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Guys Only Am I Pretty Or Ugly Or What

Do guys like pretty girls or ugly girls?

Heres my take I'm a Senior in high school (guy) lol its kinda hard for me to judge you and the other girl based on looks. But like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. For example i like this sort of short like think 4'11-5'0 girl who has an A cup everyone who I tell is like buddy are you ******* serious? and I am always like yeah man shes smoking. The reason i like her is because she has personality and shes smart. If you want boys to notice you hug them all boys love to be touched. Another thing to consider is most people lie, I dated a so called slut who I feel in love with. She ended up blowing my best friend but thats another story. Many guys lie about hooking up and sometimes girls lie too. There are three different categorize of women categorize by men. The first are cute slim girls who you'd want to date, cuddle and fall in love with think Kristen Stewart, Blair Waldorf ect. The second are meaty/busty like they have some weight but like its not visible think like Kim Kadashian, Hillary Duff (when she started out) who you just want to hug forever. The third are movie Star Hawt like Hedi Montag, Serena Vanerwoodson ect. A general rule that i have learned is if your skinny with an A cup youll get boys but if your fat with a C no one will touch you. My GF has like an A and blonde curly hair I love her to bits. My best friend is like 5'5 slim with massive DDs and My other best girl friend is 5'7 Redish curly hair with a C and she gets boys as well. Its all in your confidence. By confident and the boys will follow

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Hey do u guys think im pretty or ugly?

do u think im pretty or ugly and do u have any ideas on what would make me look better? thanks!¤t=me1.jpg¤t=me.jpg

Do guys stare at me because im pretty or ugly?

im 18 and i feel like sometimes i am being watched by guys and i dont know if its because they think im ugly or they think im attractive.
heres an example, i was at a restaurant picking up my food and i went over to get something and i could see the guy working there kept watching me and kept looking at me just watching my every movement.
this guy at my school does this to me alot too and he never stops everytime i walk by him he stares.
i am tall, i am 5'11", and naturally skinny.
heres a pic of my body-
i dont wanna show my face up here on this site but do u think the guys think i am freakishly skinny? do u think they may be staring because they think its so weird im tall or what?

Do guys stare at pretty or ugly girls?

I am kind of insecure... only because i grew up around parents that never told me i was pretty, they always told me the opposite..
Now as i am getting older into my young adulthood, i noticed ive been getting lots of attention. From the opposite sex, I dont dress slutty, i dress very well and i do take pride in my looks but, i noticed guys stare at me a lot.. some stare and smile and look like they want to come talk but don't.

I talked to my therapist about this, i told her i thought they were staring because they think i'm not beautiful. and she said "People don't stare at ugly or unattractive people the way you describe. They stare because they are intimidated by your beauty" I get compliments from people but i dont know how to accept them.

Is it true?

1. Do guys think that most girls are pretty or most girls are ugly?

most are ugly. like 70 percent of our population is fat

Why do all guys only like pretty girls?

This is going to sound like the No True Scottsman fallacy but:Because all girls are pretty.Different guys like different looks in women. You know that’s true, in fact, you know that some guys like men, often men who could not look less like what you think of as a pretty woman. We’re talking Richard Gere here, or Richard Karns for that matter.So, show a hundred guys pictures of ten women, and you’ll probably find at least eight of the ten get a few guys saying they are the prettiest ones.But wait, there’s more. That’s just a static picture of how they look right now. Get some makeup artists to come in and go to work, give each lady several different makeovers, ranging from a sort of “no makeup, girl next door” look, to a sophisticated lady, to a playboy bunny, and so forth, and try again.You’ll find guys who didn’t find lady X attractive, suddenly changing their mind, based on one or more of the new looks.But wait there’s more. That’s still static. It doesn’t show you what they really look like. Try some video. Try some different poses, motions. Dancing, fishing, digging ditches, runway modeling, who knows. Again, many of those guys are going to change their minds, some of the less attractive girls become the most attractive, some of the ones who looked good in a still don’t look good in motion.That’s not enough, though. Because while we see them now in a more rounded way, we don’t get to actually get to know them here. How do they interact with our friends, with us? There are a lot of objectively pretty women out there who become repulsive when we find out what they are really like. And more to your question here, there are a lot of plain mousy women who will light up the room when you get to know them.And even that isn’t it. Now, find the one who finds YOU attractive. Who makes you part of her world, who lights up when you enter the room. The one you cherish, the one you love. She becomes, in an almost alchemical fashion, beautiful. Perhaps you would never have picked her snapshot out of a drawer, but when you know her you can see something you couldn’t see before.Every woman is pretty.To the right guy.And as a result, of course guys only like pretty girls. What other kind are there?

Why do all my friends call me pretty but guys always call me ugly?

if it helps this is me:¤t=020-1.jpg¤t=005-6.jpg

red dress¤t=037.jpg

Only ugly weird guys like me?

I'm not shallow but i've noticed that only ugly guys like me. I mean i'm a nice girl im not ugly or not pretty. the ugly guys that liked me i've dated cuz i've liked some for their personality. I just want a chance for a sweet hot guys to like me but thats not possible idk why. All of the hot guys only like popular pretty girls and non notice me. I'm not popular or not a geek im average but all of the guys i pick up or kinda ugly. for a change i want a cute guy at lease. What should i do?

Do people stare at ugly people or pretty people?

Its like this:
You look at pretty people because they look good and it makes you happy.

You look at ugly people like a car accident. You cant help but look because its so horrible. Then you scrunch up your face and wonder to yourself "I hope everyone is alright."