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Have You Ever Given Away Your Child

Have you ever given away your baby things?

i think of retaining a cycle going is the funnest thank you to pass approximately it. you purchased clothing from people who've had babies too did not you? i think of you need to save what you incredibly need and supply something away. once you want to have a baby back, you will continually have somebody who can donate you greater clothing, plus you realize your gonna wanna purchase some greater, and get greater on the toddler bathe, so i think of you have a lot. as properly, what in case you have a boy next? No reason to hold onto the old ones once you realize you will choose a lot new ones. I element the toddler equipment is greater of a this or that selection. for my section, that's sturdy to have it around in case youthful infants come and choose something to apply/play in (bouncy chairs, highchairs, carseats...) yet in case you have not any room, and don't innovations having to purchase back interior the destiny in basic terms in case you are not getting that stuff at a destiny toddler bathe, than provide it away. you realize, in case you donate those products to places like the Goodwill, you could declare it on your taxes.

There have certainly been cases where siblings or parent/child dyads separated at birth meet in later life and feel an overwhelming physical attraction to each other.It’s called Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), and it’s quite a complex issue. This is a good article that covers the topic: Genetic sexual attraction

Twice. As a kid, both times after a year or two. Very scarring. I blame these events for my adult emotional issues.In fact, the last one died a year after my dad just took him and gave him to one of his friends. I cried a week after I learned about it, I am not very good with my emotions. I am 27 now and I still feel an unsurmountable guilt for not being stubborn. I feel like I could’ve avoided his passing. I still keep the only photo I have of him on every computer or mobile phone I own. The only time I shed tears is when I think about him and how if I could’ve gone back in time and been stubborn none of it would’ve happened.I would blame my dad but I guess he accidentally taught me to be as stubborn as I am now. I like being stubborn, if I want something, I’d tear the universe a new one to get it. Just because I know it’ll try it’s best to take what I have now.I am afraid of getting into a relationship or owning a dog now. But as a piece of advice, from an emotionally scarred man, if you have a pet and someones telling you you have to give them away and you love that pet. Let that person have the absolute worst of you. Take away their peace and see how they feel.

Have you ever given your all to someone who just walked away?

Ohhh mann yess.
Same sex relationship..
I had fallen in love with this girl, i had told her
and maybe a month or two later, she confessed she felt the same way.
Ad=nd here we are for maybe..a year and a half all lovey dovey
im there telling her all the things she wants to hear, and i mean every single word. She tells me im her first love, her one and only, she's never gonna stop loving me. Blah blah blah and i believed her. But we had to split up, because..well personal reasons,
However not to long ago, like..weeks ago, i had been tellings her, im in love with her..deeply, and i realized im nothing without her. She told me she wanted to be with me, because nobody could make her feel like i do..but she didnt wanna hurt me. And i was like..well you said you love me, why would you have a reason to hurt me you know?
Anyways, i told her thta i wanted to talk to her about me and her, and she avoided me..i had asked people if they had heard from her. I called her one day she finally answered, i asked her to meet me somewhere she said "ohh im "so n so's" meet me here" so i went, thinking we'd kiss make up, and happy ending. well i got there..she was nowhere to be found..But i did see one of my friends..she came up to me with the saddest look on her face and said "Sophia said, she doesnt wanna see you, and shes trying to avoud you, because she doesnt wanna have to tell you, she lied about loving you and how much she doesnt even like you.." right there..i had my very first mental breakdown.
To even think that everything was meant..I gave her all the love i ever had..For nothing.
Ive only had my heart broken twice in my whole entire lifetime..both times, by her. fine now. i guess..Just trying to meet new people to forget about her.

Mine please?;...

Honest question: would you ever give up on your child?

There was an episode on Oprah about a child who suffers from schizophrenia. Her case is so rare and the girl is very delusional. The parents also have a 20 month old son and to make sure he doesn't get attacked by the girl when she has her physotic episodes the family moved into two separate apartments. Each parent alternates with a different child each night. They are not divorced!
This family can no longer go on vacations or even take both of their children to the mall or any public place in fear of the 7 year old girl going into an episode. The girl talks to herself and speaks to the people and her imaginary friends, she hurts herself to the time she bleeds and she has attempted to kill herself several times. She really believes what's going on in her head, she is very sick. This family cannot live a normal life anymore. They are waiting until the day that their son is old enough to defend themselves from his sister so that they can live together. the girl is on medication but she still is very much out of hand.

if you were in this situation would you ever give up on your child and let them live in a mental facility?
what would you do if your child suffered from this rare disease in childhood? ( it's more common in adults than in children)

If I have hate in my eyes, it is because I am purposefully directing it toward someone. I have learned to form walls around myself, not letting people read my emotions. You have to be really good at deciphering people to know what I’m truly feeling.

Have your kids ever given you 'advice'?

Yes, although my 4 year old had the opposite advice lol

We were drawing together one afternoon last week and he asked me to draw a truck for him. It really was the worst truck I had ever drawn and I told him "Sorry, it's not really the best truck" and he said "It's okay mom, you can just use your pencil eraser." :)

My 5 year old has the most words of wisdom. She told me yesterday when I was complaining about the rain "Mom, we have to have rainy days so we will love the sunny ones more." I thought that was rather insightful! lol

As the symbol of friendship I gave my friend a book that was quite important to me. It was an early edition of Peter Pan. She perceived me as a boyish eccentric and it seemed fitting. I had received it through family but was well assured it was a good move. Two years later she called me out of the blue and expressed that she wasn't interested in us being friends any longer. The explanation is a long story but I asked for the return of the book. She was very taken aback. Hours later I answered a knock on the door and opened it to the book laying in a plastic bag on my doorstep.I always felt asking for its’ return was entirely reasonable as it was a celebration of the friendship but she certainly felt, herself, that it was a benefit she deserved.