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Help I Just Ate Bad Cooked Chicken And Don

My dog just ate a cooked bone.?

It's not just Cooked Chicken Bones that can kill a dog, it's any bone that is cooked. If your dog ate a cooked bone and is gagging, then the bone may be stuck and he may not be able to get it out and if it isn't stuck, it can splinter and tear up your dogs Internal Organs. Are you really willing to take the risk of your dog dying? He will NOT be ok if he's gagging and if he can't cough the bone up on his own, which isn't likely to happen. You need to get off your computer and get your dog to a 24 hour Emergency Vet IMMEDIATELY. You can find one in your Yellow Pages under Veterinarians. If you don't and the bone is stuck or has begun to tear up your dogs Internal Organs, then your dog will not make it and you can start digging a hole to bury your dog in. I wouldn't waste any more time if I was you.

Just ate spoiled cooked chicken. HELP!?

i was really hungry and im usually too busy or just too lazy to eat when my mom just cooked dinner so i usually eat a couple of hours after she has cooked dinner and by that time she has already put the food away to the fridge. but this time i ate at 11 pm anyways so everyone was asleep and i figured i cook myself some dinner. found a pot of cooked chicken and thought that would be good to eat. cooked it and ate about 3 or 4 bits with rice when i noticed it really didnt taste like normal chicken (it wasnt horribly nasty but enough to taste alittle funny) so i asked my mom if that chicken was still good and she said no its been in the fridge for about 2 or 3 weeks. im not going to ask if im going to get sick since by the time i get any answers ill probably know if im sick or not (apparently food poisoning can take hold anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours. if i dont get sick in that time frame id say i dodged a bullet). what i am asking is if its potentially dangerous to eat spoiled but cooked chicken. my mom assured my that cuz its been cooked already and since its been in the fridge all this time that it wont have salmonella which is what i fear the most but i just want to know if theres any serious risk that way i can research and treat it as soon as i can. im on spring break dammit and i dont want to be sick plus being sick once school starts really sucks. so any help would be great.

My Dog just ate some room temperature cooked chicken that was left out over night. Do I need to call the vet?

In the wild, dogs hunt for food, but they are also scavengers, meaning they eat dead things they find. Sometimes it has been dead for quite a while.
Your dog my get the runs, maybe even throw up, but I wouldn't be alarmed. Most likely the illness will be from not being use to eating chicken.
Just keep an eye on your doggy, this isn't an emergency. And don't go feeling bad and being hard on yourself, these things happen. Dogs excel at finding ways to make us worry about them. I think they do it on purpose, to keep us on our toes, and make us appreciate them. I love them, but they are sneaky and devious.

Have a great day

Think I ate bad chicken - what to do?

I devour hen plenty. Fish and hen are larger for you than purple meats like steak. But to be particularly healthful, you do desire a kind of meats to your nutrition. They all whatever to provide. Liver offers you extra iron than the others for illustration. Turkey has plenty of well stuff in it. Every different day could in most cases be larger so that you can devour hen. Tuna, salmon or even sardines are well for you and such a lot folks like them although they do not maintain different fish. I make fish desserts from mackerel that my household likes plenty. You too can devour peas or beans if you do not like purple meat. Just ensure you've gotten them with rice, so that you get a whole protein. .

I just ate 2 whole boneless chicken breasts is that bad?????


Look, I don't mean to laugh at your question, but it's funny to hear someone so tripped out about food, and more so to hear someone question something so innocent. There was a time when I drank 3 GALLONS of Coca-Cola a day (I long since gave up softdrinks) and I never asked anyone about it (of course, the Internet was two Dixie cups and a piece of string back then).

The answer is, in short, no, you're fine. That's almost a guaranteed. Chicken breast, sans skin, is lean protein. Nothing wrong with that. But the question "was it advisable?" That may be a different story.

Ask yourself:

1) What is my body weight? If you're a slight, short person, two breasts is alot. So do some light weightlifting or run a mile and work some of it off.

2) How was it prepared? Grilled with salt & peppa is fine. Deep fried in human fat...not so much.

3) What did you eat with it? Steamed veggies...good for you! Ice cream sundae? Go to yer room! o.O

4) Was it thoroughly cooked? If not, nutrition will be the least of your worries for the next 24-48 hours.

5) Do you feel miserable? Well, that'll tell you more than anything else. So don't eat anything else for a bit.

The rule of thumb is that you should eat about a fist sized portion of lean protein (that's ONE breast) at a meal to maintain energy and optimal weight, modified by your body size (down) vs. your activity (up...but mostly for weightlifters and triatheletes). Overdoing it once in awhile is not a big deal. You didn't eat the whole chicken, so don't sweat it. :^)

Have a great weekend!

How much half-cooked chicken does it take to make you sick?

You will get sick only IF the chicken was contaminated with a bacteria that produces a sickness. Fortunately, most chicken isn't but we try to make a practice of properly cooking all meats and poultry to prevent the problem before it starts.

Chances are pretty good that you won't if the chicken came from a good source, was properly handled and refrigerated prior to it's cooking. But if you should get the vomiting, diarrhea, low grade fever, then I would call the doctor. In most cases, there is little to do but let it run it's course unless you have other medical conditions that can complicate matters.

The link below (2nd page) gives you a list of the most common causes of food poisoning and how long it usually takes for symptoms to appear. Some can take up to a month!

My dog ate a chicken bone.?

Sometimes they pass them with out a problem and sometimes they don't. At this point, since you can't go to the emergency vet, the best you can do is keep a close eye on him for any warning signs.
Some warning signs that there's a problem (blockage) are throwing up most of what he eats or drinks (if he is eating and drinking at all) & depressed.
Some of the signs of an internal abrasion to his digestive tract are vomiting or diarrhea (maybe with blood), little or no appetite.
If they puncture the digestive tract, your dog will become extremely ill--there will be no mistaking it; this is life threatening.

But, then again, maybe he will pass it with no major problems. If you have the money, it wouldn't hurt to have an x-ray done and see exactly what's going on in there. Hopefully, everything will pass without incident.

Good luck!

Can a dog eating rotten cooked chicken meat die from eating it?

The problem probably lies more with any possible chicken bones he could have eaten. NEVER feed ur dog chicken bones, when chewed on they splinter and can cause major injury and get stuck in the dog's throat... maybe even killing it due to suffocation, etc. If your dogs stomach isn't used to chicken meat period, it might make him sick just because he isnt used to it. There might also be a LOAD of bacteria in his stomach from the decaying process, which often attracts bugs>larva. Make sure he keeps drinking and get him to a vet ASAP!!