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Five Fold Division Of Wealth

What would the world look like without religion?

Then racism and nationality would be much more prevalent than it is. We can expect more Pride for region, language or geographies.The amount of love and respect that celebrities and leaders get, would be 100 folds more than it currently is.People who say that world would be a better place without religion fail to understand why religions originated in the first place. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, but here's my 2 cents.We humans are tribal and need a feeling of being a part of something larger than ourselves. A sense of belonging to a group. The tribe made us feel secure and safe. Which served as the foundation of our social order. Some people took up the responsibility of protecting these tribe and others did farming, preparing the food and other stuff. While others pondered about the creation and theorised their beliefs. From the very beginning of civilization, God or religion have played a very pivotal role in keeping humans together and in groups that exceeds the geographical boundaries.I am an atheist and for quite a few years I was convinced that if everyone in the world became one, the world would be a much better place. But the more I thought about it, the more evident was the folly in my aassumption. Even if you somehow manage to take away religion from everyone, a century later people will find new gods and new prophets. You cannot take away the man's aforementioned need of belonging.In absence of religion, people shall yearn for this sense. That will most likely lead to excess regional pride, or language pride (as witnessed in India) and worst of all the pride of one's skin colour.While that shift occurs there is a high chance of Chaos on international stage. The society would be even more polarised than it is today.Lastly older religions like Hinduism were more of an attempt to understand the universe and actually help the early research in various fields like physics, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, biology, etc. But science today doesn't need religion. So even though the intent is no longer valid, the byproduct is. Although religion has historically brought many wars, we are moving past that. And the absence of religion might not really be as fruitful as atheist think.

Help in history!?!?! (World War II and I) Few questions i need answering please...!?

WW1 happened because of the expanding imperialist countries. Major countries like France, Austria-Hungary, and England. They all wanted more land and resources to become even more powerful.

The Nazi party is the National Socialist Party. They believed in a strong government and promised to turn Germany back into a world power.

Communists believe in a form of government called communism. Communism has the idea of equality for all and ownership for all. While this idea sounds great on paper, it will never work because of people's greed.

The French and British created the Treaty of Versailles. It was a harsh treaty that forced the Germans to pay reparations to Great Britain and France.

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History help please!!!!?

After Columbus' voyages to the New World, there arose the question of "Who owns the New World?" Was it Spain or Portugal? (The Native Americans weren't given a "say" in the matter.) How did Spain and Portugal resolve this problem?

After the Albany Plan failed, the First Continental Congress was convened. Describe the First Continental Congress and its purpose.

Why was James Madison's Virginia Plan important in the formation of this country's government?

What is Buddism?

Can anybody tell me what kind of things they suppourt/dont suppourt and what kind of things they do?

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