wondering how long it normally takes them fill 2 prescriptions and if they will be done by 9pm tonight so I can start taking my medicine like I'm suppose to.

Also, does anyone know how much an Albuterol Inhaler and Prednisone costs at Wal-Mart's pharmacy?

Why does it take so long to fill a prescription?

OK I used to work at an Eckerd's Pharmacy. There are 3 baskets that they will put your prescribing in. A red one for if you are coming from the hospital and need the medication right away. Then they have 2 other baskets (can't remember their colors its been a few years) one for the people that are waiting in the store and another for people who are not waiting.

Usually it doesn't take that long unless they have quite a few prescriptions to fill.

Also it will take longer if the pharmacist is on a break. Since certain medicines are kept in a safe and only they have the key to.

Also if there is a problem with your insurance.

But honestly it shouldn't take an hour to fill a prescription unless its really busy at the pharmacy.

To fill a prescription - meaning?

Patient goes to see doctor

Doctor writes a prescription to help whatever is wrong with patient

Patient takes prescription to a pharmacy

when patient approaches counter, Pharmacist says: "Can I help you?"

Patient then says "Yes, please. I have a prescription. Can you fill it for me?"

pharmacist then take written prescription, tells patient to wait

pharmacist then fills the prescription to give to patient

Let's say the prescription is for an asthma inhaler

the pharmacist verifies the prescription (makes sure it is not fake, is in date & written properly for the patient)

pharmacist locates the type of asthma inhaler that is written on the prescription

and in doing that, the pharmacist is filling the prescription

Filling 2 prescriptions at once?

I was prescribed 2mg XR xanax and ambien about 15 days ago after being on a different benzo for about 5 months. I just had another appointment with my psychiatrist because I noticed little to no effect from the xanax or ambien. Now I have another prescription for a higher dose of regular instant release xanax, also one for a different sleep medicine.

My question is, on the first prescription I had (2mg xanax and ambien) I have 5 refills left and want to know if I can continue to get those filled on top of the new prescription since they are technically different drugs. I have no interest in breaking the law, going to different pharmacies, or not using my insurance...I simply want to know if I can continue to fill them until I run out of refills.

Any help appreciated.

Can a doctor tell if I picked up my prescription?

The answer is yes and no. While all computer systems at all pharmacies keep a record of every transaction, the only way the doctor would know would be if he or she contacted the pharmacy. When it comes to controlled substances things change a bit. Due to DEA regulations every time you fill a prescription for a controlled substance a second record is kept in order to stop ‘doctor shopping’ and also in order to stop you from filling controlled substances at different pharmacies. I don’t know the exact algorithm but once there is a ‘hit’ in this system, the DEA has the right to call the prescribing doctor. In addition, if a pharmacist feels uncomfortable about filling a certain prescription he or she will call the prescribing doctor. BUT, as a general rule, a physician will simply not know if you have filled a prescription UNLESS he accesses the system where he can see all medicines filled by his patients. This occurs quite INFREQUENTLY due to time constraints that most physicians have. DK

Can you use a prescription filled out in your home state when you’re out traveling in another?

Legally, you can fill prescriptions from another state and fill them in a different state. It is at the discretion of the pharmacist, if they feel comfortable doing this. If it's just something simple like a  cholesterol medication, should be no problem at all. Pharmacist may choose to call and verify the prescription. If pharmacist me feel less comfortable filling any controlled substances from out-of-state.  I'm a pharmacist in Washington state, and  we fill prescriptions written out by in Oregon doctor  all the time.  If it is a controlled substance, I would probably contact the doctors office prior to filling it. Every state is a little bit different though.  Washington state prescriptions have a little picture of the state in the corner, so that I know that it is legal. Oregon does not have this on their prescriptions.  As I think other people of said… It is nicer for a pharmacist to transfer a prescription then to take an original hard copy. In this way, if pharmacist from the state of origin has already  verify the prescription. And then I'm communicating directly with another medical provider to transfer the prescription. This is easier in general.

Can I fill my Adderall prescription on the fill date if I filled my last 30 day prescription 17 days ago? I understand my insurance won't pay for it, but is it possible to pay for it out of pocket?

Adderall is a controlled substance…CONTROLLED. SUBSTANCE.So every pharmacist is going to CONTROL when and how often a prescription is filled…. and it won’t happen 2 weeks before youre due I can promise you that.To go a little further, WHEN you can get it filled is literally up to the pharmacist… some are more strict than others. I’ll hold patients to two days before they’re due just for convenience purposes. Not too early. Not to the day. But I will be looking at your refill history because if you consistently show up 2 days early every time I’ll hold you to the day after that since technically you should have a few extra.Since we, the pharmacists, are essentially the gatekeepers to use and abuse, we seriously look at refill histories. We will report irregularities to your MD. To get something early you need a legit excuse as to why… and the reason for the early fill needs to come straight from your doctor. And any excuse just won’t do, that doc better have a valid reason why… because no doctor can tell a pharmacist when to dispense a controlled substance.In short, you MAY get it early but only with a valid excuse from your doctor… and paying cash is not happening unless you somehow scam us… in which case you may end up in more trouble than they’re worth.