Help Me Find The Title Of This Movie

What is the title of this movie?

The title of this movie is The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and it is directed by Wes Anderson.The taste and theme has similar work by most of Wes Anderson's films:Moonrise Kingdom (2012)Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)I recommend you watch all of them.

Do you underline movie titles?

In  a previous age, before computers, we underlined the titles of books, movies and plays.  This is still the correct method when handwriting, during an exam for instance.  However, when we type on the computer, the usual convention now is to use italics.  That's the slanted I button next to the B for bold.

Who decides the title of a movie?

Usually:First the writer when he/she writes the sceenplay.Then, the producer if (he/she) feels a new title will help the screenplay getting made into a movie.Finally, the distributor — the company bringing the film to market, usually based on legal/marketing considerations.Some other people such as agents could also be involved in the process. Usually, unless a title has obvious issues, the original title tends to stick. Ultimately, a title change is almost always about an attempt at making the project/film more marketable.

Why do some movies have the title at the end?

Films use a visual language and the use of the title at the end can be comparable to a strong punctuation mark.The director and editor want to underscore a point and have you leave the cinema with a specific feeling, with the help of the sound designer they build up a crescendo leading to and ending in the final title.The best example of this is in "The Dark Knight" directed by Vhristopher Nolan after the speech by commissioner Gordon played by Gary OldmanThe music rises up, perfectly orchestrated by either James Newton Howard or Hans Zimmer, I don't know which one. the editing done by Lee Smith increases its tempo to match the musical crescendo and underscore it, and delivers a punch to send you of to the credits.Masterfully done by a great team working together.

How do I find the title of a movie I have seen years ago but forgot the title?

Use IMDB’s advance searchIf you remember one actor/actress’ name search that up. If you don’t know their name but know another movie they were in, search IMDB for that movie, and find that person. Then search IMDB for their name, and look at those movies.If you can approximate the years, country etc, you can use put that in the IMDB searches.If you know a 2nd actor/actress’ name as well, you can search IMDB for films with both those people in it using the IMDB Collaborations and Overlap SearchBarring that, see if you can remember an exact quote or unique phrase used in the movie. Use google to search for that quote, or use one of the text searches on IMDB for specific areas like quotes or biographies.Another way is if you remember a song’s name or lyrics, search on google that or a portion of it. Then search what movies it was used in.So let’s see how I did it recentlyI knew one of the actors in the movie I was interested in was in the Hellfighters with John Wayne. Searched Hellfighters, found it was Jim Hutton. I knew the movie had a computer and a casino and maybe early 1960’s, and it was a Romantic Comedy, but that was about it. He was in 12 movies for that period. Looking at the short synopsis for each, or the tag line right at the top, I quickly identified it as The Honeymoon Machine. Took me 2 minutes.

What does the title of the movie "belly" mean?

The sequel is supposed to be titled Beast. So I assume Belly is a reference to the phrase "belly of the beast."

The title of a movie with the word "true" in it?

True Grit
True Lies

I'm searching the title of a movie (maybe a tv movie). I can't find it anywhere. Please help! here's the details?

There's a weird house and movie revolves around it
There's an african-american doorman and an old weird house owner whom likes to eat raw meat off the table.
This guy finds out later that his father was nazi has a big trauma.

That's all i can remember

What does the title "7 pounds" mean in the movie?

Could mean two things
1. All the organs he donated to people (heart, lung, liver, eyes) weigh 7 pounds

2. He donated "pounds of flesh" to help 7 people (Emily, Ezra, Holly, Connie, his brother, George, Dan). These people would be the beneficiaries to make up for the 7 lives he took in the wreck

How do you find a movie title if you only remember details of the plot?

This is bound to be tricky in that there are far more plots than movies ;-)Others have suggested searching IMDB with cast or character names (if you can remember them) or plot keywords but I would suggest that other great resource - friends. If you can remember someone you knew around the time you saw that movie - even if you didn't see it with them - ask them. "Remember when we working on the Jones project and there was that film about the guy who turned out to be a CIA triple agent but we only found out after his ID was found in the alligators stomach? What was that called?" Human memeory search functions aren't as precise as databases but they can cope with very ropy data!