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Found Something Very Strange In Kitchen

Four letter words: things you find in a kitchen?


My hamster ate something strange and old from my kitchen floor!?

I had my hamster in its exercise ball and she got loose in the kitchen. She didn't run away but when I found her, it was because I could hear her munching on something under the counter. She was eating this super old piece of food, it was so old i couldnt even tell what it was exactly.

I think it might have been a really old potato chip or something. I'm worried because i dont know what she ate, plus whatever it was was definitely sitting there and collecting dust and dirt for AT LEAST 6 months, minimum. Will she get sick? is it dangerous for a hamster to eat really old dirty food? I figured she would have enough instinct not to eat something completely poisonous, but i might be giving it too much credit on that.

She is a 3 month old, siberian dwarf hamster. Small, very healthy, very active and an otherwise great hamster. Will she be okay? Has anyone elses dwarf hamster ever died or gotten sick from eating bad food?

thanks for all your help

Have you ever found something rare?

When I was a kid, I liked to dig in the yard as a pastime, sometimes using a spoon I smuggled out of the kitchen.One day while digging I uncovered a small blackish rock, with one side uniquely smooth and curved. I was intrigued.I picked it up, then stood up, with a plan to take it to my room and stow it with my other found treasures. It slipped out of my hand and hit the sidewalk…HOLY COW! It bounced! I was incredulous. A rock that bounces! I began to ponder how I would excavate my yard, mine this vein of unquestionably valuable material, and sell it to my friends, or to some company that made toys…or perhaps, exotic weaponry.It was a few days later that I figured out what it really was: a fragment of a Super Ball (a popular and fun toy from the 60′s and still around today, made out of “zectron”).For a few days, I thought I would make millions. Instead, I resumed my spoon digging.

What’s the smelliest thing you can put in the kitchen trash?

What’s the smelliest thing you can put in the kitchen trash?

Something easy & cheap or just a weird mixture of stuff.

No I’m not crazy I need to get people to take out the trash, if it smells terrible, they’ll take it out.

Any input or ideas would be great.

Did you ever find something unusual when you bought a new house?

I bought a house in Worthing, UK nearly 20 years ago. It had been empty for a very long time as it was in a period of economic problems here.It was a large house built during Victorian times and had been let out as rooms to various people having a tough time of it.I collected the keys from the estate agent and went along to take a look at my new property.It didn’t help that it looked a bit like the Amityville house with old curtains at the windows and was generally pretty spooky.I went in.Then I started to hear strange knocks and banging. I wasn’t alone.What could I do? I had to investigate.Not sure what I was expecting to find, I headed upstairs – very cautiously.Opening a bedroom door I found the source of the noise.An elderly lady who looked as surprised as I was.She was obviously homeless and had been looking for somewhere warm and dry to sleep.It was when she told me that the reason she was “hiding” there was because she was the only person alive who knew what had happened to Princess Diana on that tragic night in Paris.It was then that I contacted Social Services who were able to find her somewhere more suitable to live.I’ve seen her around the town since and she seems a lot better.

Have you ever found something inside/outside of your house that made you feel afraid?

Behind my house there's a creek. One day when I was walking my dog down there, I saw by the trees that a mattress was against the trees in the form of a small shelter from the rain. I didn't know if someone just threw the mattress there and it landed like that, or if someone was in there. I ran back up to my house and I didn't go down to the creek for a bit of time. It's gone now. But I was worried for a bit of time.