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Football Game Tomorrow Need Some Modivation

How many regular season NFL football games are there per week?

Weeks 1-3: 16
Weeks 4-7: 14
Weeks 8-9: 13
Week 10: 14
Weeks 11-17: 16

What are some good motivational bible verses?

proverbs 3:5

l corinthians 10:13.

don't do this to be a show or convince anyone of anything. if this is in your heart and you feel it is going to serve as a reminder for you to take strength from God by faith, then okay, but be certain of your reasoning for doing this.

I don't feel like going to my soccer game tomorrow !?

think about what you will be missing out on if you don't go. You will miss out on a possibly great game, If your team wins you will miss out on the victory, and you miss out on having fun. Wake up about 7am or so every day before a game, get woken up, go for a run or something to get you warmed up, and just be ready for the day. Not just tomorrow but everyday you have a game.

Football Players: What motivates you?

Going into my 4th year of football i cant seem to get motivated. Im only going to be a Junior and it will be my second year on Varcity and my first full year where the coaches know and care what i do. You would think i would be motivated and ready to get started right away but im not.

I just cant seem to find the want in me to go out and work hard in the offseason for something that feels so far away. I want to be the best there is and I am a hard worker when i am motivated to be.

What do you guys do to motivate yourselves during the offseason or inseason?

Fantasy Football: How do people find the motivation to continuously update their teams during the season?

Wow. I don't know how people find the motivation to update their teams each week, or to even stay around to draft their team. What absolute drudgery.Please, let's have more people who want to put their money in the pot, but find the rest of it all quite terribly banal and dreary. I appreciate those types of folks in the money leagues I participate in. Its better for me if you pay your buy-in, then auto-draft, then never touch it again. Please do.Then those of us who enjoy the sport, enjoy competition, like to test our mettle, wits, and knowledge, tempered with a bit of luck, can reap the fruits of our devoted pursuit - your money.

Anger as workout motivation?

Sports turned my working out real angry real fast. It was all about showing up and shutting up the coaches and players. I was fat and weak so I didn't get much respect. My freshman year in football sucked and I didn't get any playing time. But I came back the next year to prove something, I don't know exactlly what but there was a nagging. Anyway, before the second season started I had lost 15 pounds from the previous year, gained 70 pounds on my bench press, and shaved 4 minutes off my mile time. When the season started, no respect again, until I started peeving off the other players. I was actually trying to work, turns out jocks don't like that. The coaches noticed and I got a starting spot before the season started. I went from bencher to letter-winner, fueled only by anger. I should of felt good and proud of my work and accomplishments, but I didn't, it was all wrong. I didn't like what I was doing or who I was doing it for, the dumb jock coaches. Anger is a terrible workout motivation, because when it comes time to reap your rewards it is meaningless because it was done for the wrong reasons. I'm not in sports anymore, my replacement went all-conference which kind of sucks, but oh well. I know that the things I strive to achieve now are no longer accomplished by anger.

I am not good at playing football. How can I improve myself?

This is from my personal experience!Practise.Its all about the kind of hardwork you put itn.I used to fail miserably in kicking the balls, I didn't know how to 'punch', how to 'ping', how to 'swirl', 'knuckle balls', etc. Nothing. I couldn't do anything, but then there was an inner drive, which always wanted to become better and I was very much motivated by it.I used to practice alone, no particular timing, I used to hit the terrace late at night around 1am, early in the morning 4am, deep into noon 2pm, like no schedule, I just wanted to improve, I just knew that if I practice everyday, it might be of help, I wasn't even sure it would.I used to be the first one to visit the ground, I used to play alone, anything from hitting thw ball to juggling, anything, I would just be there befor anyone else and I would practice.I am a big,big,big,might be the biggest fan of Cristiano Ronlado, so I watched his videos all along, and many more, I always tried doing tricks and stuffs, learning from him and others.(I still do this and I'll keep on doing this, always)I just kept on doing what I did.And then I realised how I have grown so much.Now, when I play,people look upto me and they want me in their team.So that's how you imporve, invest tim, dedicste yourself, work when no one is watching, work when everyone is watching, work for youself and not to show off, you'll improve.Watch videos of your favourite players, aspire to play with them, and watch football, listen to the talks after the game, it all culminates to one thing - IMPROVEMENT.Trust yourself, work hard.Have fun with what you are doing. :)Good luck.

Freshman or JV football??

Im 14 going in to my freshman year. I play TE and DE i had 10 TDs last year (7 on offense), 5 sacks and i have no clue how many tackles i had. it wasnt a huge amount. I was the captain of my team and i have a choice of playing JV or freshman football. If I play freshman I know i will be the captain, start and play really well. In JV i might start and might face kids that are bigger then me (im 5'11 and 170 lbs.) so i would get owned. But if I play JV i could make varsity my sophmore year which i would not play a lot but i would know all the plays and i would be a sure starter by seinor year. Which one do you think is better. Thanks