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Help Feel Sick After Eating

I feel sick after eating steak!?

I don't eat a lot of steak. But the odd time that I do I feel sick. Almost as soon as I finish my meal I feel nauseous and my stomach cramps up! It also leads to having a bit of loose bowel movements too. Is there any explanation for this???

I feel sick after eating cereal?

I felt like that, and eventually started throwing up when I ate anything with flour in it. Everyone kept saying I was prego (I wasn't). I was eventually diagnosed with Celiac, and am now on a gluten free diet and feel wonderful. Try Rice Chex (they are the only) gluten-free "normal" cereal. If that helps, I would go to the doctor can get tested for Celiac disease, or gluten- intolerance.

Why do I feel sick after eating fruit?

In this case it depends on what time you ate the fruit. Eating fruits immediately before or after meals (especially heavy meals) is often the cause of the sickness you feel after eating fruits.As we know, our food needs to be digested well before disposal. When we ate food, digestive organs work their butts off to grind those foods and try to digest them. This process takes quite a long time (about 3 hours). So when you ate a fruit immediately after a meal, that means that your fruit will have to wait for the meal you ate previously to be digested first, before your digestive organs can actually start digesting the fruit. If this happens, the fruit often became 'bad’ before they are properly digested. That's why your stomach gets hurt after eating it.To eat fruits in a healthy way you can always drink them as juice, or just simply time your meal. For an example, you are about to eat lunch on 12 at noon, so you are safe to eat fruit on 9 a.m and 3 p.m.

Why do I feel sick after eating meat?

I get really nauseous, stomach aches and pains, and have to use the bathroom a lot and I wind up feeling sick for hours. This happens with just about any meat i try to eat. Why does this happen?

Feeling sick after eating raw cookie dough?

What kind of cookie dough was it? I eat it all the time raw and because most like the DOUGH BOY's uses pasteurized eggs it doesn't cause any problems. Check the package and if it used raw eggs go to the hospital. Otherwise, you should be fine. Take some tums.

BTW...define ALOT.

Addition in response:

Well, that is not a lot. If you mean two cookies worth. If you meant two tubes then it is alot. Otherwise it's safe because they don't use raw eggs. I think you're just sick from all that sugar. Drink some tea with no sugar *like chamomille* , take some tums or whatever you have and it will wear off.

Feel better ...

Why do I feel sick everytime after I eat?

What is your definition of sick?Does your stomach feel stretched, do you feel stuffed? You overate. To fix this just walk around a bit.Do you feel nauseous, have cramps, and diarrhea or throw up? This could be symptoms of a few issues.You might be lactose intolerant. To test this out just go a week without diary, if your symptoms clear then I got some news for you…Don’t worry though, just buy some lactase and take a pill before you eat, it’ll help. You still should go to the doctors to make sure it isn’t anything else.You might have Celiac Disease. It is a disease where you cannot digest gluten. After you eat you may have diarrhea, you feel bloated, nauseous, gas, etc. Go a week without eating anything with gluten in it, if symptoms clear you may have Celiac Disease, but go to the doctor just to be sure.You may have food poisoning.Classic symptoms of food poisoning are stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Go to a doctor ASAP!!Good luck ! Remember, I’m not a doctor, make sure before you diagnose yourself that you have an appointment with a doctor.

What should you eat when you feel sick and been on meth?

You may not want to but fruits and vegetables, smoothies and soups are best for the stomach.The idea is to put clean substances in to flush out what's unclean.Putting heavy and greasy foods may be easier or what the user is craving when coming down but it's only adding more stress on the body when trying to breakdown into energy.If the user feels sick shortly after getting high then there is the possibility of toxicity from whatever was used to make or cut the drug.Depending on how the drug was taken determines how to calm the sick feeling. If the drug was snorted or swallowed it is in the stomach and vomiting can help relieve the sickness as it removes the remaining drug remnants before more is absorbed into the bloodstream.If the drug was injected it is fully into the bloodstream and the user may feel relief when flushing their system by plain drinking water or an electrolyte replenishing sports drink. The idea is to flood with water so urination will become frequent and remnants of the drug may not be absorbed and will come out faster with the urine.If the drug was smoked the absorption is harder to combat as vapors entered the bloodstream versus the physical compound of the drug. Vomiting will relieve the feelings of nausea and may induce sweating which sometimes helps. If possible getting into front of a fan or ac that is pushing cleaner air (air not tainted by smoke or vapors from the drug) is helpful as you are forcing oxygen into the your lungs where vapors are still hanging around. Even getting out of the area and going outside will help and try doing some deep breathing through the nose then out of the mouth. Introducing the cleaner oxygen a little faster can help reduce the feeling of sickness.Hope this helps but remember that toxicity can turn to toxic shock syndrome and your body can become deathly ill. You don't have to overdose on a drug for your body to view it as toxic and respond accordingly.

Very sick-feeling after too many hot Cheetos.. help please?

Mmmm. MSG, sodium, refined flour, refined sugar, and artificial coloring. NOM! I used to LOVE those, esp. when I was pregnant with my son, and now I'm starting to wonder about...some stuff.
Pepto-though helpful in some aspects, also has a ton of artificial stuff in it to make it palatable.

At any rate...
I have noticed, especially now that I'm 35, if I eat crap, I feel like crap! I cannot eat that CRAP anymore!
Drink some ginger tea, or just some ginger root water, which recently I do more often, or peppermint tea, or some senna tea. If you like it sweet, use honey. You'll probably feel better after you have a b.m.

Feel sick after eating mcdonalds french fries??!!?

Just wait it out - I sometimes feel sick after eating fried foods but the feeling generally wears off pretty quickly. If you're at home, have a little lie down until you feel better. Hope you're feeling better soon.