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Help Me With My Sentences .i Really Need Help

Can anyone help me translate this latin sentence?

I, too, was going to recommend, but they do not offer Latin translations... so I looked up a few websites I hope will help.
I know no Latin, so I'm not going to try to translate this for you and give you a wrong answer... I'll just share these sites. Good luck :)
The first link is probably the most accurate as it is a Latin to English dictionary, rather than a program trying to translate the whole phrase.

Which is correct, "need a help" or "need help"?

Use "need help" (no "a"). If you need a helper (a person to help you), then "a help" is a little more unusual and might be workable but only in speech (since the listener can confirm with you).

Help with english studies please?! I really need to get this right, I can't fail. Please Pleas help me.?

1. B
2. A
3. D
4. D
5. C
6. A
7. B
8. not 100% sure...either A or B
9. C
10. A
11. A
12. A
13. A
14. B
15. D
16. C
17. A
18. D
19. A
20. B
21. D
22. C
23. D
24. A

I did the best I could :)

I need a hook sentence for an essay?

"My siblings and I get into trouble quite often..."

And then talk about all the funny/fun things you have done with them!

Which sentence is correct, "I like reading books" or "I like to read books"?

I like to read books

Pls correct these sentences. I am learning English.?

Who is the best travel companion for you?why?Write a paragraph about your best travel companion.
My best travel companion is my wife.I like it and I enjoy travelling with her. She is kind,happy. We have not any problem about selecting restaurant,hotel and ...etc. if it happens a problem, for example an accident or patient, she do well to solve that problem.My opinion is very similar to each other.

What is the topic sentence of this paragraph?

hmm. There doesn't seem to be a topic sentence of this paragraph. It starts out mentioning staying in two hotel rooms, then discusses most of your dinner experience, and finally ends with a brief summation about afamily adventure in New Orleans.

The paragraph would be much better without the sentence about the two hotels, since nothing else is mentioned about the hotels. Something more like, "My family and I had a great dinner adventure in New Orleans during Christmas season" would be a better topic sentence. That incorporates the information used in the paragraph.

The last sentence should probably be more thoughtful and include an emotion rather than being flat (as a 7th grade teacher, I really urge my students NOT to use the words "That is" or "That was" to summarize their paragraphs). Instead, it could read, "Our dinner adventure is still one of the most memorable moments I have spent with my family."

Help me please!!!!!!?

Join these pairs of sentences to make one sentence.Use formal or more informal register according to the context in brackets.
Example:1.She doesn't get on with the classmates(who/that) she travels to school with.

2.Literature is one of the school subjects.Students are interested in it the most(Written in a government report)
3.He travels to school in one of his jackets.It got stolen(Tom's mum said to her friend)
4.Maths is a school subject.The majority of students have problems with it(Written in an inspector's report)
5.Sophie is one of my cousins.I feel most comfortable with her.(Sarah said to her husband)
6.Few of my friends liked the book.I was very impressed by it(Paul said to the librarian)

2.Complete the sentences by using the Past Simple or the Past Perfect Continuous form of the verbs in brackets.
-I found out why my pen friend______(not get) my letters.I_____(send) them to the wrong address!

3.Complete this passage with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.Use the Past Simple, the Past Continuous the Present Perfect, the Present Perfect Continuous or the Past Perfect.
-Then one of the attendants said:"It's your turn".I____(realise) I____(stand) in the queue! I didn't know what to say but I really wanted to jump so I went up.Everything looked very small from the top and I was really scared.The attendant said:"Wait a minute.____you____(do) this before?Can I see your card?"No, I cried."I_____(never do) it in my life.Please get me down.It's all a terrible mistake!"The attendant was very angry because I_____(waste) his time but he helped me get down.It was very embarrassing.

4.What's your ideal friend like?Write six sentences about him/her using six of the adjectives in the box and the correct preposition.
Example:My best friend has to be interested in football