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Fractured Hand Still Not Healed Yet

How can I fix my bent finger after it has healed from a fracture?

You asked me when the wire was in situ. Nothing to worry. This can be corrected by a planned surgery. It is a common complication. It is called rotational malunion. After doing complicated work in emergency, chance were more to get worser complications like bone infection. Now, you have no pain, no swelling, not much hurry now. Now doing a beatification, restorative work will be safer.In Goverment Medical College Hospital you can get that for free of cost.At that time it was an emergency operation to save your finger. K wire is easier to keep them in place to get joined. It would be great if this never happened. But happens because in situation surgeon has not many options in emergency surgery. K wire is easy but rotating is the problem. Too much complicated work at emergency may bring impossible to control problems.Saving the finger was the important work in emergency. We can fix it many approach, this bone cutting out surgery is one approach.As because I can not see the current Xray and test your finger, I am saying you the maximum a surgeon may need to do — surgery.Now you need an orthopaedic surgeon who is versed with hand surgery. That can be the surgeon who performed the first work or different person or Goverment medical college hospital. It is better to find the surgeon faster (weeks to month, not something after 6 months nor within few hours). If you do late, finger’s function may be hampered.This person had same issue like you. Photos are taken inside OT. That operation done and alignment became correct.

Boxer's Fracture not healing?

Distal Radial Fracture? If so I did this in 2003 ended up with a steel plate in the wrist with serval screws. I healed well but range of motion is bad and I have yet to punch something with that hand 100%. It hurt too much at 80% or so. I am in the process of trying to get the plate removed for range of motion (hopefully)...

Why is my foot not healing from a fracture for 3 years? I've had my medicine but still it's painful.

Maybe you gotta take the right treatment, right nutrition intake.You should probably visit a specialist and inform him/her about this.He/she might suggest different medicines and give necessary treatment or even intensify the current treatment.

It's been 5 weeks since I fractured my hand (3rd metacarpal). it's still swollen. Does this mean it hasn't/isn't healing correctly?

There would be an initial swelling which lasts for 2-3 weeks. The swelling is supposed to decrease after this stage. 5 weeks is an ample amount of time for the swelling to reduce. By now the matrix of the newly formed bone should undergo calcification. I would suggest you to check it again. There maybe some other complications associated with it.

How long does it take a metacarpal fracture to heal?

I fractured my third metacarpal last sunday and my hand is in a soft cast. Is there any way of quickening up the healing process, is it best to keep the hand elevated and how long does a typical metacarpel fracture take to heal?

Is it possible for hand fractures to be missed on an x-ray?

Its possible that the fracture just isnt showing up on the x-ray just yet. To help with your swelling, keep the hand above heart level (Statue of Liberty). The green and purple colors are not abnormal (bruising) and will change to six shades of the rainbow before the body reabsorbs it. Blood will pool to the lowest level and you are most likely not elevating the hand enough.

See your doctor and expect a repeat x-ray in another week or so ...

Why does my leg fracture healing exceed 6 months?

You want the leg optimumly healed before you apply pressure on it again so as not to refracture it. The full weight of your body can refracture an ineffectively healed leg bone❣

Can I still heal a mallet finger fracture broken after 5 months? Is it too late?

Hey Youssef. Since mallet finger with a fracture involves an avulsed or torn tendon plus a break in the bone, it is a more complicated injury than it seems. Splinting it, at this point, may actually still help, if done by an orthopedic provider. Some providers will attempt to correct the mallet finger, up to six months after the injury, by splinting or casting it. It must remain splinted/casted for six to eight weeks; continuously, and should not be removed for any amount of time except by the orthopedic provider. This requires meticulous care of the splinted finger to prevent pressure sores. The provider will provide explicit instructions on caring for it and will schedule follow-up appointments to assess the condition of the finger over the course of the treatment. If splinting/casting does not work or if it is too late to try this treatment and the deformity is bad enough to bother you, surgical fixation is also an option to correct it. Good luck and get an appointment quickly to avoid missing the window of time to try conservative treatment.

Broken hand healed incorrectly?

You need an x-ray to see exactly what you did injure. If you had a break and did nothing for it, it could have healed that way. If the bones already knitted themselves together, the only way that can be corrected is through surgery. That's why a cast is put on any broken bone, to immobilize it in order for the bone to heal properly otherwise, you get what you described. You really need to see a MD. Sorry,