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Has Ebola Made People Think About Not Going On Trips

How many people in the U.S. have or have had Ebola?

As far as I have heard it has yet to hit the US, but it is only a matter of time

Why do people always think this?

I have this really amazing friend, I'll call him M. M and I are super close. I had a freakout Tuesday night and I called M in the middle of the night to talk and he showed up at my house. We went in the backseat of his car and I cried into him and he made me feel so much better. After I stopped crying we just talked for a really long time. Ever since then we're really close and we text a lot. I was leaving on Wednesday morning and on the night I had my freakout when he was leaving he gave me his sunglasses so if I needed to cry I could hide my tears. I wore the sunglasses around lots of kids from school as it was a school trip and they all recognized M's sunglasses. Everyone started freaking out because M has a girlfriend and thought we were going out and I told them no and they didn't believe me! Now M isn't talking to me as much as he used to and I'm really sad. M is probably the best friend I've ever had and I can't think of anyone else that would drive to my house in the middle of the night to let me cry on them. Plus there is a 3 year difference between us, so that'd be a lil' awkward. I'm just upset because I'm afraid M is not talking to me because I'm pretty sure people have told M that I like him, which is NOT true. Why do people assume 2 people are going out if they're really close?

Why do people think Ebola is gonna kill us all and it's the end of the world?

Well, it's not going to end the world. It never has.

You see, Ebola is just the current darling of the world. Before this, we had AIDS, starting in the 1980s. Same thing. Even suggested quarantine on an island and extermination. We're still here. In fact, the people with it as still having sex without a care in some cases, spreading it on more. Before that, small pox (which hit the Indians hard), bubonic plague and so on. Deaths have been up to 200 MILLION from the plague. And, this was at a time when the world population was a lot less than it is today. China could loose that many and would never notice. Last I saw, Africa has most of the AIDS cases, and there are still plenty of people living there, as represented by the current losses of over 3,300.

Currently, if I recall correctly, there are three strains. They run from 60% to 90% fatality. So, even at worst, 10% of the infected will survive. And, you KNOW that Obama, Clinton, Bush, Putin, and other world leaders will do everything in their rich power to survive. So, unless you are poor or "of color," you don't have anything to worry about. That is part of the reason that Obama didn't send help in the first place. How many people in the US care about Africans?

There are very few things that will end the world. Nuclear war could, an asteroid, and a "zombie" outbreak, which is impossible. It would have to have nearly 100% fatality and the ability to infect people, no natural immunity, and this is rare.

My problem is that human stupidity will cost too many lives by playing games with it. We have had regular outbreaks of Ebola for the last 50+ years, since it was discovered. It could have been around longer than that, assuming it isn't man made. This is the first time, thanks to stupidity, that it has every claimed this many lives. Even if it would hit 200 million, the world would still go on. In fact, it would lower the carrying capacity to balance it out some. Everything naturally seeks a level.

Poll: Do you think they should have brought the Ebola infected American aid workers back to America?

tbh it could be a government controlled disease, maybe they are spreading the disease purposely then when everyone is scared of getting infected they release a vaccine and it makes 90% of people infertile therefore reducing human population to around 500million once our generations die off... just a theory.

or maybe ebola's 60% death rate is a population controller in itself but a more violent and harsh one, either way id say it was government influenced and there making it look natural

Who thinks the comment McCain made about middle class making 5 million is for real or a joke?

i think he was joking and the obama side has run with it and twisted it out of context. do you think that means they don't have a sense of humor? obama's supporters listen to every word he says and justify every explanation he gives. but mccain makes a joke and they cut him off and thwart his intentions. it's typical. mccain supporters are doing the same thing.

we're supposed to think that obama isn't wealthy because his wife wears j.crew. in my book, obama is rich. but the only people his supporters complain about is rich old white republican men. what about oprah? denzel washington? david letterman? leo dicaprio? they are all very rich...white, black, men, women, young, old...they all want to keep their money.

Is Ebola a man made virus?

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Do you think its late if im 27 years old and still not married? did i miss the train?

Im a muslim girl, i have an arab father and czech mother and in the past year i became very much involved in the muslim comunity where i live (czech republic) for one reason: to find a serious man for marriage. before that i was always at home, from school to home, from home to school, thats all. now i teach children arabic in the local mosque, i take them to many trips and places, im the responsible for arranging many things in many occasions, we make workshops in the mosque, the responsible people in the mosque made me involved in many actions in the muslim comunity cuz they know what i am looking for and whats my situation. theyre very kind people. i even became a court translator lately hoping this to help me to meet someone, but still got no luck in finding a spouse :( i saw many men, and they saw me, here and there, they always look at me, smile or just show small interest by asking me what do i study etc, then i always think there is something going to come out from this short meeting. But i never see that person again lol... its like my life rule is: people come and go, they come and never come back again. no one ever come back.
and dont worry im not ugly, if thats whats going on in your mind now :)
Im afraid its my destiny for people to come and never come back again, and afraid not to be trapped in this circle forever.
any one in my same situation? or any one went through the same then his/her situation improved? welcome for any coments and life experiences. sorry for taking so long.. :)

Ebola wasn't engineered. It was first discovered in 1976 in Africa. Please read more.Brief Ebola General HistoryEbola: The Facts : DNews

Because the entire goal of “the media” is to make money, and they understand that not many people in Europe and America care about what is happening in Africa. They mostly report on whichever stories they think will be most successful at inducing their audience to sit through the advertisements without changing the channel, or repeatedly visit the website without putting on an ad-blocker.This is even true of NPR these days.Any appearance of “journalism” in the modern media is either pretence or accident.