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Guidelines On How To Care For Your Deck

How do i get rid of spider mites all over my decks?

You can get rid of spider mites with non-detergent citrus soap and water. Not even a lot of soap just enough to make suds and then coat the deck. Give it a little while, then wash it down. However, something has to be attracting them...maybe a plant they like on the decks..use the same mixture on the plants.

How many red 4's are there in a deck of cards?

in a standard playing card deck, there are two 4s. the 4 of diamonds and the 4 of hearts

What could I do with the stray kittens living under my deck? I have to get rid of them.?

First thing to do is determine whether they are feral or not. If they will come to you, they are not feral. If they won't come near you, they are probably feral.

Feral cats, find a local feral colony they can be given to. The people who care for the feral colony can provide you with traps to catch the cats, and then they will come pick them up.

If they are not feral, call around the local animal shelters and find out which ones are no-kill or low-kill. No-kill means they will only euthanize if the cat is suffering terribly and there is nothing they can do about it (such as a cat about to die from tumors or a dog that is so badly mangled it could never survive). Low-kill means they will only euthanize the cat if it cannot be adopted out (such as a cat with congenital heart failure or one that is extremely skittish and will not calm down over time [usually they give the very skittish cats about six months to calm down]). After you find the no-kill and low-kill shelters, you'll have to ask which ones have room...they often don't, and since it's kitten season, many will be full, so keep asking may have to go an hour or more away. Once you find a shelter, you can work with them on how to bring them in.

In the meantime, put an ad in the newspaper and on never know, you might find homes for them fast, especially if they are young kittens!


very nice, i didn't see any errors, whats your question?

Will someone help me find this skateboard deck? PLEASE!?

Hey muh peeps. I really really really want to find this deck and BUY it! It's the Enjoi horses. It's Jerry Hsu's deck here's a link to a pic. I tried to buy it on this website but it didnt work

My daughter fell off of our deck and there was no railings, should I sue my landlord?

for what purpose are you thinking of suing? Is it because there were no railings, is it because she broke her femur bone, is it because you want your time away from work repaid to you both, or is it for the pain and suffering she went thru or is it because you want to pay for her college?

I'd be asking these questions: where were you when your child fell off the deck? how high is the deck? what was the cost of medical bills (exams, x-rays, treatment). And have you read your lease in this did it say you needed to get your own insurance?

Your own apartment/renters insurance should cover the payment of your child's exams, x-rays and treatment. There is no reimbursement in the courts for time away from work. If brought to the courts some hot shot attorney might consider you a negligent mother, or negligent for not getting apartment/renters insurance since you have a child, so don't push this court thing. I'd be wondering if the landlord planned to rent his apartment to families, and if so would have included the phrase to get your own insurance in the rental agreement or at least told you about it. But you should have gotten it anyway.

How can I remove a burn stain from my composite/wood deck?

Rub lemon juice using a soft cloth onto burn stains

Rub a tough stain with a 0000 grade steel wool dipped in lemon oil, moving along the grain. Check the stain at each pass to make sure you are only removing as much as necessary. Lemon oil is available from hardware stores and some grocery stores.Use pure lemon oil to remove the stain. Impure lemon oil has petroleum in it which can make your wood a fire hazard. Look at the label of the bottle. If it is flammable, the lemon oil is not pure.

Mix together linseed oil and rotten stone, available from your hardware store, until it makes a paste. Rub the paste into the stain, going with the grain, to remove it.

Or fine sand paper like 120 grit with the grain Lightly sand and re-stain area if it is stained

hope it helps