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Guy Gives Compliment Them Walks Away

Compliment a girl and walk away?

lol. in my experience. that has worked.. p.s. it doesn't just have to be friends. i've done that to a random girl i walked by. later she came and sat with me at lunch... lol. we got to know eachother and had little interest but still. it gets their attention so go for it.. we're still friends now. funny how that works.

Girls, when a guy gives you a compliment, what do you say?

I guess it depends on the compliment, and who you are as a person. Most of the time, all a guy wants to hear is that he made you feel good by saying what he did. If he succeeded, then you definitely want to thank him. Just saying "thank-you" like you mean it is normally good enough to make him happy.
Sometimes though, depending on your mood and your natural personality, you might want to be playful with your response. You can be modest, and you can compliment him back. Just be sure that you're not modest ALL the time. If you deny his compliments every time he tries to give you one, he'll feel like his words don't mean anything to you. And we both know that's not true. ^.^

Does the tell a girl a compliment and walk away really work?

well, I'm 13 and guys have tried this on me a couple of times... usually, if i don't know them i say " uh.. thanks!" flash a smile and then continue with whatever i was doing. I don't really think much about it. i suggest if you see a girl you think is "cute" or "hot" or whatever i suggest go up to her say hi and then comment on what shes doing and try to strike up a conversation... find something in common. and THEN walk away ( the conversation should last no more than 5 minuets)... you'll have her thinking about you ALL day ( its better if shes not with a friend)

I have a question on women and guys giving them compliments?

I personally feel it has nothing to do with how a guy looks. It's all about how they come off when giving the compliment and if its given in a polite way. If any guy (ugly, cute, young, or old) were to say to me, I just wanted to let you know that outfit looks really nice on you or I think you're a very pretty woman. And walked away or finished with a your husband is a lucky man comment and then just walks away. I in no way would be affended. Now come to me and say your a** looks good in those jeans or just walk up and say some cheesy pick up line about how I'm pretty. Regardless of how you look I'm going to be affended. And you're likely to get affended back! In all I believe it's all about your approach and sincerity when it comes to giving a woman a compliment. Honestly the best way to give one and not be looked at like a perverted jerk is be respectful in what you say and just walk away afterwards. Those get a girl's attention more because it doesn't feel like you're hitting on us.

How do you act when someone gives you a compliment?

I'm a very awkward person. When someone besides my parents compliments me, I just kinda turn red, nod embarrassedly, mumble "thanks", and walk away. Then people wonder if they have offended me, but they havent. I'm just too surprised that I'm good at anything to really register the compliment. Low self-esteem issues, ya know?

What do you say to compliments?? ?

Ok for starters, say "Thank you."
I think if you say "No I'm not" or the like, it depends on how you're saying it. If you're saying it to be genuinely coy or a bit hard to get then that can be ok, but it really will depend on your tone of voice when you do such. If you just dismiss the guy by saying "No, I'm not", then that's just impolite

If the guy reciprocates after you say "No, I'm not" by saying something like "No, seriously, I really love what you've done with your hair [or whatever]. It caught my attention." Then say Thank you. At this point, engage in a bit of conversation.

Honestly, if I give a woman a compliment I'm looking for a bit more than mere thank you. Yes, yes, ladies - I understand completely that it's really all I should be expecting and probably entitled to receive.
I admit that I'll pay a girl a compliment becuase I'm hoping for a bit of conversation. If I get a new friend out of it then great. Believe it or not ladies, not ALL guys will give you compliments just so they can get in your pants!!

I guess what I'd be looking for if I compliment a girl is something like "Thanks. I didn't think I was having a good hair day." or "Thanks, that's really nice of you."

What you ladies shouldn't do is say stuff like.
"Yeah, my boyfriend / husband thinks so too." - That just makes you look like a b%tch. Great you have a hubby / significant other. Big Deal! Take a compliment because the guy took a little time to comment on your appearance not trying to score.

or "I know" - can't think of too much else that makes you look like a Diva premadonna then being full of yourself with that sort of comment.

I think things are different nowadays because the creeps and stalkers and perverts have really ruined everything for us genuine guys that are just vocalizing that you look well put together.

What does it mean when a guy compliments you?

1. A lot of times men don't compliment women unless there are strong feelings or your just a close friend.
So if you aren't really close then I would go with he likes you.
Normally people cant help but still looks at someone they find attractive.
Some ways to find out if he likes you are. .
1. does he always make the first move Ex: he comes up and talks to you.
2. when he talks to you does he look into your eyes are stair at your lips?
3. Does he seem interested in what you have to say?
If you said yes to these then again I would say he likes you and I think you should try inviting him out for Coffee if you like him back and see how he reacts to that if he freaks out and says " i don't know" then he might like you and to avoid that problem then just say " oh come on a bunch of people are going." so then it wont seem like a date. If he says yes, then your good to go!
Good luck!