Forgive An Ex Or Move On

How do I forgive an ex for lying to me?

You either do, or you don't.If you forgive, you need to let it go as if it never happened.If you can't do that, be honest and tell them.Sometimes, it takes time.... "I will forgive you when I see you can be honest with me...." They are an ex. The only benefit to forgiving them is .... what?As a wife,I find being as open minded and "un jealous" as possible the best way, accepting that I make mistakes, so does he, and that I love him more than I am willing to let his mistakes hurt me. Makes life alot easier.If he knows I do not judge, will not overreact, its easier to just tell the truth.Why did he lie? Now, I am not saying he was right- just asking. Is it because he was gonna get a boatload of how-di-doo from you? Easier to lie. Lying in a relationship can be but sometimes is not just one person's fault. Start by forgiving you, learning what if anything you did and see if things could have been different. Unless he approaches you, leave him be- it will be misinterpreted otherwise.

Is it wrong if I can't forgive an ex?

I’m not a big fan of the forgiveness concept, and it seems to be an expectation of women more than men.I think letting go of bitterness at the one year mark is necessary to get on with your life and seek happiness.But keeping sharp and alert is necessary too so that you recognize those negative characteristics next time. Walking away earlier and preventing abuse in the future is essential.‘Never Again’ is a better mantra than, ‘I will forgive’.Let the exes go into the dark without you.

How do I forgive my ex-boyfriend?

Well, first of all, you aren't the only one who's posted about forgiveness today, so it's obviously not something you're struggling with alone.

I'll tell you what I told someone else: Forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling. You can decide to forgive the ex-jerk and move on without having to say one word to him. Don't you think that anger you still have is giving him way too much power in your life? How many more minutes of your life do you want to give to him? That's what you're doing. Choosing to forgive him stops that running meter and gives you your life back. He'll likely still be a jerk, but if you forgive him it truly won't matter anymore WHAT he is.

From my own experience, I can tell you this: Venting that anger by telling him off won't do the job. He will never have the reaction to it you really want, and that will just piss you off all the more. I think your "new man" deserves a relationship with you that doesn't have the jerk hovering in the background. Forgiveness will do that, too.

How can I forgive and forget what my ex has done while we work things out?

Ok. So I'm going to give you an answer that you're probably not going to get from anyone else LOL but here it goes.
Me and my ex boyfriend are trying to work things out, sort of. But in the time we weren't together I tried to persue a relationship with one of my bestfriends. Him and his girlfriend were together for a year and a half, and they broke up because he had feelings for me. His girlfriend was a little bit psycho. She's younger, and was not a good fit for him at all. She isn't a good fit for him, none of his friends like her one bit. Anyway. He betrayed her trust, dated me and slept with me. They were broken up for 5 months. And one day he just ended it with me. Because I wasn't her (and he knew he wasn't the guy I loved either). And I understood.
What does this have to do with what you're going through? A lot.
This guy I was with persued other things because he thought he needed something else. He wasn't sure she was what he needed. She may not be a good fit for him in anyone elses opinion, but at the end of the day? Who cares. Because he realized that she fit him. I understand how he feels, because I know he loves her. And everything we did in their time apart, and everything he experienced just prooved to him that she was it for him.
People are going to answer this telling you what he did was wrong. They're going to tell you that he's disgusting, and you shouldn't waste your time. And maybe they're right. But maybe he could be like the guy I was with. He's back with his girlfriend, she knows everything me and him did, and they've never been happier. Because she knows that when he had the chance to have someone else, when he had someone else, he went back to her. And it was eachother that the other needed.
Maybe look at it that way? It may not be the best way for him to do it, but maybe the stuff he did in his time apart reassured him of what you meant to him. He's a boy, they're not the quickest.

Should I forgive my ex for moving on really quickly?

It depends on why she did, what she did.If it was out of sheer insensitivity and the thought of having a boyfriend just for the sake of having one, it's equivalent to playing with your emotions which is unacceptable for any human.If it was to make you jealous so that you come back to her, she needs to understand that relationship is not about making the other person feel bad because it keeps getting worse, she does one thing and then you'll do another and so on, eventually messing the relationship and breaking it. This shows that she is not too mature.So the best would be either ask her why she did so, because if she felt initially that you did not love her the way she did and thus moved on, you are also wrong somewhere but if the reason is else, you can think of forgiving her if that reason(could be above ones) is acceptable to you(also depends on how truly you want to get her back in life) or if you know her so well to figure out the exact reason of her action yourself, take decision accordingly.Good luck!

Do you think my Scorpio ex will ever forgive me?

Me ex really really cared for me but I lost my feelings for him and while we were together I was talking to some other guy and well we are dating now. I didnt want my ex to go out with someone who doesnt like him anymore. Who wants it?! I care enough for him to not lead him on. Even though I did for the past 2 months :/ Yesterday was our 9 months and me and my new bf told him about everything yesterday. I've never seen him so upset before. Ever. I feel really bad now. He texted me saying "I dont regret anything. You were the best gf I ever had. You made me happier than any girl ever has. I am sorry for not being the right one. Idk what I did to make you loose feelings for me but I hope you're happier with him than you were with me. I'll always be there for you. If he hurts you he has to deal with me. I hope he treats you better than I did. I love you."

I just replied back "Thanks :)"

Should I forgive my ex for lying/cheating on me?

I've been with her for months and recently she's been going to a Adventist Christian church camp and it's been 3 months since we've seen each other and it be until the last day of summer until we were suppose to see one another again. We went on break and she was acting more distant to me. So I started to hangout our friend one day and my friend 1 told me to move on. I was questioned by this answer, so I asked what she meant by this and she told me that my girlfriend cheated on me before summer break, and that friend 1 tried her best to have my ex tell me the truth before but she gave up hope and told me. I was left confused and hurt by this so I decided to call another friend and to confirm, since friend 1 said another friend 2 also knew this. So I asked why and how did she cheat on me. 1 told me that she was @ a BBQ/party and her ex boyfriend was there and that he kissed her. I was devastated because of this because so I called my former girlfriend and I asked her if she cheated on me before she left. In her voice I knew she was lying but I tried my best to make the convo calm but she was mad for reasons unknown and she hung up on me. Later on that day I was having dinner with my father and she called me. I didn't want to answer her but my heart gave in and so we talked. She told me she was sorry for lying, cheating, and that she didn't take responsibility. All I told her was that would've forgiven her if she told me sooner. We continued to talk that night and I asked her if she would let me go and she said she didn't want to. I asked her if it was because if she loved me still and she said yes. We began to talk about what we were gonna do. I suggested we just start over, she agreed. Apart of me hates everything about her because the betrayal. I feel that I should forgive her but never have her trust. I can't decide what to do. I'm still hurting about what happened. Please know the fact that I can forgive easily but this is something that I can't do. Please if anyone can give me a strong, Noble answer so I can put this behind. Thank you