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Which Linux certification is better? Linux Foundation or LPIC?

I don’t think the other answers on this thread is accurate or at least up to date. The Linux Foundation’s certifications are performance based which is the most real world relevance that a technical certification can get.They may be new but are in my opinion far superior to multiple choice or any (Brain Dump) guaranteed pass certificates such as LPIC. In order to pass the LFCS, or LFCE exams of the Linux Foundation you need to have exercised setting up the relevant services or other challenges posed by the exams multiple times in order to just finish in time. Unlike the RHEL certifications they are distribution centric so you can choose to do your exam on CentOS, Ubuntu, or Open Suse.The Linux Foundation is also a non-profit who hosts the Linux Project, employs the Linux Founder (Linus Torvalds) and release the kernel updates that are implemented by all the distributions.If you are passionate about Open Source technologies I do not see more relevant source to support when it comes to getting certified.

Which is the best website for LPIC certification courses?

Bellow are the best sites are use when I am studying for certifications.Linux Professional Institute |Will give you all information you need regarding the linux certifications such as prices,expiration dates and etc.Microsoft, Oracle, OCP, CompTIA, A+, MCSE, CCNA, PMP, PHP Courses & Labs -uCertifyWill give you information regarding books to read, and some quiz to prepare you for the final exams.Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more is where you should by your books, Please pay attention on rating before you buy a book.Enjoy.

What are the highly recommended certifications for Btech CSE/IT students?

Hello Friend,Here are the list of certifications, based on the sub-categories on the field of engineering:Cisco: Provides certifications mainly for people interested in networking.CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE (CCNA)CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK PROFESSIONAL ROUTING AND SWITCHING (CCNP)CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE SECURITY CREDENTIAL (CCNA)Microsoft: Provides certifications for people interested in field of development.MICROSOFT CERTIFIED SOLUTIONS DEVELOPER FOR WEB APPLICATIONS (MCSD)MICROSOFT CERTIFIED SOLUTIONS ASSOCIATE WINDOWS SERVER 2012 (MCSA)Associations: Provides a valid proof that ensures that you are the part of association.SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE CERTIFICATION (SDA)COMPTIA’S SECURITY+COMPTIA’S A+ CERTIFICATIONCOMPTIA’S LINUX+Non-Profits:PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL (PMP)CERTIFIED INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY PROFESSIONAL (CISSP)CERTIFIED SCRUMMASTER (CSM)CERTIFIED INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGER (CISM)CERTIFIED IN RISK AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS CONTROL (CRISC)CERTIFIED SECURE SOFTWARE LIFECYCLE PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIAL (CSSLP)CITRIX CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL – VIRTUALIZATION (CCP-V)Red-hat certifications: Go through this Url to know more about red-hat certifications: Training ListingHacking: Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) - EC-CouncilGoogle: Google Developer Certification  |  Google Developersfor more information about other certifications go to this url:14 developer certifications that will give you an edgeThank you,Happy to help.

Where can I get my PHP certification as a PHP programmer? What are good books to prepare for it?

Oh! PHP Certification!This can be obtained in so many Places and ways ranging from a FREE Certification down to Paid ones.What I personally would actually consider in this Certification thing will be the Most recognized Certified Body who is issuing you this said Certificate.Since PHP happens to be an Open Source Programming Language and the Owners or Community have not really ventured much into Commercializing stuffs like Oracle and Java Certifications, I can’t really tell which Organization has more Reputation/Recognizance that will catch the attention of the Job Marketplace.NOTE: Sorry, Yet as I was typing your Answers, Junto our Knowledge Guidance Robot flew million miles all the way from Pluto to inform me that there is a Commercial part of the PHP Community called ZEND and that they have a Certification section Zend PHP 5 Certification , So I will add that too below the listBut below in no other, I will list some available PHP Certification Programs;W3Schools' CertificationsPHP Certification - PHP CertificationZend PHP 5 CertificationHope this Helps!

