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Fire Emblem Awakening Dlc Help

Fire Emblem: Awakening unit help!?

I just... I messed up real bad during Paralogue 6 and got Inigo killed before I could recruit him, and accidentally saved over the file.

I know, I know, I'm an idiot.

Is there any way to recruit him again? Like, through some... dang ol' DLC or something? Or am I just screwed? T-T

Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Question?

Think of them as extra episodes, little short stories added to the game, you get to play an extra chapter with each one, plus you get rewarded with exclusive skills, items, and/or a past Fire Emblem character with a new artstyle. You also get a bunch of conversations between certain characters in them, if you've played older games in the series, you'll find it funny to see Awakening characters react to people from different games. The first season is mostly comprised of remastered maps from the GBA and SNES era of Fire Emblem, with some old tunes. Also, two of the DLC's have extra classes for characters, Demon Fighter and Bride, which are fun. All in all, they're pretty worth it, especially if you've played older Fire Emblems.

@Anvilman, it's hardly a necessity, you should be glad you're not playing a Fire Emblem where all the shops can only be accessed during battle, and there's no option to grind.

Fire Emblem Awakening Save FIle?

That person was lying to you.
Have you played previous FE games?

But really, the "Delete" button only deletes the save file that you've chosen.

I've played FE6, FE7, FE8, FE9, FE10, FE11 & FE13 (Awakening).
(The 12th wasn't translated into English).

Also, "Ylisse", where FE13 takes place, was originally known as Archanea, in the previous versions.
Ylisse is meant to be the future version of it.

Should I get fire emblem awakening or fates?

I find that Fire Emblem Fates is more strategic and enjoyable than Awakening, but I got over 100 hours out of Awakening and I'm still working on Fire Emblem Fates. They each have their own problems, but I find them to be very great games.For Awakening, I found it to have some balance issues with some skills, and some classes to be outright broken. The story is somewhat strong, but is a bit weak and predictable if you have played other games in the series. The game play is still enjoyable, but it starts to grow stale in the later chapters.  Fire Emblem Awakening is 10$ cheaper Fire Emblem Fates also has some issues in the writing department; sometimes characters having minute long conversations with enemies three feet away. The tactical play is better than in Awakening in my opinion, and the map design is also pretty good, but only more so than Awakening in Fates: Conquest (Nohr path).Overall, I think you should buy FE: Awakening if you are tight for cash, FE: Birthright if you are new to the series or SRPGs in general, and finally I believe you should get FE: Conquest if you think you can handle the greater difficulty.A note on Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation; I have not personally played it, but apparently it has spoilers for Conquest and Birthright, so perhaps you should go for either of those two first (and you can't even purchase it without purchasing either conquest or Birthright).Some handy links:Fire Emblem Awakening Review - IGN Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Review - IGN Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Review - IGN Birthright vs. Conquest vs. Revelation Differences - Fire Emblem Fates Wiki Guide - IGN (Metacritic also has reviews, but I personally prefer IGN)

Fire Emblem Awakening : How do I grind for money?

I'm just starting out and I'm on hard mode and would like to have weapons stronger than bronze. I'd like to be able to beat the game without ANY of my units dying and yes its on the mode where they stay dead. I've heard about some DLC map that you can grind infinitely but I've beaten the one where you recruit Donnel and the others from the bonus box are way out of my reach. I've just beaten chapter 4. also there is a group of risen made up of nothing but level 8 archers and 2 generals and a dark mage that can really hurt my team. The merchant is there as well and I cannot beat the stage without my units dying...I've tried reloading the Bonus Box page but it says it can't retrieve new data so i have no idea where to find these amazing DLC maps or how to redo them. Any help?

Fire Emblem Awakening Spotpass?

I just got FE:A, so it's been about 5 months since the initial release. Here's my question- can I still get all the spotpass DLC that's been released? The main draw for me has been to create a team of my favorite past FE characters, so it would suck if that's not possible.

Additionally, my 3ds gets notifications of an item available in the bonus box, but in game I can't get any spotpass update to show up (getting the "unable to update" error). My internet works fine, and I've tired restarting spotpass in game. Any advice?

Should I play Fire Emblem Awakening? Why or why not?

I’d recommend playing Fire Emblem (FE): Awakening if…-You want to get into the FE series. Awakening is one of, if not the best introductory games for the franchise. It does have a few features that aren’t in the older games such as Casual Mode and Pair-Up but overall the game makes it easy to get used to the mechanics and it outlines the key features of the series well.-You want to play a SRPG with a good amount of content, good characterization, and customization. Awakening has 50 “levels” or chapters with about half of them being required in order to complete the game and half being optional “paralogues”. in the base game with an additional 20+ DLC chapters. Additionally there are also world map battles which are not required and do not have any story but are there if you want to beef your characters a bit more at the cost of time (not required at all in order to beat the game). The game has over 40 playable characters and most of them have a large amount of conversations between themselves and another character “support conversations”. You can change the class of a lot of these characters in order to suiting your team (though some better than others, for example, why put a physical fighter into a magical class?).If one of those (or both) apply to you, than I’d recommend getting the game. Also, make sure to try the demo if you haven’t already in order to get a feel for the gameplay. Finally, whether you’re in it for the gameplay or the characters/story there are multiple difficulty levels and ways you can skip the story to suit how you want to play.

Marth is a girl in Fire Emblem Awakening, what do you think?

I've only played the demo & seen the trailer on TV so this is just a prediction. Also, I've never played a Fire Emblem game so I don't know the actually storyline.
So, I think Marth is a girl & these are the reasons why I think that:
1.Marth sounds like a girl
2. In the TV trailer, Marth doesn't have her mask & she was crying and, to me, she looks like she has a facial structure of a female.
My theory is that Marth is from the future where some evil travels to the past to change to future. So before Marth travels to past, she has to come up with a new identity so she couldn't be recognized by the enemy by cutting her hair, changing her name, putting on a mask, & deepening her voice.
So that's my theory but until the game comes out & I play it, it's still theory. What do you think?