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Good Age To Get A Phone


Yes, you probably have reasons at 13 to use a cell phone-not to call and text your friends, but if you go to the mall or the movies or something with your friends and something happens that you need a ride home early or whatever. Since 13 is an age where most kids start to do some things without thier parents their, a cell phone can be a good thing to have.

What is a good age to get an iPhone?

I had not considered the question before. I have seen the pictures of pictures of people sitting at a table texting each other, rather than talking. I see people walking head down focused on their phone on beautiful days. Entrusting a child or teenager with a $500 device is a option, where trusting them with a car is not an option.Googling, looking for the questions to ask and the rules to be followed, lead to this list of 18 rules for a young person given a phone.Every Parent Who Gives Their Kid an iPhone Should Make Their Kid Follow These 18 Rules 5. It does not go to school with you. Have a conversation with the people you text in person. It's a life skill. *Half days, field trips and after school activities will require special consideration.6. If it falls into the toilet, smashes on the ground, or vanishes into thin air, you are responsible for the replacement costs or repairs. Mow a lawn, babysit, stash some birthday money. It will happen, you should be prepared.7. Do not use this technology to lie, fool, or deceive another human being. Do not involve yourself in conversations that are hurtful to others. Be a good friend first or stay the hell out of the crossfire.8. Do not text, email, or say anything through this device you would not say in person.

What's a good age to get your kid a cell phone?

I'm specifically looking for answers from parents, as we all know most kids over 10 think their parents owe them a cell phone; I don't need to be reminded of this.

Here's my concern about getting a cell phone for a kid too early: You get your 12-year-old a cell phone, and they decide to download some $50 or more of ring tones and games or other junk that you can't afford and they can't either since they don't have a job. Your cell phone service gets suspended because you can't pay the bill thanks to your kid, and then when you finally pay your bill you've got restore fees, bringing up the next bill that you again can't afford so your service gets suspended again with restore fees the next month. Then you end up with this domino effect month after month and can't get caught up. By now, you've taken the cell phone away from the kid, but the damage has already been done.

Would you put yourself in that situation? Or would you not allow them to have a cell phone until they're at least 15 or 16 and have a stable job and can pay their portion of the bill, as a cell phone is truly a luxury, not a necessity? Or would you have them wait until they're 18 and can put it in their own name so they're not screwing with your credit if they run up a high bill?

What age should i get a cell phone?

It depends on the child.Is he\she mature?I got my cell phone at 8 :P.Most kids mature at age 10 to 13.some later some earlier like me!

What age should a kid get a cell phone?

Honestly, my child would only get a cell phone if they bought it for them self. They pay the bill.

I might get a cell phone to give them if they were to go to the movies with a friend, but I would get it back after.

My friend's sister got a cell phone at 14, and she ranked the cell phone bill up to $265 in one month. After, her parents took it away, got her a pay as you go one, and she bought the minutes. So if you're going to get him one, I'd give him the pay as you go.

What is a good age for your children to have their own cell phone or iPad?

When children are sophisticated enough to resist attempts by strangers with nice looking profiles and links to become “friends” with them. When they are wise enough to always contact you if they see or read something that makes them feel uncomfortable.Otherwise, you need to be aware of everything your child does on Internet-connected electronics– iPhone, Android, iPad, computer or game system. While “parental control” technologies are helpful, they have flaws and limitations and should not be exclusively relied upon. The best approach is to have a conversation with your child about technology safety, and to allow Internet-connected electronic device use only in public areas of your home while adults are in the same room, and require that the devices be in your control at night when your child should be asleep.You should always be aware of what your child is doing and doubly-so if they are exhibiting unusual behavior.The US Department of Justice has reported that approximately 1 in 7 (13%) youth Internet users received unwanted sexual solicitations. I’d recommend reading up on information about keeping kids safe with technology– Every Child can be a Victim to Online Predators

At what age should kids get smartphones?

I see little kids that are like 7 or 8 that have smart phones already. Like what do they need mobile internet access for? I think they don't need it when they are that young. The only thing they look up is p o r n anyway lol

What is a good age to buy my daughters a cell phone?

I found This article for you.I am dreading next month. My son is going to celebrating his birthday soon and like any other millennial he wants a phone as his birthday gift. As much as I want to get him anything that he wants, as it is his special day, I can’t stop and wonder, “What is the best age to buy a phone for your kid?”I know I have to keep emotions aside and think logically. Age has nothing to do with what is the best age to buy a cell phone for a child. It has more to do with being responsible and mature to be able to handle one of the advanced pieces of technology. Cell phones and internet can be a lethal combination. Cyberbullying, trolling, and safety of children are all things that we, as a mother, try to protect our children from.Having said that, my son does need a phone as he attends a lot of classes after school and takes public transport for commuting. Keeping in touch with him with definitely make me less anxious about his whereabouts.Read More: What Is The Best Age To Buy A Phone For Your Child