I have previous experience with Linux: I have "played" with Red Hat (later Fedora) and Ubuntu. What path to follow to get certified Linux?

You have two choices:Either go RHCE/RHCSA, but you will probably need to pay for their training to get there. I have found the study guides on the RHCE/RHCSA will probably not help you pass unless you have ALLOT of Linux experience.ORGo for LPI LPIC-1 Linux Server Professional - Linux Professional Institute I got LPIC Level 1 certified from ordering LPI linux in a nutshell and just working through that book with my Linux laptop, trying the items in the test. The book has since changed so feel free to grab the best e-reader (or I actually prefer paper, I don’t know why I just do) and just work through it. That means switching off Windows and using Linux exclusively for awhile. It also means doing stuff at home that makes no sense in a home environment (like Logical Volumes, etc) but makes perfect sense in a commercial hosting environment.The linux foundation also have their certification. Linux System Administrator Certification I do not have any particular experience with this certification.

Which is the best Linux course you have taken or the best Linux study material you have come across?

Since everyone learns differently, I recommend poking through a bookstore and find a basic Linux book that looks like it matches your learning style and knowledge level.  If you decide you want to become a power user or an administrator, I recommend spending most of your time in a terminal window instead of the GUI since that's where the power of the OS lies. I've interviewed people who do most of their work in the GUI and consider themselves Unix admins. The truth of the matter is that unless you can operate exclusively in a text environment, you're a user, not an admin.O'Reilly has pretty good books available on a variety of topics. Subjects I'd tackle first:* Bash - The bash shell is the most widely used shell on Unix and comes standard on almost all systems. Writing scripts in bash or other shell languages allows the power user to automate many tasks and saves a ton of time.* The VI editor - The vi editor is THE way to edit files in a text-only environment. It has a pretty steep learning curve, but once you know it, it's an amazingly powerful tool). EMACS is another text-mode editor, but it's not the primary editor for most admins.* SSH - SSH (Secure SHell) is a very secure way to communicate with remote *nix systems and allows a secure means to transfer files and even set up a primitive VPN between two systems. It's extraordinarily flexible and is an essential tool.There are a ton of other useful tools like sed, awk, grep, sort, uniq, etc. that make *nix the powerful OS it is. Other scripting languages like Python, Ruby and perl are useful for doing systems programming that amplifies your ability to automate tasks you do on a regular basis.If you want to learn more, the RHCSA/RHCE study guides are a good place to go to acquire the knowledge to become a Unix administrator. There's no substitute for practice though and I recommend setting up a virtual machine with a mainstream version of Linux like CentOS. Ubuntu is a great desktop *nix, but CentOS/RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) rule the data center.

What are the things you need to know to become a Linux administrator?

There is a lot to know, depending on what kind of admin you want to be (or are forced into!)The basics is simply the Linux command line, bash, and the filesystem hierarchy and permissions systems, users/groups, disk partitions, and how to install software and run updates. This is the kind of thing you have to know to administrate your home PC.Next up would be setting up and installing an enterprise-like system such as a server, database installation and setup, learning to automate the system with scripts, learning to run advanced search/replace  regular expressions along the way, and learning to compile and install packages from source.Along with this comes learning security tools, procedures, and setups. And pretty much every bit of software you install has something up with it that way. Install an SSH server, you have a potential door. Install Apache, you have another potential door. Install MySQL, and you have another, and so on. The basics of network protocols and encryption techniques are a big help here too. Also, doing some system cracking to yourself will give you an idea of what you might be up against.Apart from servers, the other big use for Linux is programming. As a systems admin, you often have to be able to set up a development environment, as well as "fake" systems to test on, and ensure that all tools are running correctly. Actually knowing how to code puts you at an advantage with this.SUSE and RedHat have certification you can study towards, as do Oracle and the Linux Professional Institute. There are often documents published (free and paid) that are study guides to these certificates. If you're an interested beginner, read https://www.linuxcertification.c...

How can I pass DevOps Tools engineer 701-100 exam smoothly?

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