Flea Fogging Question

Living cat fleas after fogging?

yeah, part of the problem is that even foggers don't go EVERYWHERE. ( for example: UNDER your sofa or in between the cushions ) so some can still live.
My best solution has been
1. good old fashioned flea powder. Sprinkle it everywhere (furniture, clothes, everywhere ) once a week then vacuum.

2. Advantage ( get it at the vet's, it's not that expensive) That doesn't kill the fleas but keeps them from reproducing! Then there will be no eggs to hatch and after a while your dusting with the flea powder will kill them all.

What is the best flea fogger?

I'm not a pest control professional, but I've worked with fleas and their hosts quite a bit. I don't recommend a fogger because it covers every surface of your house with poison. You and your family will come in contact with the residue frequently when you touch walls, doors, countertops, etc. It's unavoidable. But your target, fleas, are mainly on furniture, pets and the floor, so you're covering everything else with poison needlessly.I suggest liberally sprinkling food-grade diatomaceous earth, along with boric acid powder (borax detergent also works) all over the floor, furniture and pets. Then vacuum thoroughly.These substances are not toxic to people, although they can irritate mucus membranes, so I suggest wearing goggles and a mask over nose and mouth while you do this.The substances will stay in your carpet, etc. in very small amounts, killing every flea they contact. You can re-apply as necessary… but you probably won't see fleas for at least a month, assuming you vacuum once a week.Again. This is my opinion, I'm not in the pest control business, but I prefer this approach because it is less toxic overall, while still being quite effective.

Flea bombing/fogging a house?

Flea bombs and foggers don't work... they don't get pesticide to the areas that fleas hang out. I'd suggest instead using a hand sprayer (like a small garden sprayer) and a IGR (insect growth regulator) for long term flea control that is very low toxicity. You can either vacuum every day or use a short acting pesticide for initial control of the flea population -- takes about a month for the adult, biting fleas to die without a pesticide.

This method does not require you to vacate the house, remove anything but open containers of food, etc. And it doesn't stink. If you remember to spray the IGR every 6 months, you won't have to deal with much in the way of toxicity -- the target of an IGR is a biochemical pathway mammals, birds and fish don't have.


Here's what I've been using:
and here's the sort of hand sprayer: or I prefer the style with wand and hose, fwiw. Keep it just for flea control in the house.

Do dead flea eggs still pose a risk of re-infestation of cats and home (i.e fogging the house and they come back from the eggs)?

A home fogger will kill fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae. However, the flea pupae (fleas in the cocoon) are resistant to insecticides which is why people may still see fleas even after a thorough home treatment. In addition to treating your home with a fogger, spray or powder, you should vacuum which will mechanically remove the fleas, eggs, pupae and larvae. Most importantly, vacuuming will stimulate the larvae to hatch. Then retreat so you catch the newly-emerging fleas. Good luck!

My dogs have fleas. Can I pet them without getting fleas?

If your dog has fleas, assume anything (and anyone) it has contact with has fleas. You can pet your dog with fleas, but know that the fleas are spreading to you and your home. A better question to ask, is how you can get rid of the fleas!Fleas spread by using their powerful legs to jump from host to host. They spread disease and are tough to get rid of.Fleas can thrive anywhere and it is important to take strict measures to rid your home of them. Once you have gotten rid of fleas, use preventative methods to keep your home and health safe!Tips for Getting Rid of Fleas:Vacuum and wash all the soft fabrics in your home with hot water (especially pet bedding)Sweep and mop hard flooring with hot waterTreat your dog for fleas by combing their fur and using a flea spray, powder, chewables, or shampooConsider fogging your house and protecting your yardAlthough a flea infestation can be frustrating and long-lasting, the sooner you take preventative measures - the better!Good luck :)If you like what I wrote here on Quora, I wrote a similar article on Ticks and Fleas on the Woof Woof Blog.

Cat left in house with flea fogger!?

My house was flea bombed while I was away. The person who bombed it didn't remove my cat. I washed the cat's fur about three hours afterwards. He seems okay, but I don't know what I should be looking for.

What should I do? The vet said to just wash him, but what if he's already been poisoned? How do I know?

After a flea fogger/bomb... What do I need to do?

After the flea bombing which only kills the live fleas you will want to vacuum and change the bag often or empty the canister outside... I like to put a cheapie flea collar in the cansiter to kill any live fleas... I used baking soda mixed with regular table salt on my carpets... The baking soda smothers live fleas and the salt punctures the eggs.. It also freshens the carpet and picks up any dirt... It's also cheap for a 12 lb. bag at the wholesale club about $5 and the salt $2 for 3 lbs... It's also non-toxic ! If you want to know if you still have fleas hanging around .. Leave a desk lamp on the floor near a light colored glass bowl.. with an inch or so of water in it with some dishsoap.. If there's dead one's in the morning you still may have a problem... Just keep vacuuming and you should be able to get them all.. I wouldn't bother washing all your clothes or the baby clothes just be careful of your food surface's. Good luck

We just used flea fogger in our house. Do we have to wash all the bedding that would have been affected?

All the cupboards and cabinets and closets were open, so I'm wondering if I need to wash all the towels, sheets, blankets, clothes, etc. that were exposed to the fogger.

Edited to add: I asked this question because some of us did research, and we were getting conflicting info. Some sources said wash everything, some said wash only food prep areas and dishes because the residue needs to stay to continue working. I wanted to wash everything, but I needed to know if there was any truth to the second opinion.

Yes, I am putting all my children to work. We have all been working really hard to get all this done. We got enough bedding done to go to bed, and tomorrow is another day.

Thanks to all who answered so kindly.

Is it really dangerous to not unplug your fridge before flea fogging an apartment?

I'm a small girl who lives all alone there is no possible way for me to physically move my fridge to unplug it but now that I'm reading the directions carefully it says to do so. I live in a very very small apartment so I would have to set the bomb off within 5 feet of the fridge... and blowing it up is not how I envision getting rid of the fleas.

I do not have a large flea infestation because I use Frontline religiously but I moved to a tropical area and the Frontline does not work for 30 days anymore.

Does hot shot Bedbug & flea Fogger work?

I bought hot shot Bedbug & flea Fogger. my question to you guys or girls does it work for you? because i dont want it to get worst. we have bedbugs so i want to get rid of them. their so annoying i cant even sleep that much. because they keep biting me so please answer the question. if this item doesnt work for you give me another choice of riding them except the heat thingi thanks!!