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Help I Accidentally Gave C4 To My Dog And Set It On 1 Week What Do I Do Now

If a soldier is deployed and he mistakenly lost bullets, what are his punishments? Does he have to pay a price for them?

I was assigned to work the arms room for a few months (AF Security Specialist, or just Security Police). When we checked out ammo we checked each magazine to see that it held 18 rounds (never put 20 in a 20 round mag). It was a simple procedure; we had a wooden measuring block that was marked and shoved it down in the magazine to the 18 round line. When the SP’s returned the magazines at shift change, we checked them in the same way.For a time we had some reservists putting in their two weeks on our base and one of them was a real screw up. He was assigned to guard an empty nose-dock on the flight line. (We tended to put the reservists on guard posts we just made-up while they were there, so the actual secure areas were still protected by experienced SP’s.)I was checking in this guy and one of his magazines was short three rounds. He tried to claim it was that way when he got it, but I had been the one to issue it along with two other magazines and knew it was correct. The other two magazines still contained 18 rounds. I told him he either came up with the rounds or I’d have to write him up. He kept wanting to argue, then another SP said, “Him and another reservist were tossing his web belt with the magazines back and forth like it was a football while we waited on the truck to pick us up for shift change. They probably fell out.”I told him he had 30 minutes to catch a ride with one of the patrols back to where he was playing “football” and find the rounds or I’d have to report it to the arms room sergeant when he came on duty in about a half hour. He left muttering “it’s only a couple bullets” and got his ride. About 20 minutes later he returned with the three rounds. They’d fallen out in the grass where they were tossing his web belt. He still had an attitude about it so I decided to tell the arms room sergeant about the incident anyway. The sergeant said, “Don’t issue him a weapon or ammo the rest of his time here. He can stay up front at the desk and mop the floor and empty trash and run errands.”Had he not found the rounds, it would have been an Article 15. I don’t know how that would affect a reservist. This was in early 1970’s so maybe today it’s different.

Help i accidentally gave c4 to my dog and set it on 1 week what do i do now?

I am sure you did not give your dog a plastic explosive as that is what c 4 is its a form of a plastic Explosive .

What happens if you take sleeping pills with an energy drink?

What happens if you take sleeping pills with an energy drink?Most energy drinks contain caffeine, which is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. Sleeping pills tend to be CNS depressants. Best case scenario: they cancel each other's effects. Worst case scenario: the CNS depressant action gives you brain fog (tired, can't think) while the caffeine makes you restless (can't sleep). It's not a combination I'd recommend trying.